Nice Try (..or not), but NO!

July 11, 2012 at 8:20 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Ha-Ha!  Ha-Ha!  Well, I guess that you have to give him credit for trying.  Maybe?  Just a little bit??  A teencie-weencie bit???

The presumptive nominee for The 2012 Republican Presidential Ticket did display some courage (gall???) by appearing at The NAACP Annual Convention, held in Houston, Texas this year.  Certainly NOT a place where welcome rugs were awaiting him, yet I am sure that Mr. Romney was aware of that fact.  Yet and still, he did show up to present his case!

Mitt Romney could have had, might have had, something of at least a luke-warm welcome, had he not presented a loaded barrel attack on Obamacare.  Formally called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, this is the nearly one-thousand paged document that explains how Medicare funding will be increased gradually through Congressional legislation.  It is supposed to work against mishandlings of medical finances deemed to needing U.S. citizens, and to reduce unnecessary funds allocated to usurping insurance companies.

Many African-Americans, along with other U.S. minorities, as well as a significant amount White Americans, depend on The PPACA to meet medical needs that could not be acquired without financial assistance.  Access to medications, assistance with fees for medical visits, and other related health care necessities are covered by The PPACA for people whom could not pay for the necessary medicinal and pharmaceutical fees, otherwise.

The PPACA will provide recommedations to Congress about care policies for medical patients.  It will NOT endorse, or approve, forced euthanasia to be enacted on elderly or dying patients.  It will NOT create “death panels”, which would control the rations of health care to needing patients, or impose euthanasia on elderly medical patients.

At the NAACP Convention, Romney went onto suggest that President Obama has not been assisting needy U.S. citizens, and that he would do so, if elected.  Plus, Romney actually stood in front of an obviously hostile crowd, telling the audience that he would “make things better in the African-American community”!  His statement that Obamacare is a non-essential program surely shook at his bonus points, likely taking away the few that he may have held before his comments.

Mitt Romney went on with his speech to convention attendees, stating that he would substitute Obamacare with another plan.  He stated that his proposal would work to lower medical costs, while making Medicare and Social Security more accessible to those in need of the programs.  “My campaign is about helping people who need help”, Romney stated.  “The President has not done that, and I will do that….. my course will”.

It was a tough sell, and some people did want to give him some credit for trying.  Yet, the overwhelming majority of the convention’s attendees, along with those people following The 2012 Presidential Race, were not, are not, buying into Romney’s claims.  It seems to be the case, the fact, that all of those whom are actually paying attention to the upcoming election are not going to be voting for Mitt Romney, as his claims are not showing validity, and likely would be of no useful effect during any possible time that he could serve in The White House.

NAACP Crowd Boos Romney’s Promise To Repeal ‘Obamacare’ (VIDEO)

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