Prehistoric Fantasy and Pessimistic Fun at The Movies!

July 14, 2012 at 1:28 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

The films for Friday!  This week came with two features that were on the to-see list, as excitement surrounding them had been building from watching talk show interviews, and seeing various trailers.  I was excited about both movies, and I will say that I was happy to have seen both of them!

We entered Ice Age:  Continental Drift, first!  Scrat opens the film, still stuck on getting hold of that acorn!  This time, his running leads him to further levels of frustration, as the land beneath him begins to shift.  Before he knows it, the acorn is on one section of land, and it is separated from him by miles of ocean!

Ellie (voice of Queen Latifah) and Manny (voice of Ray Romano) are now married, and they are worried.  Their daughter, Peaches (voice of Keke Palmer), has disappeared.  It turns out that she is with the young mammoth for whom she favors, Ethan (voice of Aubrey Graham).

The saber-toothed cat Diego (voice of Dennis Leary) is stalking a group of animals, yet they are alerted by screams from a nearby sloth.  It turns out to be Granny (voice of Wanda Sykes), the grandmother of Sid (voice of John Leguizamo)!  All of the groups gather, as the continents begin to separate, with most animals get to move toward a land mass, and Manny attempts to try with them.  Scrat is trying to find the land mass as well, but he finds himself trapped by pirates!

Peaches starts to locate a small hog-like animal, then he gets with others who ship away from attacking sirens.  Scrat is attacked by them also, yet he escapes.  All of them make it to the next morning when a giant ape named Gutt (voice of Peter Dinklage) tries to attack Manny and the others, in an effort for revenge!

Peaches is with Ethan, and she wound up with Louis.  They join with Crash, Eddie, and Ellie, finding a bridge that has been destroyed.  Manny and others here sirens, escaping from possible attacks, but Scrat and Scratte manage to get away while barely escaping traps disguised as acorns!

It is the next morning when Ellie and Peaches are captured by pirates.  Manny and others mean to save them from the pirates, and Manny winds up trading himself to the lead ape-pirate, Gutt.  Manny means to do so in order to have the others freed from Gutt, but Gutt instead tries to kill the captives.  Gutt attacks before Peaches and Manny can escape, and Manny moves to engage in a full fight against Gutt!

Manny wins the fight, then he proceeds to get Ellie and Peaches.  They are trapped upon a land area that is speading from another area of land.  Manny does get them, but they escape the area, as Gutt is killed by a female copy of an attacking siren!  As the lands begin to collide, the group proceeds to get safely to a new island.

Manny and Peaches gather together, and they recognize that Sid had been trying to assist them.  Diego joins with the female smilodon Shira (voice of Jennifer Lopez), and Peaches bonds with the molehog Louis (voice of Josh Gad), while she joins Ethan’s group.  Finally, Scat finds himself reaching Scratlantis, which has loads of nuts, along with other saber-toothed squirrels!  Scrat’s continued addiction to the nuts leads him to  grab hold of one that blocks a hole in the ground.  He is warned not to pull the nut, but Scrat does so, anyway.  As the nut is pulled, the hole sinks the ground area to the bottom, the water is gone, and Scrat finds himself trapped above the hole, in the middle of a desert, without his nut!

Poster art for "Ince Age: Contintental Drift."

Our second film was the truly comical Ted!  Narrated by Patrick Stewart, the story starts during Christmas1985, with the young boy John Bennett (Brett Manley) wantng his teddy bear to come to life.  As a shooting star is spotted, a wish allows Ted to be alive!  He is eventually received by John’s parents, and he becomes famous to the people familiar with his presence!

Time passes to 2010, as John has grown into a young man (Mark Wahlberg).  Ted remains with John, and he maintains a childish, arrogant life, as John tries to pursue adult life as an office worker.  John meets co-worker Lori (Mina Kunis), and he becomes attracted to her.  They become involved with one another, and it turns into a four-year-long relationship.

After all of this time, Lori is ready to marry John.  However, John’s life is monopolized by Ted.  The teddy bear has become an adult that is rude and obnoxious, with very bad manners, and very bad language!  It is one night that John gets home to find Ted there with four prostitutes.  It is so upsetting to John that he manages to dismiss Ted from his life!

Ted gets an apartment, and he gets a job at a store.  He is raggedy at work, but Ted hooks up with store cashier Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth).  Lori still watches seeing that Ted has reconnected with John.  She becomes irritated that John will not move on from Ted.  He tries to build a new friendship with all of them by having Norah Jones to help John show love to Lori during a concert.  John sings one of Norah Jones‘ songs, which embarrasses Lori, but she takes him back!

Ted goes onto talk with Lori, telling her that he is responsible for John’s distance from her.  She slowly reconciles with Ted, and she agrees to talk with John.  Yet, Lori winds up seeing Ted kidnapped by a guy named Donny (Giovanni Ribisi), who has had an infatuation with the teddy bear since childhood.  Donny kidnaps Ted, taking him to be the property of his controlling and brutalizing ten-year-old son, Robert (Aedin Mincks)!

After suffering through abuse by Robert, Ted is able to call John.  Yet, the boy gets hold of Ted, again!  John gets to Lori, and they both go to Donny’s home to get the teddy bear to safety.  A chase ensues, as Donny and Robert run with Ted to Fenway Park.  John catches up with them, getting into a fight with Donny, and knocking out Robert!

Before Robert released Ted, he tore the teddy bear apart!   Robert escapes with his dad, Donny, going to their home.  John is now with girlfriend Lori, as they end up chasng Donny and Robert to Fenway Park.  The father and son have the damaged bear, and John is able to fight Robert, knocking him out!  Young Donny escapes, as police arrive to handle the situation.

John and Lori get hold of the destroyed Ted, gathering his stuffing.  A barely conscious Ted tells John that he wants his friend to be happy with Lori, then the last essences of life fade from the teddy bear.  Yet, John is unable to accept Ted’s loss, so he goes back with Lori to her apartment, as they failingly try to revive Ted!

Later that night, Lori is upset, believing that she is guilty for Ted’s loss.  Lori makes a wish upon a night star, hoping it will allow Ted to come back to life.  The next morning, the wish comes true, as Ted is revived!  He talks with his long-time friend, John, pushing him to ask for Lori’s hand in marriage!  They get married by Sam Jones!

Once John and Lori bond as a married couple, Ted proceeds to live.  He gets a job at a grocery store, and he ends up becoming a store manager!  As John and Lori proceed with life, Ted does so as well.  As an aside, the young Robert has grown up, becoming Taylor Lautner!

Poster art for "Ted."

OOH!  The big screens definitely heat up, as The Dark Knight Rises premieres next week!  It is the final chapter in this trilogy of the Batman story, with Christian Bale again appearing captivatingly as The Caped Crusader, Liam Nesson appearing as Ra’s al Ghul, Gary Oldman playing Commissioner Gordon, and Anne Hathaway purr-fectly presented as a carnally displayed Catwoman!

July 27 presents the comedy adventure of The Watch, featuring Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and possibly an extraterrestrial criminal!  That same day has Thomas Haden Church and Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe!  August opens with 360Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Dog Days, and Soldiers of FortuneMovies, movies!!!

Animated Theatre

animated gifs

The Queen knows how the week can go down!

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