Secretary Clinton Visits Egypt Amid Stank Attacks!

July 16, 2012 at 6:40 PM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Do not hurl your fonkay shoes at her!  She can not feel them, and thankfully, she can not smell them!  What was your point?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Egypt this past week, taking part in a political session held within the historic city of Alexandria. It seems that citizens and representatives of Egypt have come to a conclusion that The United States has chosen favorites in a current Egyptian dispute about their leadership.  Albeit not the truth, Secretary Clinton went to Egypt to make clarifications, and to reiterate that the northern African nation continues to have the support of The United States.

Secretary Clinton’s primary goal for this visit to Egypt was to attend the reopening ceremony for The American Center of Alexandria. While standing as The U.S. Representative for this event, Secretary Clinton took time to diffuse sparks about the possibility of our nation choosing sides within the recent Presidential elections of Egypt. Some representatives of the northern African nation have the impression that The U.S. can not hold a position of neutrality within this election. This was expressed by Egyptian nationals, as several slung shoes and tossed tomatoes at Secretary Clinton, while even invoking the cum-stained name of Monica Lewinsky!

One representative with Egypt’s state department said that The U.S. is favoring one side over the other, regarding whether a publicly elected government will maintain power, or a specified Christian group will be the ones to take charge. Egypt is a majority Muslim nation, and most citizens express that having a Christian organization to take power of their government will retract power from a citizenship already struggling for control of it’s historic homeland.

Secretary Clinton stated that she has seen where Egyptians have some concerns, and some fears, regarding the political future of their nation.  Egypt is within a currently unstable economic situation, and the slightest financial mishaps could set the nation into a downfall.  One business, Flat6Labs, is providing financial assistance to Egypt by sending money, and by furnishing areas for work to occur.

Secretary Clinton spoke with Egyptian leaders about the hostage situation with U.S. tourists that took place recently, as well.  Lisa Alphonse and Pastor Michael Louis were taken hostage during a tour of The Sinai Peninsula, along with their tour guide, last Thursday, by Bedouin tribesmen.  Talks from The Secretary of State, and diplomacy through The U.S. Embassy, saw that both U.S. citizens were set free.

This bright outlook for business progression within Egypt.  Yet, negative issues remain, as Egypt sits under military control, with President Mohamed Morsy having little actual power in regard to his authority over that nation’s government.  Secretary Clinton expressed that The U.S. would work to assist with power in Egypt being controlled by the people.  She stated firmly that President Morsy would have to use his position to see that Egyptian citizens have actual control, and not the nation’s military.

So, the truth is that The U.S., vocally displayed through Secretary Clinton, is attempting to see that Egypt gets the assistance that it needs, while working to help Egypt to gain stability from the inside.  She stated that the Obama administration does have plans to assist with improving the economic setting of Egypt, even while dealing with it’s own financial issues.  I suppose that the shoe slingers did not get that memo…

                           Egyptian Protesters Chant Monica, Monica While Trying to Hillary Clintons Motorcade With Tomatoes and Shoes, According to Reports     Egyptian Protesters Chant Monica, Monica While Trying to Hillary Clintons Motorcade With Tomatoes and Shoes, According to Reports               


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