OOOH! Planet Osiris?!?!

July 18, 2012 at 11:46 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

Reading information about the discoveries of extrasolar planets is always fascinating!  I was watching another science/astronomy program, NOVA, and I listened to some of the details presented about more discoveries of planets beyond our solar system.  My attention was elevated when information about one exoplanet was reviewed with some detail.

A world has been dubbed Osiris!  It is formally designated as HD 209458 b.  Yet, it’s informal designation of the god of the Egyptian underworld was fascinating.  Of course, I wanted to know why this world was able to gain this particular designation, and what about the planet might have made it earn such a magnetic moniker.

The world is classified as a hot Jupiter.  It has such a designation because it orbits extremely close to it’s host star HD 209458.  It’s average surface temperature is estimated to be around 1,300º Fahrenheit!  The planet is supposed to be nearly three-fourths the size of Jupiter.  It was first detected during extrasolar reviews of 1999, and formally recognized by March 2005.

This world exists within the Pegasus constellation.  This collection of stars is visible from our northern hemisphere,   Eight of the stars within this constellation have been identified to host planets.  The star in review here, HD 209458, is a G-type main-sequence star, like our Sun.  It is roughly 153 light years, or twenty-nine quadrillion miles, away!

The orbiting world HD 209548b is standing out because it is believed to have an atmosphere of water vapor.  This would make this planet the first world outside of our solar system to be recognized with such a planetary covering.  It was my #?? birthday when a superstorm was viewed on HD 209548b.  Winds within this storm were estimated to be blowing at roughly 4,350 miles per hour!

I was wondering what lead the scientists/astronomers to name this particular planet Osiris.  I was reading where The International Astronomical Union has not accepted the name as the planet’s official title.  Furthermore, documentation reveals that the deified moniker was not assigned to the world by the astronomers who discovered it.  Perhaps it is that this particular name will not stick!

About Osiris:  the Egyptian god of the underworld was married to his sister, Isis.  Their son was Horus.  Osiris had a long, cane-shaped beard, and he was green-skinned.  He was supposed to be responsible for the fertility of the Nile River valley, also.


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