Shark Attack Sad, but……

July 18, 2012 at 12:28 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, environmental issues, human life issues, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I was bumping through various online news sites, trying to get away from all of the political jargon, for the moment.  Looking at all of the current postings lead me to read an article that made e-news over the past weekend.  I think that I had begun to read the story at that time, but I was sidetracked by other topics.  Anyhow….

Last Saturday, a shark attack happened off of the western coast of Australia.  It is not unheard of for shark attacks to happen within the open seas, yet it is always disturbing.  This particular incident was overly upsetting because someone was killed!

A man surfing off of Wedge Island, which has been noted for being a popular resort location.  Swimmers and deep-sea divers have visited this island continuously, as it is a regular site for recreation, along with exploration of the underwater world.  It was during such time of seemingly innocent indulgence and investigation that one surfer met with tragedy.

This surfer, Ben Linden, had ventured less than a mile, 218.7 yards, from a private beach on this island.  It seems that this was the area of ocean where he encountered a shark that was set to attack.  The aquatic predator did get hold of the 24 year-old male, killing him, and leaving his body afloat.

The reports state that Linden was attacked by a very large white pointer shark, also called a great white shark.  He was the fifth person to be killed by sharks off of the Western Australia coast during 2012.  That state’s Department of Fisheries had the state’s beaches closed, as searches for the killing shark took place.  It is believed that the shark could have been within those waters for up to a week.

Yes, there is no question that this incident was a tragedy.  The Western Australia Department of Fisheries has been given the green light to seek and destroy the shark that killed this surfer.  I would have to question how they plan to identify the actual shark.  Will they be looking for remnant pieces of the surfer on sharks’ mouths?  Will they be looking to see which sharks might be hoarding surfboard pieces and human clothing?  Will they be questioning sharks, asking which ones may have fed upon humans over the past week, or so?  Just wondering….

I think that it needs to be kept in mind that when we enter the waters of our oceans, WE are the invasive species.  Certainly, I do recognize the loss of this man, along with the losses of any individuals killed by sharks while at sea.  Yet, I have to think that the risks need to be recognized, as when a person decides to enter ocean waters without actual regard, that person is choosing to cope with those risks that come with that decision.   If he or she meets with a shark, it probably should come down to which one is the faster swimmer.  The ocean waters are the home of the shark! 

ATTACK VICTIM: Surfer Ben Linden.

Shark Victim Ben Linden

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/shark-attack-western-australia/index.html


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