What A Knight!

July 20, 2012 at 9:35 PM (comic book characters, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Firstly, this entry needs to be prefaced with thoughts for the families and the people coping with this latest tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  I just arrived at my home from viewing this latest Batman movie, excited, and ready to blog about what I saw.  Then, turning on my television immediately exposed me to this horrific occurrence!

Batman, this film franchise, and any of the things related to those particular topics should NOT be blamed for what has happened today!  This is a sick young man who was able to get hold of weapons, while not being under any levels of adequate observation.  I am sure that this outburst of today was not the first warning sign that something was wrong with 24 year-old James E. Holmes!  I do hope that everyone is taking the time to realize what has happened here, to provide any levels of possible assistance to the Aurora, Colorado families and community, as well as to review everyone else’s home situations to check for warning signs that might prevent any further actions like this one. 

While this horrific situation was happening, I was at my nearby movie theater, watching The Dark Knight Rises.  The film was fantastic!  It started with the funeral of Harvey Dent, the Gotham City district attorney who had been killed at the end of the last film.  Then, three men with bags over their heads are taken to an airplane.  Yet, as one of the men speaks, his bag is removed, and he is revealed to be Bane (Tom Hardy)!

As this plane flies, another jet flies to it’s side, and men on wires are released.  They attach to the smaller plane, get into it, start shooting, and Bane kidnaps a doctor on board.  This is happening while the ceremony to remember Harvey Dent is taking place.  Batman is being chastised as the alleged murderer of the Gotham City District Attorney.  Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) spoke, reminding attendees that Dent is responsible for jailing 1,000 Gotham City criminals.

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is at Wayne Manor is hosting another party.  All of Gotham’s top citizens are attending, and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) is posing as a waitress.  She manages to get into a private area upstairs, where she means to break into a safe to get hold of a pearl necklace that belonged to Bruce Wayne’s mother.  Bruce knew only that a maid stole the necklace.

Commissioner Gordon is there, and he finds himself being questioned about Batman.  At that time, Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) enters the subterranean Batcave, seeing that Bruce is using the fingerprints of Selina Kyle to track her stealing of this necklace.  Alfred starts to lecture Bruce about reorganizing his life, saying that there is more to come.

Selina goes to an evening bar, where she gives the fingerprints of Bruce Wayne to some guy.  This man proceeds to have a man to try shooting her, but she rapidly moves, getting hold of the gun, then shooting the man before police arrive!  When the cops do get there, Selina fakes injury, then she quicky escapes.  More gunfire erupts!

Commissioner Gordon and Gotham Police arrive.  They start to investigate, but shooting continues.  Gordon is shot, knocked out by thugs, abducted, and he is taken to a secret chamber.  It is the hidden location of BaneAfter Gordon regains consciousness, he manages to slip out, secretly.

After Bruce is visited by Gotham P.D. on the shooting of Commissioner Gordon, an officer that was a child/orphan recognizes Bruce, knowing that he is Batman!  He questions Bruce about this latest crimewave that has beset Gotham City.  The officer mentions that Wayne Enterprises has stopped funding for a Gotham orphanage, also!

Selina Kyle finds herself in the streets, helping a young woman who is being robbed.  She proceeds to attend the party that is hosted by Bruce Wayne.  They dance, while talking about her secret activities, and discussing whether or not her actions are justified.  As they interact, Bruce gets back a necklace that Selina stole from one of his safes.  Yet, she steals one of his cars after the party!

Bruce visits Lucious Fox (Morgan Freeman), with whom he discusses financial issues, and a young lady who he has been eying.  He proceeds to tell Lucious that he has retired as Batman, yet Lucious shows Bruce some updated Bat technology.  Bruce opts to prepare for a return as Batman!

Alfred talks with Bruce, telling him that Bane has been hired by Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson).  Alfred wants to dissuade Bruce from a return as Batman, yet Bruce means to stand for justice of Gotham City.  At this time, Bane has gathered with armed men to attack Gotham Stock Exchange.  They enter the building, as Bane accesses the computer systems.  Gotham Police arrive, surrounding the building!

Bane’s associates have taken people inside hostage.  Bane manages to escape on motorcycle, carrying one of the hostages with him.  He is followed by his criminal associates, and they have hostages, too!  Batman appears on his Batpod, guns aimed that the crooks.  He successfully frees the trapped citizens.

News has spread about Batman being a possibly dangerous vigilante, and Gotham Police are being urged to act.  A new commissioner has been assigned, and he plans to capture Batman.  Yet, Selina now is amok as Catwoman, and she is prowling through downtown Gotham.  She sees where additional hostages have been taken by Ra’s al Ghul.  An alert was sent for Batman, and Catwoman winds up assisting The Dark Knight with releasing these prisoners.  She slyly gets details about secret information that can give her an edge on other criminals, but she is stopped by some of them who are after her!

A chase ensues, and they all wind up atop a building.  There, Batman winds up assisting Catwoman in a fight.  They both escape, with Bane watching from the shadows.  Catwoman tells Batman that she believes he is assisting Roland Daggett (Ben Mendelsohn), which he denies.  Bruce returns to The Batcave, where he is lectured by Alfred  because of possible carelessness with his understandings of the dangers of Ra’s al Ghul, and his beliefs that Bruce can not stop being Batman.  Alfred opts to leave Wayne Manor!

Lucious Fox arrives at Wayne Manor, telling Bruce that Wayne Enterprises is out of money!  Fox tells Wayne that Roland Daggett is about to take over his finances.  A meeting is called for the business officials, and they are mad that Bruce is present.  He is dismissed from the session, and he is told that he no longer is the chairman of Wayne Enterprises!

Bane appears, talking with a business man who is with Wayne Enterprises.  He tells Bane that he has authority over Bane, yet the enhanced criminal kills the man!  Bane proceeds to get details about Batman, and details about Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, Talia (Marion Cotillard).  He learns of a meeting to happen that night, which will gather others who mean to catch him.

Bruce learns more bad news, as the funds for Wayne Enterprises have been taken!  Bane is the thief, so Bruce goes as Batman to attempt a recovery.  A fight ensues, and Bane manages to cripple Batman, then to trap him in a prison cell. 

Commissioner Gordon and Gotham P.D. follow after Bane to an underground hideout.  Yet, they are trapped when a massive explosion happens.  It is revealed that all of Gotham is rigged to a bomb that will detonate if anyone tries to exit the city!  Bane proceeds to announce that he knows about recent political schemes, as he sets loose all incarcerated criminals in the city!  As chaos ensues, national forces are called into set up a blockade around all of Gotham City!

Bruce is slowly attempting to recover himself.  He puts himself through intense training, while getting assitance from Lucius.  Bruce’s efforts to free Gotham City lead him to seek the help of Catwoman and Gotham Police Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), along with additional advisings from Lucius.  As Batman, he prepares to battle Bane.  Yet, Talia al Ghul shows that she is the force that has been behind plots to bring down Gotham City.  As she attempts activating a bomb that had been set by Bane, Commissioner Gordon is able to stop it. 

A fight begins between Bane and Catwoman.  The clawed contender is able to defeat, then to kill Bane.  As he is no longer in the scene, Batman is able to track down Talia al Ghul.  She is found in an underground lair, which is set as a bomb chamber.  Talia manages to flood the chamber, then to escape.  Batman gets loose also, as he follows Talia, and he shoots at the truck in which she escaped.

Before Talia escaped, she set the bomb to detonate.  Batman had to return to the chamber to get hold of the bomb before it could explode, destoying all of Gotham City.  Now, flying in a prototype batcopter, Batman takes the bomb over ocean waters, and releases it to explode without harm.  It seems that Batman was killed in this explosion, as Commissioner Gordon hails him as a fallen hero.  At the end, Bruce is seen alive, in Italy, and with Selina Kyle!

Next week has the adventurous and alien humor of Richard Ayoade, Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, and Vince Vaughn with Neighborhood Watch!  The same day has Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon, and Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe!  August will open with 360, Celeste and Jesse ForeverSoldiers of Fortune, and You’ve Been Trumped!


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