Mrs. Jackson, Lost and Found?!?!

July 23, 2012 at 9:22 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

This is a bit upsetting to watch.  Many of us grew up as fans of The Jacksons, not just Michael.  Much of that entire family has provided entertainment and excitement to the world for generations.  Michael Jackson himself was a mega-star, giving so much of himself to the enjoyment of a global scene, while spending much of his time and money dedicated to working towards various efforts of worldwide improvement.  Janet Jackson developed into a performing powerhouse, as well, making millions in album sales, concerts, appearances, and the whole gamut.  The other Jacksons did not go without attention, with La Toya Jackson going on with her varied endeavors, and some of the brothers likely hanging onto accolades from days with The Jackson Five

Now, this latest issue of drama surrounding the Jackson clan is at least disturbing!  News reports have it seeming as if the family matriarch, Katherine Jackson, is missing!  Before anyone jumps to conclusions, it does seem as if that is a false statement.  Following reports state that Mrs. Jackson is in Arizona, with her daughter, Rebbie.

It was Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael, who gave a missing person report about her grandmother.  She left a posting on Twitter, stating that Katherine was not able to be contacted by telephone.  She followed that with Tweets to get help with locating her grandmother!  Paris asked for the police be contacted, if anyone saw Mrs. Jackson!

Jermaine Jackson came back with a statement, saying that their mother was under medical orders to refrain from excessive public contact, and that she simply was listening to medical instructions by not being overly active.  The eldest of the Jackson brothers insisted Mrs. Jackson was not in any trouble, yet Paris Jackson continued with Tweets about her grandmother missing, and that she needed help to find her!

Sandra Ribera, an attorney for Katherine Jackson, has called upon The F.B.I. to locate Mrs. Jackson!  Ribera said that Randy Jackson (not the Idol judge…) would not allow deputies with Los Angeles County to access Mrs. Jackson.  However, a spokesman with Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department stated that she is alright, while she is staying with family members. 

Ribera went on, suggesting that The F.B.I. proceed with an investigation.  As Mrs. Jackson may have crossed state lines, her absence might be labeled as a disappearance.  Yet, Jermaine Jackson continued in his statement that their mother simply was resting in Arizona, as by medical advising.  A report stated that Mrs. Jackson flew  to visit with a doctor in Arizona, by the direction of Janet.  Now, she is supposed to have gone with eldest daughter Rebbie to Albuquerque, to view a concert by her sons, with both of them returning safely to Arizona, afterward.   Paris Jackson stated that her grandmother never arrived at that concert!

Michael Jackson's mom, Katherine Jackson

Jackson Family Matriarch, Katherine Jackson

SEE THESE SITES!!!…jackson-mom-missing-person/index.html…/2908348/found-katherine-jackson.html…/Katherine-Jackson…Found-163447676.html…/Michael-Jackson-s-Kids-Pay…Death

Mrs. Jackson’s boys, back in the day!

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