Disorder at Neverland!

July 25, 2012 at 12:14 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

OOH!  The gossip is juicy, and it is not stopping!  Right now, The Jackson clan is incensed, dealing with the continued media fuss about alleged in-fighting over Michael‘s money, the false report about mother Katherine missing, and now, Paris is vocal!  Plus, some levels of fisticuffs seem to have been exchanged between some of the Jackson fellas!

It seems that Jermaine, Randy, and Tito are having issues about how Michael’s will is being negotiated.  These three Jackson brothers have written and signed a formal protest to the will’s executors.  They have demanded that those whom are responsible for how the will is being handled resign immediately!

Yes, Jackson Matriarch Katherine was falsely reported missing!  It turned out that the eighty-two year-old Jackson mother is at an Arizona vacation spot, resting.  Paris Jackson, a source of recent controversy for the family, is the one who reported her grandmother as missing.  Apparently, the young daughter of Michael has not been privvy to the idea that she does not have to know where all of her family is at, at all times!

Furthermore, Paris seems to have gotten into a verbal conflict with her aunt, Janet!  It seemed that lil’ miss P.J. was prepared to go out on a date with a young suitor, and Aunt Janet was not exactly happy with that action.  The story is that Janet is trying to keep the family members, especially Michael’s children, out of the spotlight at all possible times.  Yet, Paris is a teenager, and in the midst of boy fever!  She was attempting to call her current boy toy, ignoring Janet’s demands that she stay at the Jackson compound.  When Paris refused to comply, Janet tried taking the cell phone from Paris, but Paris snatched it back!

She had a date planned, and was about to contact her male suitor by cell phone. Before the call could occur, Janet supposedly snatched the phone from Paris.  She proceeded to tell Michael’s daughter that she is spoiled and disrespectful.  Then, some postings have reported that Paris went onto drop the F-bomb on Aunt Janet, just before she yanked back the cell phone!  Paris means to be the new Miss Nasty!   Hmph!


Prince Jackson was at the scene also, along with Jermaine and Randy.  Prince, Prince II (Blanket), and sister Paris were exiting a vehicle, returning to the family compound.  This is when Paris was reported to have been talking on her cell phone, also, while in the S.U.V..  She had her cell phone taken abruptly by Janet, then she apparently called Paris “a spoiled little bitch”, and she slapped her niece!  Some of the other Jackson brothers witnessed this, as they did not approve of Paris’ possible transmission of information to the public at-large!

It seems that rules and regulations need to be reviewed among the Jackson clan.  Michael’s teenaged children are being typical teenagers, likely amplified because of their wealth and celebrity statuses.  If the elder Jacksons mean to have order, along with control over the spreading of information about their family activities, then they likely will need to rearrange their methods of conversation and interaction with Michael’s teens.

The King of Pop had an attorney arranged for his children.  This lawyer now is trying to have custody of Blanket, Paris, and Prince taken from mother Katherine.  One report is that a Jackson cousin named T.J., the thirty-four year-old son of Tito, is trying to obtain temporary guardianship of Michael’s three children.  Certainly, there will be more gossip about that area of the story!

                                      (L-R) Prince Michael, Prince Michael Ii, Paris, picture



Michael Jackson moonwalking

Rest in Peace, Michael…..


…..Rest in Peace, Sherman Hemsley. 


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