Party Crashers From Another Planet?

July 30, 2012 at 7:26 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Talk about your special guests!  Tabloids, along with other various websites, have been reporting that The Opening Ceremony for The 2012 Summer Olympic Games had an uninvited guest to crash the party!  Several postings have gone on, saying that an unidenfied flying object made an appearance over The Olympic Stadium at London.

Now, I do not know exactly what happened.  I saw some of The Opening Ceremonies, yet I apparently missed the part where the aliens made a surprise appearance.  I think that I may have caught some brief blurbs about this alleged activity, yet I had not really focused on the topic until this evening.  I am seeing where several postings have been published that give links and looks at what might have occurred that evening.

Some sites are saying that this was one of the best chances for extraterrestrials to view humanity at large, and to be seen by humans with validity.  Obviously, it was a missed effort.  Much of the world likely has no idea that such an event took place at a major occasion like The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

The Alien Disclosure Group, United Kingdom, released video images of a supposed flying saucer over Olympic Stadium at London.  People who claim to have seen it said that it was a disc-shaped object that entered the stadium airspace during one of the fireworks presentations.  It did not seem to be such a surprise, as there was so much hullabaloo occurring during the ceremony, and no one immediately saw it as an object from outer space!

There are several online postings that present the possibilities of what might have happened that evening.  It has been generally overlooked, as the ceremony was so intricate, with several captivating displays and pyrotechnic presentations occurring.  Those whom were involved with preparing to protect Olympic Stadium from surprise and unwarranted actions, along with any attempted terrorist activities, were ready to deal with almost all possible party crashes!

Of course, no official statements have been made to verify that any sort of extraterrestrial visitations were made during The Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  During June, Nick Pope, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Desk Officer, stated that The London Olympics might be  a prime target for extraterrestrial visitors to arrive by their ships to make a globally-viewed presentation.  Alien Disclosure Group, United Kingdom made the video available to world viewers, as it has said that the taping was a confirmed extraterrestrial u.f.o. sighting, lest verifiable evidence can prove that it was something of this Earth!   




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