Get With the Times! Gabby’s Hair is Great!

August 6, 2012 at 11:48 PM (athletics, childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I do not agree with this sentiment, and I do not understand the rationale of the fecally-laden areas from which it came.  It is truly disgusting.  Yet, when I make myself actually sit and think about what is happening, I can try to realize this deal, and why it is causing such stir.

Gabby Douglas truly is a precious sight!  Born New Year’s Eve 1995, this young athlete has captured the hearts and spirits of her followers within The United States, and likely around the planet.  She began her movements toward gymnastic excellence at the age of six.  Since 2010, Gabby has been an outstanding member of The United States Gymnastics National Team, through which she earned awards that include a silver medal at The 2010  U.S. Junior National Championships, a fifth-place designation at The 2010 Pan-American Championships, and recognition with The U.S. Gymnastics Team in the gold medal win at that competition. 

Douglas has shown herself to be a superior athlete, she is currently displaying excellence of performance and character at The 2012 Olympic Games, and she is providing glimpses into what promises to be an excellent future of promise and success for herself.  Yet, with all of that bright light beaming, there always seem to be rainclouds looming somewhere in the background.

Miss Douglas is inadvertently finding herself caught in the simple-minded fuss about her hair!  Yes, in 2012, there are those whom choose to make a deal over her hairstyle!  It seems that some people, reportedly and surprisingly, many of whom seem to be other African-American women, are unhappy with the way that Douglas has her coiff presented to the public.

Some of the fuss emanates from African-American women and men.  There is discussion, debate, about how Douglas is wearing her hair in a braided style, which is both contemporary and traditional.  It is probable that she is being reviewed among her cultural peers, being seen as a representative to the world on how African-Americans display and express their culture through personal presentations.  Those commenting possibly out of envy, or some manners of spite, have made statements about how Douglas’ hair is unkempt, or that it is in need of perming!

Now, what is to be made of the mood behind comments aimed at the degredation of this young phenom who has captured the hearts and the spirits of so many people who are watching her?  First of all, her hair looks nice!  THEN, she has gone to perform in extremely challenging athletic events, most of which do not  require or allow her to maintain supermodel hair presentations at all times.  Despite all of that, Gabrielle Douglas has remained a dignified and well-kempt representative of our nation’s Olympic squad!  Yet, no!  You can not please everyone….

I was recalling this documentary (Rock-umentary…) Good Hair, which was an effort made by the African-American comedian Chris Rock to place humorous depiction upon a seemingly common view held within this segment of U.S. society.  Rock took his efforts to interview several members of the African-American community, getting their opinions on inside views of Black hairstyles, as well as how they thought of the way their hair was done, and what they thought of other opinions on their varied curls and coiffures, braids and beads.

There seems to be an underlying sentiment within some areas of society, African-American and otherwise, that have tendencies to equate natural hairstyles with lesser ways of life for African-Americans.  Some take these negative assessments as recollections of how Blacks were treated during the times of U.S. slavery, and how this hairstyle invoked images of lesser lifestyles among Blacks.  Some may feel that efforts to reinvigorate views of African-American society are being made by those whom aim to gain greater levels of recognition beyond membership of a sometimes shunned cultural nook, or from those who do not immediately recognize the beauty and depth of traditions from a legendary ethnic history.

It would seem that Gabby Douglas is making an effort, intentional, or otherwise, to take part within the reinvigoration and renovation of African-American society.  As many younger African-Americans are active in attempts to recognize their cultural heritage, and to display pride of it, Douglas seems to be participating in that endeavor, also.  What better way to express your recognition of your cultural heritage, and to show pride of your ethnicity, than to present yourself in a manner representative to these things while upon a global platform like The Olympic Games?

Gabby Douglas responds to critics: “What’s wrong with my hair?”


Work Your Hair, Gabby!  You Are The Best!!!

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