The Ideas Are Good, but It Ain’t Gonna Happen!

August 9, 2012 at 11:48 PM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion)

I do hear what Roseanne is saying.  If you listen to the base of her political platform, she does seem to have a legitimate case as to what should be done, based upon her ideas for The Presidency.  However, the unfortunate reality is that she will not win a United States Presidential Election.

Roseanne Barr is a well-accomplished actress, comedianne, and television producer.  Currently, she means to add another accolade to her shining list of achievements.  As of August 4, 2012, she made an appearance on The Tonight Show, where she announced her candidacy for President during the 2012 election!

The cold truth to this possibly comical effort is that Roseanne Barr has NO chance at winning The Presidency!  The majority of actual voters are not going to take her seriously.  She has little, if no political experience.  She certainly has none of the support that she would need from important elements that include Congress, The Supreme Court, or most other politicians.  Her campaign likely will be seen as a joke, and/or a distraction from the real efforts being presented by President Obama, and by his leading challengers.

Barr is campaigning under the veil of The Peace and Freedom Party.  This political group was established during 1967, sparked by the opposing views of protestors during The Los Angeles – Watts Riots happening that year.  The party gained formal presentation, making a national stance against The Vietnam War.  The Peace and Freedom Party has remained a left-wing, extremist group, even nominating Ralph Nader for their Presidential candidate during the 2008 election.

Barr presents issues that are often a part of the political scene, yet several of them are seen as extreme.  She is against The Electoral College, saying instead that all national votes should be allowed equally to all citizens, as they (we) should have the final say on which candidate is elected, not having the process finalized by Congressional electors.  Barr stands against The Military Industrial Complex, as she says that it is disturbingly close to a position that may allow it to operate in place of a publicly elected government.  Additionally, Barr speaks against the current manner in which U.S. student loans are managed, saying that the entire process creates a situation in which students will remain in increasing levels of debt, despite any efforts to make completing payments.

These are some of the bases from which Roseanne Barr speaks, as she attempts to present herself as a 2012 Presidential Candidate.  She is teaming with Cindy Sheehan for her Vice-Presidential running mate.  She speaks against warfare, as her son was killed during The Iraq War 2004.  Sheehan had initial intentions to run for President with The Green Party, but that nomination went to Dr. Jill Stein.

No, Roseanne Barr will NOT be The President of The United States!  Yet, it should be recognized that some of her points of view are legitimate, and worth recognition.  This is where it would be useful for Barr and her followers to align with one of the major political parties, making efforts to sway them towards creating policies that would coincide with her ideas, thus giving those ideas greater chances at being recognized, and actually being placed into legislation.  I do wish that sentiment would be shared by Barr and her supporters, as that does seem to be the more realistic way to have many of their actually useful ideas placed into legitimate and actual law.

America one step closer to President Roseanne




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