Oh, My…..

August 13, 2012 at 11:23 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, environmental issues, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip) (, )

Alright.  My excuse is that I was doing some evening browsing of the web, looking for various off-the-wall postings.  Between checking my e-mail, reading other blogs, and semi-watching The Science Channel, I was lured into postings of this one blog, unicornbooty.  Yeah; I will go from there…

I am going to go with the assumption that some of these people are actual scientific researchers.  Surely, that is what lead them to a point of amazement at this recent find.  I guess that they were not horny.  I guess that they were not hungry.  These people actually found something that is quite strange, at best!

It is a lost dick!  It is not attached to a body.  It comes with no testicles.  The actual truth is that this thing is a snake, yet it has the abnormal appearance of resembling an amputated penis!  Actual researchers likely just said to Hell with it, as they went ahead and dubbed the creature “The Penis Snake”!

It was during November 2011 when engineers working along The Madeira River of Brazil that some of them stumbled upon this quite unusual beast.  It was captured, I assume, then taken to scientists for review.  A biologist named Julian Tupan was among those who saw and got hold of the animal; there were six of these creatures.  Tupan and the engineers collected the animals.  One of them died, three were set back into the river region, and two were taken to be studied.

The examinations revealed that the animals are not reptiles, as they actually are amphibians.  They look like snakes (dicks…) because of their smooth and long shapes, with wrinkles, here and there.  The biologists currently believe that these animals breathe through skin pores, and it is possible that they eat insects, fish, and worms.  Observations have revealed that the creature has no eyes!

You may not have immediately gone with that line of thought upon first seeing this animal.  Yet, when you sit and look at it for a moment (if you must…), it does look like a greasy dick!   I can not say where the minds of these engineers who found this animal were at when they came across it.  Yet, it’s lack of design, it’s pinkish-brown color, it’s wrinkles, and it’s seemingly sausage-like appearance could have lead some minds to make an analagous analysis of a misplaced member!  The animal has been given the scientific designation of Atretochoana eiselti.

That really was not what I was planning to encounter with my evening web browsing.  I was content with listening to one of the astronomy programs from The Science Channel, broadcast through the television behind me. I was looking at online postings, as one of them relayed that scientists had discovered what could be a new animal.  It was located when workers were draining a section of Brazil’s Madeira River, which is the largest tributary to the mighty Amazon River.

penis snake













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