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August 18, 2012 at 8:49 PM (curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion)

It took a minute to get back to the blog, after doing some other things.  Yet, I do have to go ahead with an entry about my recent cinema visit.  It was a typical two-fer evening, and I was very pleased with both films!

Our first movie was the anticipated Sparkle!  We had heard so much about how this movie stands out among it’s current competitors, and that the actors provided much gumption to their roles.  I will say that I do agree that the film was fantastic!

The film begins in an evening club, with a singer on stage, and Stix (Derek Luke) patrolling the club as it’s manager.  Sparkle (Jordin Sparks) is in the audience, and she takes a cab home afterward, with her sisters.  They get home late, sneaking inside, just in time for their mother, Emma (Whitney Houston), to begin telling them to prepare for church.

Arriving at church, Sparkle and her sisters are eyed by passing guys.  It is afterward when Stix greets Sparkle, under the disparaging eyes of Emma!  She gets her girls away, preparing them for bible study.  Emma takes time to tend to other tasks, then Sparkle  begins to sing and play the piano.  Stix is there, revealing that he is a songwriter, as Sparkle says that she writes songs, too!

Sparkle and Stix begin to bond, and she ends up accompanying him to a club.  It is a calm evening, with Stix driving Sparkle home afterward.  He recognizes that Sparkle can sing, as Stix encourages Sparkle to put her talents into songwriting, under his management.  Yet, Sparkle later feels that Stix used her to get in contact with one of her sisters for romance!

Levi (Omar Hardwick) is in the midst of pulling a romance scheme on an unsuspecting female, yet he gets called out by Sparkle.  She then returns home, where Emma talks to her and her sisters about a catering job.  Yet, the girls are more interested in the youthful life, as they continue with Levi and Stix.

These guys have made plans for the girls to sing at an evening club.  The sisters sneak to the club, getting onto stage, and they experience stagefright.  The sisters are booed by the females, yet they catch the attention of the evening males.  As they start to sing, the sisters sound good, and they end up garnering future performances!

Sparkle and her sisters pick up the stage title of Sister and Her Sisters!  The lead sister goes by Sister (Carmen Ejogo), as Sparkle and Delores (Tika Sumpter) take the background roles.  The singing trio takes Harlem by storm, as Black (Cee Lo Green) wants to manage them, and club owner Satin (Mike Epps) wants to make them a constact act of his club.

The Sisters, with the guidance of Emma, do progress to become a successful singing act.  They wind up facing the tragic loss of their eldest sister, Sister, and a separation from mother, Emma.  Yet, Sparkle progresses to become a successful singer going onto perform with other sister Delores (Tika Sumpter)!


We entered the adventurous excitement of The Bourne Legacy, next!  The fourth edition to this action series taken from the stories of Robert Ludlum.  Now, a Bourne film has premiered without Jason Bourne in it!

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is sent to Alaska for training.  He has the secret name of Number Five, and he encounters Number Three (Oscar Isaac).  They end up trapped in a lodging facility due to an extreme blizzard!

It turns out that Bourne’s investigations have lead to the exposures of undercover operations that seemed to be lead by C.I.A. Deputy Director Pamela Landy (Joan Allen).  Further investigations into improper activities by government agencies occur, and retired Air Force Colonel Eric Byer (Edward Norton) is called to participate in the cleanings.

Byer learns about Operation Outcome, which has been giving secret pills to it’s members that allow them to have enhanced mental and physical capabilities.  Byer means to eliminate Outcome, sending a Predator drone to destroy their home facility.  Yet, it is at this location where Cross and secret agent Number Three are at!

The drone fires a missile, which ends up killing Number Three.  Cross puts trails together, recognizing that the drone was sent by his superiors, then he destroys it.  He realizes that he has a tracking device implanted within him, so he cuts himself to remove it.  Cross places the device into the mouth of a stray wolf, and the wolf is killed by a second drone that was sent out to kill Cross!

Colonel Byer deploys yet another Predator drone to ensure that Cross is killed.  However, the drone mistakenly strikes a wolf, killing it, yet leading Colonel Byer to believe that Cross was killed.  Byer then proceeds with Operation Outcome, getting hold of the program’s scientists, and having pill handlers killed with the created pills that were meant to kill government adversaries and enemies!

Cross finds himself heading to Manila, along with Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz).  They mean to counteract the pills that Cross has swallowed.  It is during the trip that cross reveals to Shearing that he had been under the secret identity of Kenneth Kitsom, a soldier who was supposedly killed in The Iraq War.

Colonel Byer learns of the actions of Cross and Shearing, then he has super soldier Larx-03 (Louis Ozawa Changchien) deployed to kill Cross!  However, Cross is with Shearing in Manila, where they are attempting to stop the pill productions.  Byer becomes aware of this, and he has the production facility locked down.  Cross and Shearing manage to escape, and Shearing takes Cross to a shelter so that he can successfully suffer through the hallucinatory effects of the pills!

Manila Police are notified that a wanted agent of The U.S. Government is hiding in a local apartment, so they send officers to catch him – Cross.  Shearing is able to get a warning to Cross before the police arrive.  He escapes to meet Shearing, rescuing her, as they both wind up running through the streets of Manila, evading Number Three.  The enhanced soldier does catch up to them, while they are escaping by motorcycle.  Yet, Shearing is able to kick off Number Three into a nearby pole, upon which he is impaled!  Shearing and Cross then escape to a hidden location, under the hidden cover of a local boatman!

Next week has the terror tale of The Apparition, along with the adventure story of Hit & Run!  The end of August includes For A Good Time, Call…, The Good Doctor, The Possession, and The Tall Man!   Other upcoming movies include The Cold Light of Day, Hotel Transylvania, House at the End of the Street, The MasterRaiders of the Lost Ark, Resident Evil: Retribution, and Stolen!

Giving Him Something He Can Feel … from Sparkle!

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