Deep In The Ass of Texas….

August 24, 2012 at 12:17 AM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Having been around Texas for a while, I do recognize that is a place filled with all sorts of interesting people, to say the least.  You will find all sorts; good and bad, left and right, up and down, and just about anything else.  One really never should be amazed when strange things may have been heard that have come from the mouth of an actual Texan.  A latest example is not supposed to have been a total shocker, recognizing it’s source.  Yet and still, it was stunning!

It was this past Monday when a Texas judge made an outrageous statement to a local news program.  Judge Tom Head of Lubbock County, Texas made a showing on this news show to discuss taxes, specifically asking for a tax increase to assist his county’s District Attorney’s Office an Sherriff’s Office.  Also, Judge Head talked about his request for additional police and law enforcement to protect his county during the upcoming civil war!

Head, coordinating with Texas Commissioner Mark Heinrich, want to impose a 1.7 percent tax increase on the citizens of The State of Texas.  The increase in funds sent to the state government are to assist with providing the necessary supplies to protect Texans during the impending civil war!  The money will be shared between the District Attorney’s office and provisions for an increase in state deputies.

Head has a firm belief that The United States will be plunged into a civil war upon the re-election of President Barack H. Obama.  He has said that civil disobedience and unrest will accompany a second term of President Obama, leading to situations similar to what occurred at Lexington and Concord!  Talk about your Fear of A Black President!

Now, the TRUTH is that The United States will NOT fall into a state of civil war upon Barack Obama’s re-election to The United States Presidency.  However, Head has stated his belief that, if President Obama wins re-election, he will give sovereignty of The United States to The United Nations!  He has stated that a second term for President Obama will stir civil unrest, social demonstrations, and mass riots!  Head said that President Obama will have The United Nations to deploy military forces, none of which he wants entering Lubbock County, Texas!

Additionally, some of the funds that Head will need will be used to fund  expansion of his county’s deputy forces by seven.  He means to have the needed forces on-hand to shorten emergency response times.  He wants to have the needed forces available to cut back on possible fatigue of his county’s officers.

Now, if this guy wants to acquire additonal funds for his county’s workers and supplies, surely there was a better way to go about requesting the money.  Certainly, a recognition of a need for additional funds to assist with U.S. citizens of Texas, specifically of his Lubbock County, could be requested, then acquired, without alluding to panic through claims without any levels of justification, whatsoever!

Perhaps it is that Head and Heinreich are recognizing that Barack Obama, more than likely, will serve a second term as The United States’ President.  At present, The Republican Party is not presenting any candidates of actual merit, or with ample backing to gain the needed votes to unseat President Obama.  This effort from these Texas government officials seems to be nothing more than a current and highly comical (on top of piss-poor and pathetic) attempt to rouse what they hoped would be an unintelligent and unsuspecting voter population into greater action to vote against our current President, come November.  Was that your best shot?

SEE THESE SITES!!!…judge…civil-war-if-obama-re-elected…judge…civil-war-if-obama-wins-second-term

…you will find shit!




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