Now-Gathered Film Geezers Still Got It!!!

August 24, 2012 at 9:33 PM (current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, web gossip)

As with Friday, the films came.  This week, we got to enjoy a cinematic selection featuring some of the long-time Hollywood heavyweights, teaming with some of the currently shining stars.  It turned out to be a combination that made for an entertaining action flick!

The Expendables 2 begins in Nepal, with armed forces enter a town where a man is bound and masked, while he is beaten.  The soldiers get into a shootout with locals, and rockets are launched!  Violence continues, and Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is shown fighting.

Ross’ military team has arrived to rescue an U.S. business associate, and a secret soldier called Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger).  Once released, Trench continues with his intial mission to attack and capture enemies.  The team follows Trench, then they all escape into a wooded area.  It is revealed that a team of elite soldiers had been assembled by the secret agent Mr. Church (Bruce Willis).

Group member Ying Yang (Jet Li) accompanies Church to China.  Meanwhile, Ross allows soldier Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) to retire from the team to go to France.  Yet, Ross finds himself taking another mission from Church.  He must go to Albania to rescue a secret item.  Ross gathers the team for this mission, and they are ambushed by a group of thieves led by Jean Vilain (Jean-Claude Van Damme).

Fighting begins, Billy is killed, and the team vows revenge for his death.  Meanwhile, Vilain has plans to get hold of plutonium that had been left by former Soviet miners.  The Expendables are aware of the plutonium also, and they mean to reach it before Vilain gets hold of it.  Yet, as they are in the middle of this mission, they are attacked by other mercenaries, and they are rescued by Booker (Chuck Norris)!  He informs the team of a group of secret locals who mean to oppose Vilain, and with whom they can team for more agressive attacks!

As the team goes forward, they move further into Russia, coming across an abandoned town.  Armed women protecting their children have been hiding there, and they ask the team to protect them from Vilain’s forces.  Vilain, along with his main accomplice Hector (Scott Adkins), have the villagers trapped, meaning to kill them, once they have used them to mine the ores that Vilain means to sell on The Black Market.

Mr. Church and Trench join forces with  the other fighters.  They go after Vilain, getting hold of him at an airport before he can escape the country.  Vilain’s forces are there as well, so Church and Trench combine with The Expendables to battle.  Vilain ends up being stabbed in the chest, killed by team leader Ross!

Ross proceeds to provide Church with a jet.  Church then boards the jet, along with Booker, Trench, and team tech expert Maggie (Yu Nan).  They pay final respects to Billy, then they prepare for a next mission!

The Expendables 2

As always, more films are around the bend!  The rest of August includes Shia La Beouf and Guy Pearce in Lawless, along with the movies The Good Doctor and The Possession.  September opens with The Chicago 8, The Cold Light of Day, Keep the Lights On, and Stolen!

Waitin’ on a good one…..



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