Hubble’s Continued and Unparalleled Images!

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Following and learning about the continuing studies of space-time is always exciting!  I am reading these recent releases about what The Hubble Space Telescope has been doing, specifically regarding it’s latest images of outer space.  It’s latest work has to be near the top of the list of the most fascinating discoveries ever!

The Hubble Space Telescope has been taking images of the universe, peering into distances that are not readily understood by any viewer.  It has been focusing on a region designated as Hubble Deep Field, which then has peered into Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (I guess…).  All of this distant observation of ancient space-time equates to something nearly 80, 240, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 miles from Earth!

The recent telescopic images of Hubble have gathered images that equate to their existence during the time of the cosmos some 13.2 billion years ago.  One image is of a galaxy labeled as UDFj-39546284 (no, clever nicknames did not make the cut….).  This galaxy has been imaged as it existed roughly 450 million years after The Big Bang.  That is young, in terms of the cosmos, and merely five percent of the current age of the known universe.  This galaxy itself supposedly no longer exists, and it has taken so many years for it’s light to be visible by our instruments!

These current pictures of the cosmos have captured images of roughly 5,500 galaxies.  The Hubble Space Telescope spent roughly fifty days taking these photographs, adding them to the collection of images stored from Hubble Ultra Deep Field.  This is an area of the cosmos, located within the constellation Fornax, a constellation visible from the southern hemisphere.  It is situated between the constellations Cetus and Eridanus.  Fornax is a part of The Fornax Cluster, a grouping of galaxies and dwarf galaxies that are roughly 500,000 light years away!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/hubble-goes-deep-for-amazing-new-space-images…universe-view-hubble-space-telescope.html

Galaxy Galaxy Galore

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Sci-Fi and Singing Set the Stage and Scene!

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Oh, the movies were great tonight!  I had been watching some of the trailers for both of the films that I viewed this evening, which had be excited about seeing each film.  I will admit to being pleasantly pleased with what I saw!

Entering film one, we sat down to enjoy Looper!  It begins in the year 2044, with a man being killed in a grassy field.  The man is a Looper, an assassin from the future who was sent back to take out people on a selected list.  The world at this future time is filled with crime and poverty.  This Looper is Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who is working with partner agent Seth (Paul Dano).

Joe has a lead on a target who is meant to be captured.  He coordinates with other Loopers who are monitoring a target, seeing that it involves Loopers being killed who no longer were members of the team.  Such actions result in the Loopers being paid with bars of silver.

A Looper named Seth (Paul Dano) gets to young Joe’s apartment.  Seth means to hide because the agency will be after him due to his not having fulfilled his task.  Yet, Joe can not help him, as Loopers arrive to take Seth to his fate!  The lead Looper on the task is Abe (Jeff Daniels), also called The Rainmaker.  Abe tells Joe that he must turn Seth over to them, lest he surrender half of his earnings from his work!

Joe has a great deal of silver profit from his assignments.  He finds himself after a new target, yet something is strange about this person.  Joe tries to shoot this man, but he misses.  Moments later, the man slugs Joe in the head, knocking him out!

Joe awakens that night, getting back to his apartment, and finding it wrecked.  People are inside, so Joe hides.  A man does find Joe, but they fight, with Joe winning.  As another man shows up to attack Joe, he leaps from the top of his building!

A year passes, and Joe is now in Shanghai.  Three years pass, then six more years pass.  Ten years pass, then twenty-three more years pass.  Joe has now aged (Bruce Willis), now married.  It is thirty years after his initial involvement with the Loopers, and he is married.  Yet, despite his seeming state of peace, shooters enter Joe’s home, capturing him!

Now masked and tied, Joe is surrounded by his kidnappers.  However, Joe is able to break free, killing them, then escaping!  It is the same group of men who were sent to kill him, yet Joe was now aware of them.  He leaves, going to the field where a younger version of himself is waiting to kill him.  Joe beats up his younger self, and he proceeds into town!

It is now 2072, as Joe feels that he has a wounded hand. He sees that a message was cut into his hand from his younger self, telling him to meet his younger self at a restaurant.  They eat breakfast, as old Joe tells his younger self about how The Rainmaker sent men back in time to kill him, and how these men killed his wife.  Also, Joe tells his younger self that he has gone back in time to kill the younger Rainmaker!

Young Joe is weary of his older self, still meaning to kill his own aged version.  Yet, both Joes find themselves under assault by other Loopers!  They team up, quickly opting to flee the scene.  Then, young Joe takes a map from older Joe, getting coordinates to a farm.  There, Joe meets Sara (Emily Blunt), and her child son, Cid (Pierce Gagnon).

Sara converses with Joe, showing her a map.  A set of coordinates on the map are the same as Cid’s birthday.  It surprises Sara, and it leads Joe to tell her about her future son becoming The Rainmaker.  Joe and Sara bond, as he learns that Cid had lived with her sister for some time.  That information makes Joe believe that Cid is not really her child, and that Cid may not be The Rainmaker!

However, one Looper returns to Sara’s home to kill all of them.  It is then when young Cid becomes angry, and he displays his awesome telekinetic powers.  Cid releases an energy burst which kills this Looper!  At that point, elder Joe tries to kill Cid.  Yet, an enemy agent named Kid Blue (Noah Segan) gets hold of Cid, and Kid Blue is told by younger Joe to leave with Sara.

Elder Joe is taken back to meet with lead Looper, Abe.  After a confrontation, Joe kills Abe, along with the rest of Abe’s forces, except for Kid Blue.  Joe time travels back to the home of Sara, followed by Kid Blue, and met by his younger self.  Both Joes have a brawl, yet they are interrupted by an attacking Kid Blue.  It is young Joe who kills Kid Blue, as old Joe prevents Sara from leaving with Cid!

The confrontation goes into adjacent cornfields, where older Joe gets toward Cid, shooting the young Rainmaker.  The shot does not kill the boy, as he releases an energy burst of rage!  Sara gets to the field just before Cid can kill older Joe, and she calms her son.  She places herself between Cid and older Joe, as the elder Looper again tries shooting her son.

Younger Joe arrives to see what is happening.  He has a vision of Cid seeing his mother being murdered, and the rage from that sight leading the boy to become The Rainmaker.  This prompts young Joe to kill himself, so that his elder self never would exist.  This eliminates his older self from ever having been in the field to kill Sara, thus never allowing Cid to develop the inner rage that would lead him to become the rage-inflicting Rainmaker!  The loop is closed, as Sara goes onto find a surprise load of silver that Joe left for her.  She proceeds with her life and a non-murderous son!


We watched Pitch Perfect, second!  This was a film with a surprising level of entertainment that I was not expecting.  A young lady named Beca (Anna Kendrick) has enrolled for her freshman collegiate year at Barden University.  There, Beca is something of an outcast, not immediately bonding with other students.

After some weeks, Beca finds herself joining the campus female choir.  After going through an audition process where each applicant had to sing Since You Been Gone, Beca is now a part of The Barden University Bellas.  She is successful with being placed into the soprano section, and she is shocked to recognize that the competition for entering the choir is intense!  This is where Beca suddenly is interacting with a group of girls with whom she would not normally bond.

The choir females, lead by Chloe (Brittany Snow), are set on maintaining their singing group as it always has been.  The girls all have exceptional singing voices, but they remain under the direction of Chloe, who is convinced that she is the best singer at the campus!

As Beca gets into the group, her voice and presence bring an air of vibrancy.  Beca helps the choir by changing their song choices from standard and classic sheet music to contemporary melodies that attract audiences.  Despite initial anger and underhanded actions from Chloe, the choir manages to maintain unity, as they prepare for an upcoming regional competition!

The Bellas have to compete against their campus rivals, the all-male chorus called The Treblemakers!  Lead by Jesse (Skylar Astin), the male choir has an excellent sound.  Yet, they as well find themselves frustrated for campus harmony because of Chloe’s domineering demeanor!

The Bellas find harmony with one another as they bond with group member Amy (Rebel Wilson).  Somewhat overweight, she seemingly goes along with her given nickname of Fat Amy, as she displays a powerful singing voice, with a capacity for unifying the choir.  It is Amy that helps several of the other females to look past their differences, and their unjustly placed characteristics, to get them into a place of a single-intentioned singing group.

The male and female groups endsup headed for The 2012 Championship of Collegiate Acapella.  They travel to New York City, where the contest is held at Lincoln Center.  It winds up coming down to a sing-off between The Bellas and The Troublemakers.  The Bellas wind up performing a very entertaining song, dance, and rap combination that highlights some of the groups top singers, including Alice (Kether Donohue), Aubrey (Anna Camp), Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean), and Stacie (Alexis Knapp)!

An actually entertaining and intense performances from several choirs, The Bellas win the competition!  They are happily congratulated by The Troublemakers, with some eyes of romance seeming to show!  All proceeds happily…..

Pitch Perfect Poster

Next week has the anticipated features of Frankenweenie, Taken 2!  More of coming films to see during October include Alex Cross, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Here Comes the Boom, Middle of Nowhere, Paranormal Activity 4Seven Psychopaths, Sinister, and That’s What She Said.  The Fall is set for fresh films!!!

I was throwin’ down boogie on some Aaliyah

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Seeing Mars As It Was….

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I think that many astronomers and exogeologists have suspected that water once flowed freely on Mars.  Currently, it is on the planet in the form of ice, and mainly at the polar caps.  Yet, many theories have suggested that our solar system’s fourth world was very much akin to Earth.  It’s distance from The Sun, and it’s diminuitive size in comparison to our world did not allow Mars to maintain similar characteristics.

Many theories are expanding on the ideas that Mars maintained water at abundant levels.  It is believed that the planet had rivers and streams, lakes, and perhaps even oceans.  The so-called canals viewed on the planet once were riverbeds, grooves through which prehistoric traces of water flowed.  This could have allowed for at least the simplest forms of life, likely microbial, to have come into existence.  Of course, if that was the case, the mere suggestion of it would lead into ideas of how life could have escaped Mars, taking hold on other locations of our galaxy, perhaps even spreading to some forms that lived/live on Earth!

Some studies are suggesting that Mars apparently experienced some form of extreme climate change.  It’s location ultimately is not suitable to uphold a life-sustaining environment for extended lengths of time.  The planet does not get enough heat from The Sun, not allowing it ot maintain an atmosphere, weather, or any of the conditions needed to hold onto a setting for living creatures.  As well, Curiosity is not finding any actual evidence of life having existed on Mars, at least not for any significant lengths of time.

I guess that shoots down the suggestion of sentient Martians having existed during that planet’s past.  There was not enough time for that level of life to have developed, while Mars actually seemed to be dying prematurely.  Without an atmosphere and water having been present for extended amounts of time to support life, nothing could have evolved to points where it became intelligent enough to create technological societies.  No, there were no Martian space travelers!

That though is something of a sour note.  It suggests that a planet has to be situated in exactly the right location in order for life to evolve, and to continue.  It has to abide by the rules of The Goldilocks Zone, lest anything living there is not meant to survive for long.  With that in mind, it possibly makes the search for life in other places of the cosmos more difficult.  The precise locations have to be located as such, and any planets within those locations have to be situated within them exactly, so that any levels of life will be able to continue, to evolve.  Just late-night ranting before bed……

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/new-theory-questions-mars-watery-past…rover-curiosity-finds-ancient-stream-bed

animated mars



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X-Factor Is The Show to See!

September 27, 2012 at 7:18 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I am admittedly into these singing talent shows.  I have picked up onto The X Factor, finding that I am pleased with it’s presentation, while enjoying the judges.  I was glad to see Simon Cowell back with one of the talent shows, and pleased to see L.A. Reid working with the program!  As well, having actually talented singers like Britney Spears and Demi Lovato working as judges in a singing competition does make this show all the more valid!

This recent round of the auditions was interesting, at least!  There was the massacre of Hello, the classic song by Lionel Richie!  Two guys who attempted to present themselves as singers chose to do a duet version of that solo song.  Yet, as one guy, Adonis, fumbled through the actual lyrics, the other guy, John, was walking in circles on the stage, continously saying “uh-huh”!

A romantic couple went onto the stage, wanting to perform an original duet!  Yet, they had no actually appealing sound, which was picked upon by the judges.  Simon simply stated that they had a cabaret sound, which was nicer than what was being expected from him.  Afterward, the couple felt that they had performed well, and that the judges just were not ready for their performance!

An elderly Asian lady named Changyi Li made her way to the stage, and the sight of her invoked immediate hilarity!  She was dressed comically youthful, yet it did not at all distact from her elderly appearance.  Changyi went on, massacring the music of Celine Dion, as she sang My Heart Will Go On!  The judges all let her know that this was not the route for her, with Simon stating that Changyi was something reminiscent of The Exorcist!

There were some good contestants!  A young, teenaged heartthrob from California was a delight to all of the young girls in the crowd.  Austin Corini sang Wanted, by Hunter Hayes, and he was decent.  He even seemed to move Britney Spears to a moment of moisture, as she told Austin that he had an amazing voice!  Each judge gave Austin a yes vote!

Sophie Simmons, the nineteen year-old daughter of rock legend Gene Simmons, appeared for an audition.  She even had her dad, the lead singer of K.I.S.S., along with her, for support!  Sophie gave a tolerable performance of To Make You Feel My Love, by Adele.  It was good enough to get three yes votes, allowing her to make it into the next round!

Daryl Black, a dad with five children, managed to take time away from fatherhood duties for an audition.  He is already a musician, and his selection was Stereo Hearts, by Gym Class Heroes.  Mr. Black actually is a good singer, with Simon Cowell telling him that he was reminiscent of Nat King Cole!

There was sudden drama for the evening, as one contestant could not handle the pressure of the public spotlight.  Trevor Moran had gone onto the stage, singing Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen.  Trevor even had a pal who danced as he sang.  Yet, after his audition was finished, Trevor walked backstage and passed out!  An ambulance had to be called, taking him to the nearest hospital (he is alright, now…)!

More auditions will continue tonight!  It seems as though I will be hooked with The X Factor for this season, as well.  I truly enjoy music, and the competition always is fun to observe.  It is great to hear the contestants who truly have great voices, as they attempt to move toward positions that will help them achieve their dreams of becoming recognized musical artists.  As well, it is admittedly hilarious to watch some of these people who have to know that they can NOT sing, while they proceed with their efforts either to amuse the audience, or to follow through with delusions, and they have the misplaced mettle to make mangled musical sounds before an afraid audience!

More auditions will occur this evening!  I do believe that The X-Factor will be one of the top shows for the season.  It is admittedly entertaining, for those who enjoy observing the surrounding calamity, as well as for those who want to hear actual contestants trying to present true singing skills that could lead them to success in a musical career!  I will be watching the show!


The creation of Simon’s reaction

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Wowed About A Cheetah While Remembering It’s Place!

September 23, 2012 at 10:22 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Again, I will admit to being a true cat fanatic!  That does include cats of all types, kitty cats of all kinds, large and small, domestic and wild.  I was delighted by the recent CNN clip about a cheetah.

Tourists had taken a journey to Africa, going on a safari trip to Kenya.  They were riding in a jeep into the safari region of Masai Mara National Reserve, viewing the exotic animals and the fascinating scenery.  None of them was prepared for the suprise that sprung upon their vehicle while in the midst of the tour!

As the passengers were slowly riding through the safari region, listening to the statements being made by the guide, they received a sudden shock.  A cheetah lept onto the half-opened roof of the jeep, and it made itself comfortable!  Obviously, everyone inside of the jeep was stunned, if not altogether scared.

The safari guide instructed the passengers to remain quiet!  He did mention that the cheetah could attack if startled by noises and sudden movements.  If the cat was to attack any of the riders inside of the jeep they more than likely would not have lived to relay the story to curious listeners at future occasions!  Obviously, the tourists followed these directions, as they possibly were bewildered and/or frightened beyond any previous experiences.

The cheetah stayed atop the open-roof jeep for roughly forty-five minutes!  It is difficult to imagine these people sitting inside of a nearly-closed space for this extended length of time, without making any movements or noises.  It is difficult to believe that at least one of them did not pee on himself, or herself!  Maybe they did!

The cheetah is one of the most endangered species of animal on the planet.  Of course, human beings are the prime cause for this situation.  There have been significant efforts to protect this animal from human interference, yet we remain responsible for the majority cause of the cheetah’s elimination from Planet Earth.  As this cat’s species population has fallen significantly within this past half-century, positive estimates indicate that up to 12,000 cheetahs, at most, remain within wilderness areas of the entire planet!

The cheetah is indigenous to the African continent.  It is highlighted regularly because of it’s status as the world’s fastest land mammal.  These feline fellows of fleetness are able to achieve speeds up to seventy miles per hour when running within open land.  A cheetah can only maintain it’s greatest speed for a distance of no more than three hundred yards, yet this is more than enough speed to catch it’s prey within free fields.  Their main hunt is the Thompson’s gazelle, a fleet-footed animal itself, which is capable of racing away at speeds up to sixty-five miles per hour!

As a true cat lover, I have a deep emotional sentiment for the cheetah.  It is upsetting to realize that this animal is so close to becoming extinct, and that humanity is the ultimate reason for this shockingly shameful situation.  Currently, there are efforts being made to protect the cheetah, hopefully working toward actually preventing the species from being eliminated for all time.  Organizations that include The A.S.P.C.A., Big Cats Wildlife Conervation Society, Cheetah Conservation Fund, The Dewildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre, The Endangered Species Coalition, and Panthera are some of the groups that are dedicating time, people, and funds toward work that is meant to save the cheetah from ultimate global eradication.  All cat lovers, all animal lovers, and all people who respect life are urged to visit these sites for the protection of cheetahs, as well as all other endangered animals!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…to_protect_the_cheetahs_from_extinction

cheetah animated gifs

Check out this bootleg compilation video of various artists singing Patti LaBelle’s classic If Only You Knew!

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Actual English Cat Burglar Gets the Goods!

September 20, 2012 at 9:57 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, pet play, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I have been a feline guardian for many years of my life, so it really is not so weird when I get wind of cats in conjunction with conniving carryings-on.  Yet, it is always interesting, and admittedly amusing, when I learn of events that make the news, depicting cats in ways that are comical, perhaps unusual.  This does include the actions of any of them participating in activities that might be underhanded on human terms, but actually hilarious when it comes to a cat!

One web-news posting told about recent adventures of a cat out of The United Kingdom.  English eyes have been on Denis, a Tuxedo cat living in Luton, England.  Denis has captured recent attention due to his current movements and manipulations.  It seems that Denis has rejected the normal life of a calm and cool house kitty, opting to take up a life of crime!

Now, we cat lovers recognize that participating in criminal actions merely are parts of what it is to be a cat.  I do not recall having a cat that has not been involved in some manner of mischief, underhanded movement, at one point or another.  Seeing what Denis is doing really is not surprising, yet it is funny because of the comedic consistency of this real-life cat burglar!

Denis, merely two years old, is allowed out of his home by his guardian.  Due to this, the cat has free roam to wherever his clawed paws lead him.  Apparently, this includes the general vicinity of the Luton neighborhoods that surround his home, and into the homes of his neighbors.  It is in these homes to which Denis has entered, then has made off with several items that do not belong to him, or to his guardian, Lesley Newman!

Denis has misappropriated all manners of merchandise!  He has gotten hold of clothing, dolls, shirts, and socks.  Miss Newman has said that, within this past week, Denis has come home with a face towel, a glove, and a motorcycle helmet bag.  You would think that the cat goes someplace in their home to make a list of the things that he means to jack while he is out on his neighborhood prowls!

Lesley Newman has said that some of her neighbors have come by her home to find out whether or not Denis has any of their things.  Whatever she has in her home that might belong to someone looking for the item, Newman does return.  She does state that Denis has stolen clothing, including a Fred Perry polo, some pants, and mens’ underwear.  Yet, the drawers are boxers, never briefs!  Crime does pay?  What’s the deal, Denis?

I would think that Newman needs to get some items that her Denis would like for play, and she needs to have them at her house.  That might keep her kitty inside more often, while less apt to purloin the possessions of unsuspecting neighbors.  Yet, a cat will be a cat, and we know that you never really can keep it from doing what it wants to do…. including highjacking highjinx!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…denis-the-…a-real-life-cat-burglar

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X-Factor Fumes Forward For Season Start!

September 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Being a fan of these televised singing contests, I have become a fan of The X-Factor.  I am watching it, lured by the entertaining snipes that Simon Cowell is known for delivering, as well as the interesting presentations that the singers bring to the stage.  As usual, there are good singers, and there are bad singers!

This week, the show will be televised tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow.  This second round of auditions is in San Francisco, with some worthy singers, and some washed-up suckers!  It is always amazing when the ones who know that they can not sing will always get onto the stage, tormenting the judges and the crowd with the sounds of their voices!  Ugh!

Tonight, the show began with Britney Spears serenading L.A. Reid for his birthday!  The pop princess sang, while bringing forth a candle-lit cake to the superstar producer.  It was sweet, as everyone was wishing Reid a Happy Birthday, before anticipating the contestants.

These auditions actually kept the attention!  I have to think that one of tonight’s standout singers was Panda Ross!  A middle-aged lady got onto the stage, showing that she was overly excited about being there.  She had everyone wondering what sound she would present, as many of this evening’s competitors had no singing voices.  Yet, Panda pleased!

Her song choice was Bring It On Home to Me, by Sam Cooke!  Indeed, Panda brought it home, giving the crowd a taste of her soulful sound that definitely is worthy of further time in this competition.  Yet, it is unfortunate, as it seems that the excitement of the evening got the best of Panda.  Shortly after her audition, she passed out, having to be rushed to a local hospital!

A young girl named Diamond White walked onto the stage, immediately capturing the audience with her youthful charm and enthusiasm.  She was nervous, yet that did not hold her back from setting the stage off!  Diamond sang the classic James Brown song, It’s A Man’s World.  Her audition showed everyone that it is her world, at least for this evening!  That Diamond shined!

One contestant named Dino Alan sang Trouble in Mind, by Sam Cooke!  He was a tad thugged-out, and heavily tatted.  Yet, it was no trouble to listen to the sound of his alluring voice!  As he kinda had that roughneck-thang going on, it was something of a plus to his cause.  Plus, his powerful and soulful voice caught the attention of all of the judges, with all of them giving him a yes vote!

There was a horror moment, as one contestant got onto the stage, and he was out of control!  A young guy named DeAngelo Wallace appeared on the stage, attempting to sing a Chris Brown song.  Already a bad choice, Wallace made it worse by allowing everyone to hear that he has NO singing voice!

The judges walked out on him!  Then, Wallace snatched the microphone, continuing to sing!  Despite efforts to get Wallace to stop, he continued.  The X-Factor staff wound up calling the cops, and he ran around the auditorium, singing, with the officers in chase.  Wallace still was singing as the cops lead him out, handcuffed!

A group called Citizen sang one of my favorite high school/college years songs!  They sang Don’t Let Go, by En Vogue, and they sounded pretty good!  All of the judges concurred with that sentiment, except for Simon.

Of course, there were other good singers, as well as several that were NOT good!  This week’s results will air tomorrow evening.  That is how this season’s X-Factor will be presented, with the performances occurring Wednesday nights, and the outcomes being delivered Thursday evenings!



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Life Could Exist Within Star Clusters?

September 16, 2012 at 12:15 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

Planets have been located in some unusual locations, as observed by astronomers.  Yet, this is the first recorded time that extrasolar worlds have been viewed, situated in collective groupings of stars.  Sometimes stars are situated within groups called star clusters.  There actually are two types of star clusters.  These stars are situated within the center regions of galaxies.

Globular clusters have thousands to millions of stars that are locked onto one another by the forces of gravity.  They can contain anywhere from thousands of stars to millions of stars.  Open clusters are believed to be the main locations of stellar formation, and they orbit galaxies at outer locations, or within outer regions of the arms of spiral galaxies.

Astronomers working with Georgia State University have been studying stars that are situated within globular clusters.  There has been speculation that stars within particular types of globular clusters that are called open clusters will have planets orbiting them.  Teams at G.S.U. have worked with The Fred Lawrence Observatory of The Smithsonian Astrphysical Observatory, searching to identify any planets that possibly may be in orbit of globular cluster stars.

This particular study is supporting an expanding theory about globular cluster stars.  These types of stars are believed to have elevated amounts of metals within them.  These metallic elements are necessary for a star’s capacity to support orbiting planets.  Further uses of any metals within these stars could be important for sustaining planets that could harbor life.

Specifically, stars within Messier 44, The Beehive Cluster,  contain metallic levels that are greater than those within The Sun.  Such extreme presences of metals would allow terrestrial worlds to form, closer to their host stars, and with the elements likely needed to support what we recognize as life.  Current studies of stars with higher than average metals are suspected to be capable of hosting entire planetary systems, some of which should contain terrestrial worlds.

The Beehive Cluster in particular is standing out right now because it has been found to contain to worlds similar to Jupiter.  These gas giants, both hot Jupiters, were seemingly strange, at first.  It was th0ught that worlds would not be able to form in locations that contained excessive amounts of stars.  Yet, the gas giants within M44 are thought to have formed at distant locations form their star, then they migrated inward.  This does not seem to allow for the existence of Earth-like worlds within M44.

The search continues!  We likely do not know that terrestrial worlds can not exist within orbits beyond, behind, those of gas giant worlds.  There possibly could be Earth-like planets situated behind the orbits of the gas giants, located within star clusters.  Such an identification could change the way that views of extrasolar planets happen, and the methods that are used to seek extrasolar planets that could be akin to our Earth!

Messier 44

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/hot-jupiter-cluster-of-stars-091512…planets-sun-like-stars-cluster.html


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Feeling X Tonight!

September 13, 2012 at 9:39 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I am admittedly into these singing competitions, as I do love music, and I enjoy hearing melodic vocal sounds.  I got addicted to American Idol when it began, so now I am hooked onto The X Factor!  Tonight’s episode showed the second round of the season’s introductory contestants, with some of whom were worthwhile singers, and others whom wasted the time of the judges and the viewers!

I did not catch the name of the first contestant, yet he was bold enough to give an original presentation to the judges!  His song was his own, which he entitled “All The People”!  It was a singing/rapping combination, and damn it, it was good! He got yes votes from Britney, Demi, L.A., and Simon!

The second contestant started her performance, and it was not good!  She had a pleasing attitude, and she really seemed to want to be in the competition.  Yet, her voice quality did not equate with that of her enthusiasm!

The judges ALL gave her NO votes!  L.A. – NO!  Britney – NO!  Demi – NO!  Simon likely found her to be cute, telling her that she had a pleasant attitude, and that she needed a second chance.  However, his momentary zeal for the young lady with no actually appealing sound did not match the instant rejections from the other judges!  NO!

The next two contestants received rejections, also!  First, a young man named Dylan appeared onto the stage.  His song was not memorable, which was reflected in the judges conclusions.  He got an ultimate no!  Then, a young man with rock-solid abs got onto the stage, hoping that his looks would give him some level of advantage in the competition.  Yet, his looks and his sound did not compare.  He received a conclusion of no, with L.A. commenting that “all the good-looking people can’t sing”!

The judges admitted that at this point, they were not pleased with The Bay Area talent!  This was followed by the introduction of a Bay Area queen who entered at a time when the judges nearly did not seem ready for him.  Yet, they were lucky to let the scenario play out!

Jason Brock got onto the stage, singing New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel!  Drawers and panties were in total states of shock after hearing that Jason could sing! Looking past all possible attitudes of prejudice and presumptiveness, Brock lit up the auditorium with a powerful sound!

Each judge was startled and surprised by Jason’s amazing voice!  Simon commented first, saying that he loved Jason’s performance.  Britney told Jason that he is amazing, and that she was thoroughly entertained!  L.A. was shocked, telling the contestant that he was flawless and unbelievable!  Demi let Jason know that he sparkled, and that there was joy in his singing!

The next contestant seemed to be some manner of Britney Spears stalker!  Patrick Ford from New Hampshire claimed that meeting the pop star was like meeting God!  He got onto the stage, daring to perform, rediculously performing Britney’s song Circus in front of her!

It is not that he sang that song for the competition while in front of the song’s original singer.  It is that he sang the song, and he SUCKED!  Patrick Ford got onto the stage, and he massacred Circus as Britney was forced to listen!  She, along with the other judges, gave Patrick an immediate and ultimate NO vote!  Patrick continued with his creepiness, showing that he had flowers for Britney.  Simon was protective enough to take them from him, and to give them to Britney himself!

A thirteen-year-old girl entered the stage, preparing to perform a 1960’s classic song.  Young Carly Rose came with Feeling Good, by Nina Simone.  To the surprise of almost all listening, she rocked the house!

Carly’s voice was powerful, and it was beyond her years!  She may have begun somewhat slowly, yet she brought the ammo by the end of the song.  All of the judges stood to clap for Carly!  Britney told her that she is an unbelievable little diva, and L.A. mentioned that Carly has an old soul!  Simon could not believe that it was Carly singing the song, telling her that she is the next star!  Demi told Carly that she wants to buy her music now!

The X-Factor will return next week!  As I understand it, the show will air Wednesday nights and Thursday nights!  It will be entertaining to see the singing talent or the lack thereof, while hearing the enjoyable, yet possibly sniping commentary from the judges.  X will mark the television’s spot!

SEE THESE SITES!!!,0,4863748.story–finance.html

headbanger music gif

…we were jammin’!

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A Violent, Historic Flashback on Film!

September 11, 2012 at 12:07 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, movie reviews, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

We wound up watching what turned into a very interesting film this evening!  I had heard a little about Lawless, seeing trailers, and reading online entries.  However, actually seeing the movie did make for an exciting experience!

The story takes place within The United States, during the era of Prohibition.  Three Virginia brothers, Forrest (Tom Hardy), Howard (Jason Clarke), and Jack (Shia La Beouf) are liquor bootleggers.  They steal the alcohol, and they sell it through the cover of a club that is run by Forrest, and a friend named Cricket(Dane De Hann).

It is at this club/bar where Jack sees another illegal liquor distributor being shot to death.  Local gang leader Floyd Banner (Gary Oldman) commits the murder.  Special Agent Rakes (Guy Pearce) investigates the crime, and he wants in on some of the money that the bootleggers are collecting in order to keep quiet.  Banner does not comply, then he meets with other bootleggers to tell them about Banner’s actions, and to create a stand against the agent.

Jack gets involved with the daughter of a local priest, Bertha (Mia Wasikowska).  It is one afternoon that Jack goes to the priest’s church, while he is drunk, and his actions are unruly!  The priest forbids Bertha from seeing Jack, yet she is excited by him even more.

It is later that Cricket’s home is broken into by Special Agent Rakes.  The law officer is searching for the hidden liquor and supplies that are there.  Jack shows up, and he attempts to stop Rakes.  A fight ensues, and Rakes brutally beats Cricket!

Cricket collects himself, getting assistance and guidance from Forrest.  His older brother shows him how to fight, then Forrest plans to go to Chicago for more hidden liquor trading with Howard.  Forrest meets Cricket, Howard, and Howard’s girlfriend Maggie (Jessica Chastain) at a bar for drinks before their trip.  However, the drinking leads to a hostile encounter with men who they were supposed to meet for hidden liquor trading.  A fight ensues, leading to Forrest’s throat being cut, and Maggie being raped!

It is at the hospital where Forrest is recovering where Jack talks with his older brother.  Jack feels responsible for what happened to Forrest, and that it is his duty to take over the lead of the liquor trading.  He goes to Chicago to make underground sales, yet he is tricked by the men with whom he means to trade the liquor!  Lead gangster Floyd Banner is there, and he stops the intended heist.  He gives Jack information on the men that harmed Forrest, leading Jack to give the details to his brothers, who then find and kill the attackers!

Jack is courting Bertha one afternoon, taking her to see the hidden liqour production center with brother Howard.  However, as Jack is about to go home, Howard finds Special Agent Rakes is there with other agents, intending to catch him, while searching for hidden liquor.  A fight breaks out, with Jack nearly killing the agents!  He, Bertha, and Howard have to escape because Howard has severly injured Rakes.

As they are meaning to connect with Jack to escape together, Jack tries showing Bertha the center where they get the illegal liquor.  However, Rakes and his agents have followed them.  Rakes got hold of Cricket, breaking his neck!

Jack means to avenge his brother’s murder.  He finds Agent Rakes and other agents at a roadblock they had constructed to stop illegal alcohol passages.  Howard has gotten with locals who want to help, and they meet Jack at the roadblock.  As they all have connected, they proceed to find Rakes and the agents.

The bootlegging brothers do find the agents, and a rough fight breaks out.  Special Agent Rakes shoots Forrest, but he is shot in a leg, himself.  As Rakes tries to get away, Jack follows him, shooting him in his chest.  Howard catches up with them also, as he stabs Rakes in the chest, ultimately killing the agent!

Time passes as Forrest, Howard, and Jack have recovered.  They have amassed a great deal of undercover loot, so they remain hidden until the end of Prohibition.  Forrest and Jack marry their girlfriends, Bertha and Maggie respectively, with Howard meeting and marrying a girl from town.  As many years pass, Forrest winds up falling into a frozen lake, catching pnuemonia, and dying from it!

Lawless Poster

This week alone has at least ten new movies premiering!  Not all of them will be seen this week, or even this month!  Yet, there are standout features that deserve prompt attention.  Immediately upcoming films on the need-to-view list include Arbitrage, The Master, and Stolen.  Other upcoming highlights are Dredd, End of Watch, Hollow, Hotel Transylvania, House at the End of the StreetLooper, Trouble With the Curve, and Won’t Back Down!

An 80’s flashback!!!



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