Eddie Murphy is Still With Us!

September 5, 2012 at 8:41 PM (curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I do not recall thinking of Eddie Murphy as dead, and I do not recall hearing any large buzz about that idea.  I first assumed that by dead, they were implying that Murphy has been inactive for so long that he is not within the general sentiment of the public mindset.  Then, I read about the false rumor that he was killed on a vacation trip. Yet, I did not think that he had reached a point where he was being thought of as an outdated actor, with clips of his death posted as backpage memos!

Everyone knows that Eddie Murphy is a highly popular and talented actor.  Along with acting, he has contributed multiple distributions of his skills into areas that include film directing, singing, and writing.  He has graced the public world with his abilities in acting and stand-up comedy along with talents that include Dan Aykroyd, Cameron Diaz, Arsenio Hall, Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Mike Myers, Robin Williams …. the list goes on!

Some latest online buzz has been spreading that Eddie Murphy is dead!  First of all, that is NOT true, as no legitimate postings and reports have been made to confirm that horrible thought.  Surely, news and afternoon television shows would have been interrupted, or would have had end-program clips, to make such an announcement.

From what I have read, sites had posted so-called reports about Murphy having been killed while on a Swiss vacation.  He was at some resort in The Alps, when he allegedly fell from a high-crossing ski lift, and he died when his body impacted the rocky terrain below.  I wonder if he has heard about this story, and if he would like to make an appearance to perform a comedic pun of this rediculous rumor!

One of the latest, and more legitimate stories about Eddie Murphy is that he might be working on a television broadcast.  Some online postings have given slight details about Murphy being involved with a possibly upcoming television reboot of Beverly Hills Cop!  This announcement came with the talk of his rumored work on making a fourth film to that popular movie trilogy.  Yet, online postings state that Murphy possibly will not be working with Sony Pictures on the production of a fourth installment to that film series, but there might be a CBS television series!

When I learn more about it, if indeed there will be more, I surely will post the details!  Eddie Murphy has been one of my favorite actors, with his movies being highly comical, in addition to being enlightening, emotional, and enthusing.  I believe that his most recent works include Shrek Forever After, A Thousand Words, and Tower Heist.  I did see the last Shrek film, being very entertained by his vocal performance as Donkey!

Right now, I am thinking of him in Norbit, and in Vampire in Brooklyn!  I would not mind seeing either of those films at some time soon!  I was remembering Boomerang, too!  That took me back, remembering some of how things were going at that time.  That was the early 90’s; Clinton start-up years?

English: Eddie Murphy at Tribeca Film Festival...








 Donkey graphics              Donkey graphics

All of Eddie’s music is NOT for everyone,

but I recall groovin’ to this tune!


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