A Violent, Historic Flashback on Film!

September 11, 2012 at 12:07 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, movie reviews, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

We wound up watching what turned into a very interesting film this evening!  I had heard a little about Lawless, seeing trailers, and reading online entries.  However, actually seeing the movie did make for an exciting experience!

The story takes place within The United States, during the era of Prohibition.  Three Virginia brothers, Forrest (Tom Hardy), Howard (Jason Clarke), and Jack (Shia La Beouf) are liquor bootleggers.  They steal the alcohol, and they sell it through the cover of a club that is run by Forrest, and a friend named Cricket(Dane De Hann).

It is at this club/bar where Jack sees another illegal liquor distributor being shot to death.  Local gang leader Floyd Banner (Gary Oldman) commits the murder.  Special Agent Rakes (Guy Pearce) investigates the crime, and he wants in on some of the money that the bootleggers are collecting in order to keep quiet.  Banner does not comply, then he meets with other bootleggers to tell them about Banner’s actions, and to create a stand against the agent.

Jack gets involved with the daughter of a local priest, Bertha (Mia Wasikowska).  It is one afternoon that Jack goes to the priest’s church, while he is drunk, and his actions are unruly!  The priest forbids Bertha from seeing Jack, yet she is excited by him even more.

It is later that Cricket’s home is broken into by Special Agent Rakes.  The law officer is searching for the hidden liquor and supplies that are there.  Jack shows up, and he attempts to stop Rakes.  A fight ensues, and Rakes brutally beats Cricket!

Cricket collects himself, getting assistance and guidance from Forrest.  His older brother shows him how to fight, then Forrest plans to go to Chicago for more hidden liquor trading with Howard.  Forrest meets Cricket, Howard, and Howard’s girlfriend Maggie (Jessica Chastain) at a bar for drinks before their trip.  However, the drinking leads to a hostile encounter with men who they were supposed to meet for hidden liquor trading.  A fight ensues, leading to Forrest’s throat being cut, and Maggie being raped!

It is at the hospital where Forrest is recovering where Jack talks with his older brother.  Jack feels responsible for what happened to Forrest, and that it is his duty to take over the lead of the liquor trading.  He goes to Chicago to make underground sales, yet he is tricked by the men with whom he means to trade the liquor!  Lead gangster Floyd Banner is there, and he stops the intended heist.  He gives Jack information on the men that harmed Forrest, leading Jack to give the details to his brothers, who then find and kill the attackers!

Jack is courting Bertha one afternoon, taking her to see the hidden liqour production center with brother Howard.  However, as Jack is about to go home, Howard finds Special Agent Rakes is there with other agents, intending to catch him, while searching for hidden liquor.  A fight breaks out, with Jack nearly killing the agents!  He, Bertha, and Howard have to escape because Howard has severly injured Rakes.

As they are meaning to connect with Jack to escape together, Jack tries showing Bertha the center where they get the illegal liquor.  However, Rakes and his agents have followed them.  Rakes got hold of Cricket, breaking his neck!

Jack means to avenge his brother’s murder.  He finds Agent Rakes and other agents at a roadblock they had constructed to stop illegal alcohol passages.  Howard has gotten with locals who want to help, and they meet Jack at the roadblock.  As they all have connected, they proceed to find Rakes and the agents.

The bootlegging brothers do find the agents, and a rough fight breaks out.  Special Agent Rakes shoots Forrest, but he is shot in a leg, himself.  As Rakes tries to get away, Jack follows him, shooting him in his chest.  Howard catches up with them also, as he stabs Rakes in the chest, ultimately killing the agent!

Time passes as Forrest, Howard, and Jack have recovered.  They have amassed a great deal of undercover loot, so they remain hidden until the end of Prohibition.  Forrest and Jack marry their girlfriends, Bertha and Maggie respectively, with Howard meeting and marrying a girl from town.  As many years pass, Forrest winds up falling into a frozen lake, catching pnuemonia, and dying from it!

Lawless Poster

This week alone has at least ten new movies premiering!  Not all of them will be seen this week, or even this month!  Yet, there are standout features that deserve prompt attention.  Immediately upcoming films on the need-to-view list include Arbitrage, The Master, and Stolen.  Other upcoming highlights are Dredd, End of Watch, Hollow, Hotel Transylvania, House at the End of the StreetLooper, Trouble With the Curve, and Won’t Back Down!

An 80’s flashback!!!




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