Feeling X Tonight!

September 13, 2012 at 9:39 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I am admittedly into these singing competitions, as I do love music, and I enjoy hearing melodic vocal sounds.  I got addicted to American Idol when it began, so now I am hooked onto The X Factor!  Tonight’s episode showed the second round of the season’s introductory contestants, with some of whom were worthwhile singers, and others whom wasted the time of the judges and the viewers!

I did not catch the name of the first contestant, yet he was bold enough to give an original presentation to the judges!  His song was his own, which he entitled “All The People”!  It was a singing/rapping combination, and damn it, it was good! He got yes votes from Britney, Demi, L.A., and Simon!

The second contestant started her performance, and it was not good!  She had a pleasing attitude, and she really seemed to want to be in the competition.  Yet, her voice quality did not equate with that of her enthusiasm!

The judges ALL gave her NO votes!  L.A. – NO!  Britney – NO!  Demi – NO!  Simon likely found her to be cute, telling her that she had a pleasant attitude, and that she needed a second chance.  However, his momentary zeal for the young lady with no actually appealing sound did not match the instant rejections from the other judges!  NO!

The next two contestants received rejections, also!  First, a young man named Dylan appeared onto the stage.  His song was not memorable, which was reflected in the judges conclusions.  He got an ultimate no!  Then, a young man with rock-solid abs got onto the stage, hoping that his looks would give him some level of advantage in the competition.  Yet, his looks and his sound did not compare.  He received a conclusion of no, with L.A. commenting that “all the good-looking people can’t sing”!

The judges admitted that at this point, they were not pleased with The Bay Area talent!  This was followed by the introduction of a Bay Area queen who entered at a time when the judges nearly did not seem ready for him.  Yet, they were lucky to let the scenario play out!

Jason Brock got onto the stage, singing New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel!  Drawers and panties were in total states of shock after hearing that Jason could sing! Looking past all possible attitudes of prejudice and presumptiveness, Brock lit up the auditorium with a powerful sound!

Each judge was startled and surprised by Jason’s amazing voice!  Simon commented first, saying that he loved Jason’s performance.  Britney told Jason that he is amazing, and that she was thoroughly entertained!  L.A. was shocked, telling the contestant that he was flawless and unbelievable!  Demi let Jason know that he sparkled, and that there was joy in his singing!

The next contestant seemed to be some manner of Britney Spears stalker!  Patrick Ford from New Hampshire claimed that meeting the pop star was like meeting God!  He got onto the stage, daring to perform, rediculously performing Britney’s song Circus in front of her!


It is not that he sang that song for the competition while in front of the song’s original singer.  It is that he sang the song, and he SUCKED!  Patrick Ford got onto the stage, and he massacred Circus as Britney was forced to listen!  She, along with the other judges, gave Patrick an immediate and ultimate NO vote!  Patrick continued with his creepiness, showing that he had flowers for Britney.  Simon was protective enough to take them from him, and to give them to Britney himself!

A thirteen-year-old girl entered the stage, preparing to perform a 1960’s classic song.  Young Carly Rose came with Feeling Good, by Nina Simone.  To the surprise of almost all listening, she rocked the house!

Carly’s voice was powerful, and it was beyond her years!  She may have begun somewhat slowly, yet she brought the ammo by the end of the song.  All of the judges stood to clap for Carly!  Britney told her that she is an unbelievable little diva, and L.A. mentioned that Carly has an old soul!  Simon could not believe that it was Carly singing the song, telling her that she is the next star!  Demi told Carly that she wants to buy her music now!

The X-Factor will return next week!  As I understand it, the show will air Wednesday nights and Thursday nights!  It will be entertaining to see the singing talent or the lack thereof, while hearing the enjoyable, yet possibly sniping commentary from the judges.  X will mark the television’s spot!










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…we were jammin’!


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