X-Factor Fumes Forward For Season Start!

September 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Being a fan of these televised singing contests, I have become a fan of The X-Factor.  I am watching it, lured by the entertaining snipes that Simon Cowell is known for delivering, as well as the interesting presentations that the singers bring to the stage.  As usual, there are good singers, and there are bad singers!

This week, the show will be televised tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow.  This second round of auditions is in San Francisco, with some worthy singers, and some washed-up suckers!  It is always amazing when the ones who know that they can not sing will always get onto the stage, tormenting the judges and the crowd with the sounds of their voices!  Ugh!

Tonight, the show began with Britney Spears serenading L.A. Reid for his birthday!  The pop princess sang, while bringing forth a candle-lit cake to the superstar producer.  It was sweet, as everyone was wishing Reid a Happy Birthday, before anticipating the contestants.

These auditions actually kept the attention!  I have to think that one of tonight’s standout singers was Panda Ross!  A middle-aged lady got onto the stage, showing that she was overly excited about being there.  She had everyone wondering what sound she would present, as many of this evening’s competitors had no singing voices.  Yet, Panda pleased!

Her song choice was Bring It On Home to Me, by Sam Cooke!  Indeed, Panda brought it home, giving the crowd a taste of her soulful sound that definitely is worthy of further time in this competition.  Yet, it is unfortunate, as it seems that the excitement of the evening got the best of Panda.  Shortly after her audition, she passed out, having to be rushed to a local hospital!


A young girl named Diamond White walked onto the stage, immediately capturing the audience with her youthful charm and enthusiasm.  She was nervous, yet that did not hold her back from setting the stage off!  Diamond sang the classic James Brown song, It’s A Man’s World.  Her audition showed everyone that it is her world, at least for this evening!  That Diamond shined!

One contestant named Dino Alan sang Trouble in Mind, by Sam Cooke!  He was a tad thugged-out, and heavily tatted.  Yet, it was no trouble to listen to the sound of his alluring voice!  As he kinda had that roughneck-thang going on, it was something of a plus to his cause.  Plus, his powerful and soulful voice caught the attention of all of the judges, with all of them giving him a yes vote!


There was a horror moment, as one contestant got onto the stage, and he was out of control!  A young guy named DeAngelo Wallace appeared on the stage, attempting to sing a Chris Brown song.  Already a bad choice, Wallace made it worse by allowing everyone to hear that he has NO singing voice!

The judges walked out on him!  Then, Wallace snatched the microphone, continuing to sing!  Despite efforts to get Wallace to stop, he continued.  The X-Factor staff wound up calling the cops, and he ran around the auditorium, singing, with the officers in chase.  Wallace still was singing as the cops lead him out, handcuffed!

A group called Citizen sang one of my favorite high school/college years songs!  They sang Don’t Let Go, by En Vogue, and they sounded pretty good!  All of the judges concurred with that sentiment, except for Simon.

Of course, there were other good singers, as well as several that were NOT good!  This week’s results will air tomorrow evening.  That is how this season’s X-Factor will be presented, with the performances occurring Wednesday nights, and the outcomes being delivered Thursday evenings!









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