Actual English Cat Burglar Gets the Goods!

September 20, 2012 at 9:57 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, pet play, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I have been a feline guardian for many years of my life, so it really is not so weird when I get wind of cats in conjunction with conniving carryings-on.  Yet, it is always interesting, and admittedly amusing, when I learn of events that make the news, depicting cats in ways that are comical, perhaps unusual.  This does include the actions of any of them participating in activities that might be underhanded on human terms, but actually hilarious when it comes to a cat!

One web-news posting told about recent adventures of a cat out of The United Kingdom.  English eyes have been on Denis, a Tuxedo cat living in Luton, England.  Denis has captured recent attention due to his current movements and manipulations.  It seems that Denis has rejected the normal life of a calm and cool house kitty, opting to take up a life of crime!

Now, we cat lovers recognize that participating in criminal actions merely are parts of what it is to be a cat.  I do not recall having a cat that has not been involved in some manner of mischief, underhanded movement, at one point or another.  Seeing what Denis is doing really is not surprising, yet it is funny because of the comedic consistency of this real-life cat burglar!

Denis, merely two years old, is allowed out of his home by his guardian.  Due to this, the cat has free roam to wherever his clawed paws lead him.  Apparently, this includes the general vicinity of the Luton neighborhoods that surround his home, and into the homes of his neighbors.  It is in these homes to which Denis has entered, then has made off with several items that do not belong to him, or to his guardian, Lesley Newman!

Denis has misappropriated all manners of merchandise!  He has gotten hold of clothing, dolls, shirts, and socks.  Miss Newman has said that, within this past week, Denis has come home with a face towel, a glove, and a motorcycle helmet bag.  You would think that the cat goes someplace in their home to make a list of the things that he means to jack while he is out on his neighborhood prowls!

Lesley Newman has said that some of her neighbors have come by her home to find out whether or not Denis has any of their things.  Whatever she has in her home that might belong to someone looking for the item, Newman does return.  She does state that Denis has stolen clothing, including a Fred Perry polo, some pants, and mens’ underwear.  Yet, the drawers are boxers, never briefs!  Crime does pay?  What’s the deal, Denis?

I would think that Newman needs to get some items that her Denis would like for play, and she needs to have them at her house.  That might keep her kitty inside more often, while less apt to purloin the possessions of unsuspecting neighbors.  Yet, a cat will be a cat, and we know that you never really can keep it from doing what it wants to do…. including highjacking highjinx!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…denis-the-…a-real-life-cat-burglar

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