Seeing Mars As It Was….

September 27, 2012 at 7:31 PM (Uncategorized)

I think that many astronomers and exogeologists have suspected that water once flowed freely on Mars.  Currently, it is on the planet in the form of ice, and mainly at the polar caps.  Yet, many theories have suggested that our solar system’s fourth world was very much akin to Earth.  It’s distance from The Sun, and it’s diminuitive size in comparison to our world did not allow Mars to maintain similar characteristics.

Many theories are expanding on the ideas that Mars maintained water at abundant levels.  It is believed that the planet had rivers and streams, lakes, and perhaps even oceans.  The so-called canals viewed on the planet once were riverbeds, grooves through which prehistoric traces of water flowed.  This could have allowed for at least the simplest forms of life, likely microbial, to have come into existence.  Of course, if that was the case, the mere suggestion of it would lead into ideas of how life could have escaped Mars, taking hold on other locations of our galaxy, perhaps even spreading to some forms that lived/live on Earth!

Some studies are suggesting that Mars apparently experienced some form of extreme climate change.  It’s location ultimately is not suitable to uphold a life-sustaining environment for extended lengths of time.  The planet does not get enough heat from The Sun, not allowing it ot maintain an atmosphere, weather, or any of the conditions needed to hold onto a setting for living creatures.  As well, Curiosity is not finding any actual evidence of life having existed on Mars, at least not for any significant lengths of time.

I guess that shoots down the suggestion of sentient Martians having existed during that planet’s past.  There was not enough time for that level of life to have developed, while Mars actually seemed to be dying prematurely.  Without an atmosphere and water having been present for extended amounts of time to support life, nothing could have evolved to points where it became intelligent enough to create technological societies.  No, there were no Martian space travelers!

That though is something of a sour note.  It suggests that a planet has to be situated in exactly the right location in order for life to evolve, and to continue.  It has to abide by the rules of The Goldilocks Zone, lest anything living there is not meant to survive for long.  With that in mind, it possibly makes the search for life in other places of the cosmos more difficult.  The precise locations have to be located as such, and any planets within those locations have to be situated within them exactly, so that any levels of life will be able to continue, to evolve.  Just late-night ranting before bed……

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/new-theory-questions-mars-watery-past…rover-curiosity-finds-ancient-stream-bed

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