Sci-Fi and Singing Set the Stage and Scene!

September 29, 2012 at 2:10 AM (Uncategorized)

Oh, the movies were great tonight!  I had been watching some of the trailers for both of the films that I viewed this evening, which had be excited about seeing each film.  I will admit to being pleasantly pleased with what I saw!

Entering film one, we sat down to enjoy Looper!  It begins in the year 2044, with a man being killed in a grassy field.  The man is a Looper, an assassin from the future who was sent back to take out people on a selected list.  The world at this future time is filled with crime and poverty.  This Looper is Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who is working with partner agent Seth (Paul Dano).

Joe has a lead on a target who is meant to be captured.  He coordinates with other Loopers who are monitoring a target, seeing that it involves Loopers being killed who no longer were members of the team.  Such actions result in the Loopers being paid with bars of silver.

A Looper named Seth (Paul Dano) gets to young Joe’s apartment.  Seth means to hide because the agency will be after him due to his not having fulfilled his task.  Yet, Joe can not help him, as Loopers arrive to take Seth to his fate!  The lead Looper on the task is Abe (Jeff Daniels), also called The Rainmaker.  Abe tells Joe that he must turn Seth over to them, lest he surrender half of his earnings from his work!

Joe has a great deal of silver profit from his assignments.  He finds himself after a new target, yet something is strange about this person.  Joe tries to shoot this man, but he misses.  Moments later, the man slugs Joe in the head, knocking him out!

Joe awakens that night, getting back to his apartment, and finding it wrecked.  People are inside, so Joe hides.  A man does find Joe, but they fight, with Joe winning.  As another man shows up to attack Joe, he leaps from the top of his building!

A year passes, and Joe is now in Shanghai.  Three years pass, then six more years pass.  Ten years pass, then twenty-three more years pass.  Joe has now aged (Bruce Willis), now married.  It is thirty years after his initial involvement with the Loopers, and he is married.  Yet, despite his seeming state of peace, shooters enter Joe’s home, capturing him!

Now masked and tied, Joe is surrounded by his kidnappers.  However, Joe is able to break free, killing them, then escaping!  It is the same group of men who were sent to kill him, yet Joe was now aware of them.  He leaves, going to the field where a younger version of himself is waiting to kill him.  Joe beats up his younger self, and he proceeds into town!

It is now 2072, as Joe feels that he has a wounded hand. He sees that a message was cut into his hand from his younger self, telling him to meet his younger self at a restaurant.  They eat breakfast, as old Joe tells his younger self about how The Rainmaker sent men back in time to kill him, and how these men killed his wife.  Also, Joe tells his younger self that he has gone back in time to kill the younger Rainmaker!

Young Joe is weary of his older self, still meaning to kill his own aged version.  Yet, both Joes find themselves under assault by other Loopers!  They team up, quickly opting to flee the scene.  Then, young Joe takes a map from older Joe, getting coordinates to a farm.  There, Joe meets Sara (Emily Blunt), and her child son, Cid (Pierce Gagnon).

Sara converses with Joe, showing her a map.  A set of coordinates on the map are the same as Cid’s birthday.  It surprises Sara, and it leads Joe to tell her about her future son becoming The Rainmaker.  Joe and Sara bond, as he learns that Cid had lived with her sister for some time.  That information makes Joe believe that Cid is not really her child, and that Cid may not be The Rainmaker!

However, one Looper returns to Sara’s home to kill all of them.  It is then when young Cid becomes angry, and he displays his awesome telekinetic powers.  Cid releases an energy burst which kills this Looper!  At that point, elder Joe tries to kill Cid.  Yet, an enemy agent named Kid Blue (Noah Segan) gets hold of Cid, and Kid Blue is told by younger Joe to leave with Sara.

Elder Joe is taken back to meet with lead Looper, Abe.  After a confrontation, Joe kills Abe, along with the rest of Abe’s forces, except for Kid Blue.  Joe time travels back to the home of Sara, followed by Kid Blue, and met by his younger self.  Both Joes have a brawl, yet they are interrupted by an attacking Kid Blue.  It is young Joe who kills Kid Blue, as old Joe prevents Sara from leaving with Cid!

The confrontation goes into adjacent cornfields, where older Joe gets toward Cid, shooting the young Rainmaker.  The shot does not kill the boy, as he releases an energy burst of rage!  Sara gets to the field just before Cid can kill older Joe, and she calms her son.  She places herself between Cid and older Joe, as the elder Looper again tries shooting her son.

Younger Joe arrives to see what is happening.  He has a vision of Cid seeing his mother being murdered, and the rage from that sight leading the boy to become The Rainmaker.  This prompts young Joe to kill himself, so that his elder self never would exist.  This eliminates his older self from ever having been in the field to kill Sara, thus never allowing Cid to develop the inner rage that would lead him to become the rage-inflicting Rainmaker!  The loop is closed, as Sara goes onto find a surprise load of silver that Joe left for her.  She proceeds with her life and a non-murderous son!


We watched Pitch Perfect, second!  This was a film with a surprising level of entertainment that I was not expecting.  A young lady named Beca (Anna Kendrick) has enrolled for her freshman collegiate year at Barden University.  There, Beca is something of an outcast, not immediately bonding with other students.

After some weeks, Beca finds herself joining the campus female choir.  After going through an audition process where each applicant had to sing Since You Been Gone, Beca is now a part of The Barden University Bellas.  She is successful with being placed into the soprano section, and she is shocked to recognize that the competition for entering the choir is intense!  This is where Beca suddenly is interacting with a group of girls with whom she would not normally bond.

The choir females, lead by Chloe (Brittany Snow), are set on maintaining their singing group as it always has been.  The girls all have exceptional singing voices, but they remain under the direction of Chloe, who is convinced that she is the best singer at the campus!

As Beca gets into the group, her voice and presence bring an air of vibrancy.  Beca helps the choir by changing their song choices from standard and classic sheet music to contemporary melodies that attract audiences.  Despite initial anger and underhanded actions from Chloe, the choir manages to maintain unity, as they prepare for an upcoming regional competition!

The Bellas have to compete against their campus rivals, the all-male chorus called The Treblemakers!  Lead by Jesse (Skylar Astin), the male choir has an excellent sound.  Yet, they as well find themselves frustrated for campus harmony because of Chloe’s domineering demeanor!

The Bellas find harmony with one another as they bond with group member Amy (Rebel Wilson).  Somewhat overweight, she seemingly goes along with her given nickname of Fat Amy, as she displays a powerful singing voice, with a capacity for unifying the choir.  It is Amy that helps several of the other females to look past their differences, and their unjustly placed characteristics, to get them into a place of a single-intentioned singing group.

The male and female groups endsup headed for The 2012 Championship of Collegiate Acapella.  They travel to New York City, where the contest is held at Lincoln Center.  It winds up coming down to a sing-off between The Bellas and The Troublemakers.  The Bellas wind up performing a very entertaining song, dance, and rap combination that highlights some of the groups top singers, including Alice (Kether Donohue), Aubrey (Anna Camp), Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean), and Stacie (Alexis Knapp)!

An actually entertaining and intense performances from several choirs, The Bellas win the competition!  They are happily congratulated by The Troublemakers, with some eyes of romance seeming to show!  All proceeds happily…..

Pitch Perfect Poster

Next week has the anticipated features of Frankenweenie, Taken 2!  More of coming films to see during October include Alex Cross, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Here Comes the Boom, Middle of Nowhere, Paranormal Activity 4Seven Psychopaths, Sinister, and That’s What She Said.  The Fall is set for fresh films!!!

I was throwin’ down boogie on some Aaliyah


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