The U.S. to Work For Round One!

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The first Presidential Debate for the 2012 Election occurred this evening!  Situated at Magness Arena, The University of Denver, President Barack H. Obama and former Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney took the stage to engage one another in verbal challenges about the current status of The United States of America.  An anticipating audience, along with a curious nation was attentive, as both politicians presented arguments about why he should become, or he should remain our nation’s President.

The status of jobs was the first topic!  There were major differences in how each candidate stated that he would handle the nation’s status of employment.  President Obama admitted that a lot of work must be done.  He stated that the nation is investing in education and job training, while saving surplus funds for these purposes.  The President said that “America does best when the middle class does best”!

Mitt Romney stated that he would follow a different path.  He has a five-part plan.  It entails creating jobs, dealing with Latin America and China, balancing the budget, starting small businesses, and restoring the vitality of the government. Through this plan, Mitt Romney would work to restore the workforce within The United States, if elected.

Involving vocationally-geared education, President Obama means to improve the current system during a second term.  He will work to see that more math and science teachers are hired, improving this level of education for our nation’s competitive level, globally.  The President will make more places within community colleges available to students for training in math and science teaching programs, also.

President Obama means to work with Congress to provide tax breaks for energy companies within the  nation.  Wind, solar, and bio-fuel energy programs would be areas of investment.  His plans would deal with tax codes and reduce deficits, as opposed to Mitt Romney’s 1.8 trillion dollar plans for tax breaks to select few.

Mitt Romney said that he does not have to cut the current tax plan.  He claims to want to provide tax relief to middle income U.S. citizens.  Romney’s plans mean to come through energy and trade programs, balancing the budget, and the help of tax relief.  He stated that he will not back any tax cut that adds to the national deficit!

The status of the economy, and how each candidate would handle it, regarding it’s national situation, remained the majority issue of the evening.  President Obama and Mitt Romney each presented views that could be interpreted from either political point of view as in the better interest of the nation.  It would seem that President Obama has an edge, as Mitt Romney has stated repeatedly that he favors cutting necessary programs for education and healthcare, which are needed for the future stability and success of the nation.  The incumbent President has stated that, during a second term, he will work to provide finances for U.S. students seeking collegiate educations, he will not give tax breaks to companies sending jobs overseas, and he will continue bi-partisan work to reduce the national deficit.

Presidential Debate

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