Reacting to Tragedy That Did NOT Have to Happen!

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This is possibly a topic that can be discussed, debated, on several levels.  My initial reaction to it was anger, accompanied with confusion.  I could not understand why it had to elevate to the level that produced such an ultimately pathetic outcome.

It was very early this morning, at The University of South Alabama campus at Mobile, Alabama, that a tragedy occurred.  A collegiate freshman, Gilbert Thomas Collar, had become inebriated, apparently after an evening of wild partying.  Not an uncommon action for drunk college students, Collar chose to strip nude, then to continue with erratic behavior!

It was when Collar was approached by campus police that his actions got completely out of hand.  The officers obviously were attempting to get control of the student, likely trying to corral him, then get him to a location where he could be detoxified before any legal actions could begin.  However, as one campus officer commanded him to stand still, Collar charged toward him!

The reports say that Collar was ignoring the commands from the campus police to stop his actions.  When he rushed at the officers, one of them pulled out his firearm, and he shot Collar in his chest.  It was said that the student fell to the ground, got up to rush at the policeman another time, then fell again to die.

The officer in particular who shot and killed Collar is being questioned and berated for his action.  Questions are being asked as to why the officer did not tase Collar, or why other efforts were not made to subdue the student, so that he could be taken into custody?  Surely, there were other actions that could have been taken that did not have to result in the death of an enrolled student with a possibly bright future ahead of him!

Gilbert Collar was a 2012 graduate of Wetumpka High School of Wetumpka, Alabama.  This is a small city to the north of the state capital, Montgomery.  Collar had entered The University of South Alabama with aspirations to become a physical education teacher, and possibly a wrestling coach.

University of South Alabama Mitchell Center Arena

SEE THESE SITES!!!…police.html




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