The V.P. Versus The Man Who Wants His Job!

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The 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate has been anticipated, unexpectedly, this evening.  I am not imagining that U.S. Representative Paul Ryan has too much to present on how he would be a worthy Vice-President of The United States.  Yet, he is the Republican candidate, and he has several followers.  Therefore, it will matter as to how he actually performs, in relation to how the setting of this election is to continue.

After an admittedly upsetting show from President Obama against Mitt Romney during last week’s Presidential Debate, all concerned eyes did watch Vice-President Joe Biden this evening.  He engaged Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan in a ninety-minute debate, moderated by Martha Raddatz.  Their topics ranged between the variety of issues concerning the nation at-large.

It began with Raddatz questioning as to whether or not the attack on Libya was an intelligence failure.  Vice-President Biden stated that the government would have to get to the bottom of the issue.  Both politicians ranted about how to handle terrorist attacks, and about which ticket would handle them better while in office.

This continued, as Representative Ryan was questioned about the appropriateness of calling President Obama’s stategy of dealing with terrorists “weak”.  Ryan said that his statement was justified, yet Biden called it malarchy (bullshit)!

Should The United States have apologized for any disrespect of Islam by U.S. troops abroad?  Representative Ryan said yes, but he said that we should not apologize for protecting U.S. values!  Vice-President Biden continues to state that U.S. representatives worldwide will show respect for all cultures and religions.

Regarding Iran, Ryan did seem to give rhetorical ranting regarding the capacity of the Obama administration to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.  He stated that there is a current lack  of credibility, regarding this topic.  Biden added rhetoric as well, yet he said that The U.S. will not allow Iran to gain nuclear arsenal!

Unemployment was currently recognized as currently below eight percent, and the debaters were asked about how they would work to make it reach below six percent.  Vice-President Biden said that he and President Obama are continuing to work toward repairing the economy, while providing additional middle-class tax cuts.  Paul Ryan admits that job growth is slow, yet he wants more action than talk, with an economic growth of 4.3%, if he and Romney are elected.

Vice-President Biden pressed that more jobs need to be created!  He stated that this requires more action than talk, including how funds have been saved for Medicare, more benefits are being provided for Seniors, and how the Obama administration will NOT privatize Social Security during a second term!

Representative Ryan chastized Vice-President Biden for allegedly turning Medicare benefits into Obamacare!  He said that subsidies for the wealthy need to be taken down.  This was an action allegedly enacted under President Clinton.

The issue of who will pay more taxes or less taxes arose.  Vice-President Biden immediately stated that middle-class U.S. citizens will pay less taxes.  He went on, saying that a Romney-Ryan election would cut taxes for wealthy U.S. citizens, while increasing taxes for middle income U.S. citizens.

Representative Ryan stated that he and Governor Romney would try to create tax cuts to grow the national economy to a point that would help to create jobs.  He claimed to support fundemental tax reform, lowering taxes across the board, having a twenty percent universal tax cut, all of which would not raise the national deficit!  These plans would deny loopholes and deductions to higher taxpayers.

Vice-President Biden clarified Representative Ryan’s extensive tax outline.  He stated that the so-called loopholes would take needed funds from middle class U.S. citizens, while leaving those with ample funds in comfortable, tax-reduced situations.  The Vice-President called for an expiration of the tax cuts for U.S. millionaires!

Neither Vice-President Biden, nor Representative Ryan favor cutting funds for defense spending.  Yet, regarding our forces in Afghanistan, Representative Ryan does not want U.S. forces to stay there beyond 2014.  Vice-President Biden agrees that our forces should be home by 2014, as the native troops of Afghanistan should be trained properly to handle their own nation properly.  Representative Ryan said that staying into and even beyond 2014 gives rouge Afghan forces reasons to wait for later plans to surge-attack at later dates!

 Vice President Joe Biden (R) speaking in Charlotte, North Carolina September 6, 2012, and Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, speaking in Tampa, Florida, August 29, 2012, are shown in this combination photo. REUTERS-Mike Segar (L)-Jason Reed (R)

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