….and You Thought It Was Hot In Your Hood!

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Studies of outer space continue to be so captivating because of the continuous levels of awe and inspiration that accompany every image that is captured!  I was looking through some prior notes and online clips on some of the recent presentations, which took me to one of the possibly strangest planetary objects within our Milky Way Galaxy!

It was during 2008 that the talented team working with The Hubble Space Telescope identified particular stars within The Auriga Constellation.  This is a grouping of stars that is visible from the northern hemisphere of our planet.  Designated as M32, major stars within Auriga include Capella, Hasseleh, Hoedus 1, Hoedus 11, and Menkalinan.  Capella, formally entitled Alpha Auriga, is the sixth-brightest star in the sky!

Eight of the stars within Auriga are known to have planets.  WASP-12 is the major star of this constellation, which is a yellow dwarf, akin to our Sun.  It’s orbiting world, WASP-12b, orbits exeptionally close to WASP-12.  The distance has been calculated to be one-fortieth of the distance that separates Earth from The Sun!  This lack of area is at a point that the planet’s atmosphere is sucked off by the heat of WASP-12at a level of 189 quadrillion tons, annually!

SuperWASP has been working to identify extrasolar planets in transit of their host stars since the beginning of the 21st century.  It was during September of 2006 when the group located WASP-1b and WASP-2b.  There is at least one uncomfirmed world, GD 66 b, which was first identified during 2008.  It orbits GD 66, a white dwarf star that also is a pulsar, which is 170 light years away from us!

Auriga Constellation



Tatooine has been found!!!

You surely would feel the heat on WASP 12b!

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