The Heat Was ON For Round Two!

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This was a much more pleasing and satisfactory contest between our nation’s leading political figures!  The debate for this evening was held at Hofstra UniversityDavid S. Mack Exibition complex.  Located in Hempstead, New York, President Barack H. Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney squared off for a verbal contest that was at a level of far greater energy than the previous meeting!

CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley was the debate moderator, as she introduced Mitt Romney as the first speaker.  He was questioned by twenty-year-old audience member Jeremy about how he would be able to support himself after collegiate graduation.  Mitt Romney state that he knew what it would take to bring good jobs by 2014, but he did not say how.

President Obama responded by saying that he plans to create good-paying jobs.  He intends to support U.S. – based manufacturing jobs, to increase job training, and vocational education.  The President also stated that he  want s to work toward controlling our natural energy sources, which include solar and wind power.

The topic of employment within The U.S. arose immediately, with Candy Crowley asking what can be done to assist long-term unemployed citizens to find work?  Romney would mean to find twelve million new jobs within four years.  President Obama attacked the legitimacy of those statements.

Audience attendant Phillip Tricella asked about whether or not The Department of Energy is functioning as properly as it should be?  The President stated that traditional energy productions have increased, as wind, solar, and biofuel amounts have doubled.  Natural gases are being explored, as are other efficient energy sources.  President Obama said that The U.S. needs new energy sources to stay ahead of nations like Germany and China!

Mitt Romney said that President Obama was behind half-cut permits for oil drilling, which cost The U.S. oil resources.  He stated that our nation needs to take advantage of our own energy sources to become energy independent.  Romney endorses increased oil drilling, also!  The President stated that he is consistent in energy production and clean oil.  He said that oil and gas productions have risen.  President Obama said that these productions rose without oil export levels increasing!

Mitt Romney said that federal export licenses have been cut by half, to which President Obama stated NOT TRUE!  The President said that leases were taken away to be use by the government for production rates.  However, Romney does not believe that President Obama will fight for oil and gas price changes, or for energy security to the level that he would fight for it.  Romney added that he would support U.S. off-shore drilling!

Mitt Romney went on, stating that he wants to simplify tax codes for the middle class, supposedly bringing relief to middle class families.  His policies would limit deductions for high-earning U.S. citizens, and they would not tax middle income U.S. citizens.  Romney claims that his policies would lead to a balanced budget that ultimately would reduce taxes!

President Obama retorted immediately, saying that his plans will lead to middle class tax reliefs with tax cuts by $600 (monthly???), a deficit reduction, and small businesses not experiencing tax increases.  The President said that citizens earning above $250,000 annually will receive tax increases.  He firmly stated that he will not follow a top-down economic policy!

Reducing tax rates on small businesses was an idea with which Mitt Romney agreed.  He stated that his plans would work to make North America energy independent within five years (he did not fully explain that….).  Romney did strike with stating that Obama’s years in office have increased the national deficit!

Katherine Fenton stated that females earn only seventy-two percent of what males earn.  She asked how that will be changed?  President Obama responded to her first.

The President stated that this is a fight for a new middle class.  Specifically, he said that a fight for middle class standards where women lead the scene are what will be the basis.  A coming administration under President Obama will enforce laws that protect against all discrimination, including sexism.  Mitt Romney followed, saying that his administration would let employers to schedule females onto jobs with less difficulty.  He said that he would help women to get good work by building a strong economy.

Susan Katz asked about the failings and the missteps of the Bush administration.  She fears that electing Mitt Romney will bring The U.S. back to that period.  Romney responded by stating that he and George W. Bush are two different people.  He stated that his five-point plan will succeed.  His plans with China willl succeed, where W’s did not succeed.  Romney said that he will champion small businesses, he will keep taxes low on small businesses, as he wants to create jobs to get them to grow!

President Obama answered Ms. Katz, regarding her worries of job losses.  The President said that 5.2 million new jobs will be created this year, and more should be prepared for start upon his re-election.  He said that Romney’s tax cuts would lead to a deficit, along with job and production shipments to China!

Michael Jones is concerned about high prices.  He questioned President Obama about current high prices.  The President answered with talk of Wall Street reforms, job creations, and his maintenance to his political commitments.  He cited where Romney said that Republicans will save money for the wealthy, repeal Obamacare, and cut funding to education!

Mitt Romney took to the podium, telling the audience that President Obama would give the nation a repeat of the last four years, with a 5.4% unemployment rate!  He noted that The President doubled the national deficit, that the national middle-class is being crushed, and that twenty-three million U.S. citizens are looking for work!  Romney said that President Obama’s policies “have not let the economy take off and grow”!

Lorraine Osorio asked:  “What do you plan to do with immigrants as being productive members of society”?

Mitt Romney answered:  he wants the legal system to be streamlined.  He wants green cards to be passed out.  He wants to stop illegal immigration, and to enact an employment verification system.  Romney would mean to allow paths for children of illegal immigrants to become citizens.  He said that Obama’s legislative tactics regarding immigration have failed!

President Obama would like to fix a broken immigration system!  He would work to make it easier and cheaper for immigrants to enter The United States legally.  His policies would increase border patrols, while seeking out rouge, illegal entrants into our nation.  He said that Mitt Romney would veto The DREAM Act!

Romney went back to “revise” President Obama’s earlier statements!  He stated that it should be to let people decide on the places where they can find their best life opportunities, not “to round them up”!

Kerry Ladka asked why The State Department refused extra security in Libya for diplomats?  President Obama responded first, stating that he spoke with a security team from Benghazi, telling them to “beef up”!  He told them to find out why the attack occurred, and he told them to get names (of the attackers).  The President stated that Romney would turn this incident into a political issue.  Mitt Romney did not really say anything to support more U.S. security in Libya.

Alma E. Gonzalez asked about keeping AK47 assault rifles from terrorists, and what can the government do to prevent them from getting hold of these weapons?  President Obama reiterated the need to reinforce laws that are already in effect, as well as to keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals.   He noted Mitt Romney’s flopping position on banning of assault weapons due to political funding from groups like The N.R.A.!

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