Another World Nearby and NOT of The Sun!

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A seemingly similar world has been spotted right next door!  Exciting!  It seems that astronomers whom have been making recent and detailed observations of the night skies have succeeded in locating what must be the nearest planet that is orbiting a star which is not The Sun.  It possibly is where many would have expected it to be located, yet now there is the verification of it’s existence.

Right next door (at 4.3 light years, or 25,278,089,104,689.51 miles away), a new world has been discovered!  It appears to have a likeness to our Earth, in that it is a mere amount more than the mass of our world.  This makes the newly-discovered exoplanet the lightest world outside of our solar system to be identified, thus far!

La Silla Paranal Observatory at Chile is where this discovery was made.  Through the use of the powerful HARPS Instrument, precise peerings into nearby regions of our Milky Way have allowed us to see more of what is sitting right next door.  Alpha Centauri, the ternary stellar system which is the nearest star system to our own, hosts an Earth-like world around one of it’s stars!

The observations are preliminary, but what has been revealed is that a planet with some possible likenesses to our Earth is in orbit of Alpha Centauri B.  It is not immediately akin to Earth, as it is much closer to it’s star.  Floating at an average range of three million miles away from Alpha Centauri B, it is practically in the face of it’s star!  This world is closer to Alpha Centauri B than Mercury is to The SunThis world is on fire!

Currently, the planet has been designated as Alpha Centauri Bb.  It’s host star, Alpha Centauri B, is a part of the three-star system, which is the closest star system to our own solar system within our Milky Way Galaxy.  This system contains Alpha Centauri B, along with Alpha Centauri A, and Proxima Centauri.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/1528161.html…/new-planet-found-in-alpha-centauri.html…/alpha-centauri…/1637901/

Flaming Sun

This world is ON FIRE!!!


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