Look Out Mars, Here We Come!

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We mean to get to Mars!  We mean to conquer Mars!  Mars is ours!  That is the understandingMartians, beware!

Humanity has fantasized about The Red Planet for generations, imagining it to be the home of an incredible species of beings, possibly similar to ourselves, possibly hostile to us.  We have long-thought of Mars as a place that, at some point, will require our presence.  Current advances in science and related research have allowed us to recognize that Mars is not a world that is currently inhabited, yet that it may have held life in it’s past.  It does seem that several factions within our human community are anxious to assist Mars with a revival!

Mars One is a privately-owned project, lead by Netherlands-based businessman Bas Lansdorp.  He intents to lead the mission that will be responisble for the transportation of a human subject to Planet Mars.  The full goal is to have an entire human colony upon The Red Planet by the year 2023!

These plans were announced during June.  Lansdorp spoke of working to set up the mission through stages.  First, during 2013, four astronauts will be selected to live within a replica of a Martian environment that will be situated within a desert location.  There, the astronauts will train and prepare, as if they actually were living on Mars.

Next, a communications satelllite will be created.  This is to happen during 2014.  It is likely to be tested, possibly to be sent into space before the astronauts are sent to Mars.  The satellite will be needed for arranging the availabilities for contact between space travellers and Earth links during missions.

Then, a supply ship is to arrive at Mars during 2016.  It is scheduled to land upon The Red Planet, filled with vital living supplies.  This will include 2,500 kilograms of food.  The mission will be expanded two years later, wen an exploration vehicle arrives to probe for the most suitable location for a human settlement to be placed!

Pressing forward into 2021, two life support units, two living units, another supply unit, and an additional rover will arrive.  This all will be used to assist with the construction of a suitable living environment for human beings on Mars.  Mars One will have tested these items beforehand to verify their capacity for sustaining people during long-term missions upon another world.

It will be 2022 when The SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy rocketship launches from Earth, heading to Mars!  By 2023, a landing should occur, with astronauts prepared to reside within the habitable settlement.  An additional accompaniment of four astronauts will arrive during 2025.

I would have to say that the long-term goal is to colonize Mars, to terraform the planet.  In all honesty, we are using/abusing Earth to the limit, and we possibly are running out of room.  The likely truth is that we will need an additional world to live upon, to invade, for the ultimate purpose of human proliferation.  Mars long has been the likely candidate for such a purpose, and we are ultimately reaching the point where we are able to recognize our capacity to place our imaginations into action.  We will be able to travel to Mars, to terraform the planet, so that we can claim it as our own, and maybe so that we can have two worlds that can exist with human beings that are not intent upon destroying both of them!










another animated mars


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