A Rediculous Roll Call?

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I do not know how anyone is keeping count with how many galaxies are supposed to have been identified at this point!  Now, while doing some online nerd searching, I get to a regular science site where I read an e-clip about some of the latest research that is happening.  Scientists in the land down under have plans to make an amazing tally of newly-discovered galaxies through the use of their latest, deep-viewing instrument.

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, ASKAP, currently is within it’s final stages of review.  It’s construction was completed just this year, and it is located on the facility of The Murchison Radio-Astonomy Observatory, Western Australia.  Through the use of this radio telescope, astronomers will be able to observe objects into the deepest ranges currently possible of spacetime, hoping to gain greater understandings about deep-rooted topics that include the mechanics behind the origins of the universe!

No one ever will know something like how many galaxies there are in the universe.  Yet, there are regular scientific researchers working to keep a seemingly close count.  The 2df Galaxy Redshift Survey seems to be reporting something along the lines of 458,752 observable galaxies (these may have been 2006 results…).

During 2013, ASKAP will be functioning to precede the astronomical viewings of The Square Kilometre Array.  This telescopic tool actually will be an extensive arrangement of sensitively functioning devices that will be strategically situated at locations across Australia and New Zealand.  The instruments will work in conjunction within these precise positions of both nations to pick up signals from deep space, some of which are expected to have been transmitted before the creation of the very first stars!

Updates with the latest astronomical tools will help to bring more clarified views of our neighborhood of the universe.  This involves updated studies that include reviews of our Local Group.  Right now, we recognize our Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, along with a little more than thirty galaxies and Messier objects as members of our galactic family.  It is certain that clarifications will come with several of the current presentations, including whether or not some galaxies will remain as “members” of The Group, if some will be expelled, or if new members will be inducted!







…on the astronomy vibe, I was with this flow earlier.

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