Oahu: Coming Down and Spreading Out!

December 30, 2012 at 2:25 AM (climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, terrestrial studies)

Scientific researchers who actually are getting paid to produce results are revealing information that may or may not be pertinent to the world at large, depending on the general point of view.  There is one study that has been conducted which has gone into the details of the geologic situation of The Hawaiian Islands, as they relate to their positioning upon the planet.  More precise examinations delve into reviews of how the geologic mechanics of the island of Oahu are showing that it is succumbing to it’s own tectonic activities!

Research from recent studies involved with programs that include Brigham Young University and The United States Geological Survey are showing that major mountains on Oahu eventually will reduce to ground-level basins.  It seems that elevated tidal surges will lead to gradual rates of erosion upon the rock surface of Oahu.  After years and years of degradation by the continuous water flow, the island eventually will dissolve!

The major mountain range of Oahu, Waianae, and it’s major peak,  Koolau, are supposed to diminish to flat, island-like surfaces!  They will have dissolved because of increased levels of water upon the island chain, also.  Researchers have identified that more than one type of rock comprises The Hawaiian Islands, and that will be a determining factor in identifying how the levels of erosion will affect the rates at which the land levels and mountains are eroding.

Whereas the rock surface of Oahu is eroding, the island itself is projected to expand.  As the plate tectonic factors of the planet follow through, the island will grow for a continued 1.5 million years, succumbing to groundwater, then reducing to a lesser area.  Studies currently are being done by students at The University of Hawai’i, and they have been published within Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.  So, the conclusion might be that Oahu will have reduced in altitude, yet it will have increased it’s overall area!

Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific, Shows Study








Palm_and_sea.gif - (2K)     Palm_and_sea.gif - (2K)     Palm_and_sea.gif - (2K)     Palm_and_sea.gif - (2K)     Palm_and_sea.gif - (2K)

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Oh! A 2040 Impact!?!?

December 23, 2012 at 3:54 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, environmental issues, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

Well!  December 21, 2012 has passed, and we are still here!  Ain’t that some shit!  Most people figured there was nothing to the entire Mayan prophecy anyhow.  Several of the ancients had forecasts for the future that never panned out to anything significant, or simply were meant to serve as instruments to be used for the benefits of future societies, on some subtle and subliminally significant levels.

The actual scientists, and those making legitimate forecasts, are keeping the general public up to date with as many heads ups as can be publicized.  More good news is coming from N.A.S.A., as it’s surveyors have been doing additional research about a possibly threatening asteroid that has the potential to harm Earth during 2040.  Their current studies show that this space rock will not bother our planet, either!

This particular asteroid has been designated as 2011 AG5.  All likelyhood is that this space rock will not bring any danger to Earth.  Current studies from legitimate N.A.S.A. scientists are revealing that this asteroid has less than a one percent chance of striking our planet during the target date of February 5, 2040!  Technically, I can still be around, yet I will be an old man.  So, I guess that it is good to know that I can focus on life issues which are more pertinent than another hurtling space rock threatening to end all life!

2011 AG5 will get no closer to Earth than twice the distance of the orbit of The Moon.  That is no closer than 553,000 miles.  Of course, N.A.S.A. scientists, along with astronomers around the planet will be watching out for anything that has the slightest sign of danger for Earth.  Current viewings made with the high-powered Gemini North Telescope at Mauna Kea are keeping watch on 2011 AG5, along with any other potentially dangerous space objects that could pose a threat to us.

Actual researchers with The N.A.S.A. Jet Propulsion Laboratory recognize 2011 AG5 as one of 8,744 near-Earth objects that are being viewed, currently.  This meteor is roughly 460 feet wide.  It travels in an orbital path that runs from slightly beyond the orbit of Mars to midway between the orbits of Earth and Venus.  Astronomers discovered it on January 8, 2011.

Mr. Don Yeomans, the manager of The N.A.S.A. Jet Propulsion Laboratory Near-Earth Object Program Office is stating that more viewings of 2011 AG5 will be made during September 2013.  At that point, the asteroid will be inside of a 91 million mile range of our planet.  This proximity will allow 2011 AG5 to be viewed with greater clarity, and to gain greater projections on it’s future paths.

2011 AG5 is expected to veer nearby Earth again during February 2023.  It will come within a distance of ninety-one million miles to our planet.  Researchers with JPL will use that pass-by to view the asteroid, making studies of it.  The space rock will fly by Earth again during February 2023, at a range of one million miles, and during 2028, passing at a distance of 10.4 million miles. 

As well, one study by The Near-Earth Object Program Office states that 2011 AG5 has a 1 in 625 chance of striking Earth on February 5, 2040!  Additionally, recent, and equally legitimate studies are further reducing the suggestion of an asteroid impact upon Earth during 2040.  Studies out of The Gemini Observatory at Hilo, Hawai’i are working with a team of astronomers from The University of Hawai’i.  Their studies have given the skies an “all clear” for that date, as 2011 AG5 is NOT supposed to pose any threat to Earth, and the asteroid has been rated at zero for it’s danger level, as designated by The Torino Impact Hazard Scale

The position data obtained for near-Earth asteroid 2011 AG5 in October 2012 was used to update its orbit and dramatically reduce its future orbital uncertainties in February 2040. In this first plot, the asteroid's possible positions in space (region of uncertainty) prior to the orbit improvement is an extremely lengthy arc that includes the position of the Earth. Hence an Earth collision could not be ruled out. (Image Credit: NASA)




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A Nestling Nook Near Tau Ceti?

December 20, 2012 at 1:29 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

We are getting closer and closer to finding that next planet that might seem just like home!  Astronomers have been observing telescopic viewings, and they have seen details about a nearby star that is showing the potential for harboring an Earth-like world.  This system has been within the group of those to be studied, and updated research is suggesting that more in-depth images could reveal that one of it’s planets needs more exact examination!

Tau Ceti is a “yellow dwarf” star, just like The Sun.  It is slightly smaller, and it is situated twelve light years away from our solar system.  Five planets orbit this star, and current studies are showing that one seems to be within the system’s habitable zone!

This planet has been designated as Tau Ceti E.  It is the fourth planet from Tau Ceti.  The planet’s distance from it’s star is supposed to average at .74 astronomical units, or something like 68,787,297.35 miles (I guess that is right…).  This is comfortably within the habitable zone, the realm where planets should be capable of supporting life as we comprehend it.

At this time, scientists are not certain that Tau Ceti E is a rocky planet.  It is 4.3 times as massive as Earth.  There is some speculation that it could be a water world.  Yet, without precise images and details, it is not truly known as to what the composition of this planet may be!

As for now, the status of Tau Ceti E and it’s neighboring worlds stands at uncomfirmed.  Additional studies of these observations will need to occur before any official statements can be made in regard to the actual status of this planetary system.  If indeed there is a full network of worlds orbiting Tau Ceti, they would not be as close to our solar system as the worlds orbiting Alpha Centauri B!



Animated gif stars flickering in clear night sky     Animated pink flickering stars

Moving picture flashing pulsing twinkling star animated gif        Animated pink flickering stars           Animated gif stars flickering in clear night sky

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A Time For Mourning, Reflection, and Serious Thought

December 18, 2012 at 1:07 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

It is a difficult topic, an uncomfortable topic to discuss continuously.  Yet, it needs to be brought forth, into regular, continuous conversation, so that the everyday person does have the necessary grasp of what is at hand.  Someone needs to be talking about it, continously; more people need to be talking about it, continuously.

It is The Second Amendment of The United States Constitution that guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms.  The U.S. Supreme Court continues to defend this amendment, supporting citizens’ liberties regarding ownership of firearms, while reiterating that the very fabric of our nation is woven with the guarantee that all legitimate citizens of this nation of proper age and certification can own guns without reprieve.  It is through that basic right of a United States citizen where guns are permitted within regular circulation throughout the nation, and they are owned by millions of people throughout the nation.

As we put that into mind, into perspective, questions need to arise that regard the necessity for barrier lines to be drawn.  At what point is it necessary to create borders that barricade citizens from the basic rights of the nation?  When does it become necessary for observations to be enacted in order for citizens to be deemed worthy of having the basic rights of an United States citizen?

The horror of what occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday remains very ripe within the general U.S. psyche.  Children were murdered.  Children were killed.  Children were shot to death, in cold blood, while stripped of their basic rights to progress into the joys of what their lives would bring them.  The assailant, the shooter, the criminal, the murderer, twenty-year-old Adam P. Lanza, focused the pains of whatever he may have been experiencing in his life to regurgitate a singular expression of rage onto innocent victims.

I am semi-watching Nancy Grace right now, listening as people are describing the character descriptions of Adam Lanza.  He was a seemingly bright student, though he was described as an outsider, an individual that did not want to bond with his mother, a young man that did not experience pain readily, while leaving in a semi-lavish home environment.  His mother was devoted to helping him, as they are saying that she did all possible to provide Adam with a comfortable lifestyle.

Other reports are saying that Lanza was an insider, “socially awkward”.  His classmates stated that he did not interact with other students; “he was quiet”.  Indeed portraits are being cast about Lanza, depicting him as a loner, not readily willing to interact with peers.

I can not say that the behavior of this young man should have been, or should not have been a red flag toward his internal thought process.  I have to question how it is that Lanza, along with so many others who have no need for them, readily have access to firearms?  Certainly, if guns and ammunition were not so easily accessible, there would not be such a seeming frequency of these kinds of events!

As I am listening to Letterman now, he is reiterating statements made by a commentator on this subject.  The topic is gun control, and this person has said that “you can’t take guns from everybody”.  I am cautious to agree with that sentiment, as I recognize that we do not want to wind up as pawns having succumbed to a police state.  However, it is obvious that there needs to be a greater observation process and checking procedure on how people can get hold of arsenal, the recognition of a need for possible limits on the amounts of weaponry owned, and a greater focus placed upon the registration with checks for those who do possess firearms.

It is a continuing discussion, and yes, it is a difficult topic.  There is such extreme argument on both sides of the issue.  Yet, there needs to be a more rapid attempt to reach an acceptable centerpoint, as so many things continue to occur, showing where firearms do not belong in the hands of any and everybody.  It is something to think about, especially as we watch the painful windings down to the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut.

A woman lights candles while visiting a memorial to the victims of the recent shooting in Sandy Hook Village in Newtown, Connecticut December 17, 2012. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson



Give diamonds to our darlings……

         christmas bells animated                            Dove-02-june.gif (38556 bytes)                   christmas bells animated

…as we reflect during a Silent Night.

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Great-Great Grandpa-saurus?

December 17, 2012 at 1:08 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, late night studies, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

On this amazing planet of ours, it is truly astounding that there has been such a broad variety of life!  As far as we know, there is nothing else like it within all of the known universe.  Indeed, life has been upon Earth for millions of years.  Of course, the dinosaurs do reign as one of the most fantastic forms of evidence regarding this spectacular variation!

Some of my recent Internet browsing, along with watching some of my favorite television programs, has lead me to review more details about dinosaurs.  I had been watching one of the shows, which announced information about current studies that seem to have lead to the revelation of what could be the world’s oldest dinosaur.  Understanding that these animals truly are what it means to be old, this particular one might be the oldest one of all of them!

Researchers and excavators apparently have been reviewing the fossilized bones of Nyasasaurus parringtoni.  These are supposed to be the remains of what is the earliest-known dinosaur to date!  They originally were excavated during the 1930’s, in The Tendaguru Beds near Manza Bay, Tanzania.  Examinations of the bones have lead to the identifcation of an animal that weighed roughly 130 pounds, while reaching lengths of ten feet.  Additional researchers working with The University of Washington, and The Natural History Museum, London, are currently studying these fossils to learn more about Nyasasaurus.

These present studies of Nyasasaurus parringtoni are picking up where the primary efforts left off.  It was during the 1930’s when Rex Parrington of The University of Cambridge originally got hold of the excavated bones for study purposes.   The studies of Parrington were released during the 1950’s but they never made it into global circulati0n.  It is now that researchers from The University of Washington, along with scientists at The University of California, have picked up on records from Cambridge’s studies to release information about this historically significant find.

A significant detail regarding Nyasasaurus parringtoni is that this dinosaur’s fossils give the indication that all dinosaurs were a branch of a larger species of animal.  The creatures called archosaurs are being revealed as animals having lived upon Earth before the thunder lizards.  Existing during Earth’s Permian Period, roughly 250 million years ago, archosaurs were something like dinosaur ancestors.  After a time of 150 million years, their genetic links seem to have lead to the first dinosaurs.  There is study that may indicate how archosaurs indeed existed alongside dinosaurs, while possible actions that include interbreeding led them to evolve into genetic branches of dinosaurian life!

   Oldest dinosaur Nyasasaurus.jpg



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An Unexpected Journey, but An Expected Delight!

December 15, 2012 at 2:39 AM (comic book characters, current news, historic review, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

First of all, thoughts, heavy hearts, and condolences go out to the community of Newton, Connecticut.  There is NO excuse for the tragic events which occurred there, today.  There NEVER is an excuse to harm the innocent; NEVER an excuse to harm our children!


I was at my local movie theater today, oblivious to the reports about what had happened within this New England community.  I had been looking forward to viewing this 2012 reboot of The Hobbit, seeing how it would be tied into The Lord of The Rings film series!  Indeed, it was exciting, and I did enjoy watching The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey!

“My Dear Frodo”,  began the story, as Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) started to explain his story to a picture of Frodo (Elijah Wood).  It was long ago when  Bilbo left The Shire,  going on a journey to the City of Dale, and onto The Kingdom of Erador.  This is the home of the dwarves, where one found The Arken Stone, also called The King Jewel.  The dwarves began to lust for more jewels, getting greedy for gold, then turning wicked!  This apparently called upon dragons to attack their kingdom, yet men fought alongside them to defeat the dragons!  Yet, Eragon, the king of men, was lost!

The elves did not help the dwarves in their struggle, and the dwarves never forgave them for this betrayal.  This tale was told to Bilbo Baggins , the uncle of Frodo.  Indeed, it was sixty years prior when Gandalf (Ian Mc Kellen) arrived to meet Bilbo to seek an adventure companion.  Bilbo declined at first, yet a dwarf arrived at his home that evening.  More dwarves showed up, then Gandalf returned with even more dwarves!  The dwarf leader, Oin (John Callen), arrived to tell the others of the upcoming adventure to free a dragon!

The dwarves wanted to know how many dragons that Gandalf had slayed, as the wizard had to use a special item to get them to this location, The Lonely Mountain.  Their task required the assistance of a burglar, which was where Bilbo is needed.  This hobbit was declared to be the 14th member of this team.  So, after connecting with they dwarves, they had Bilbo to read and to sign an accord, as they told Gandalf that they would not be responsible for this hobbit’s fate!  Yet, it was Bilbo’s history of thievery that made him stand out as the proper hobbit for this task!

It was the next morning when Bilbo received a note that required his signature.  Upon signing, Bilbo left The Shire to begin this adventure.  He joined with Gandalf and dwarves, leaving The Shire, and reaching a mountainside.  There, a noise was heard, and the dwarves recognized it as the sound of Orks!  One dwarf called Thorin (Richard Armitage) admitted his hate for Orks,  which inspired the others to attempt defeating them.  Yet, upon the end of their battle, few dwarves survived!  Thorin was named as the new dwarf leader.

Orks plotted revenge, and to catch a dwarf who defected from the group.  Yet, the next day arrived, as Gandalf had gone with Bilbo into the rain.  As one hobbit was caring for nearby forest animals, they saw that the wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee) was harming the animals.  A spell was cast to protect them, then Bilbo, Gandalf, and dwarves proceeded to Saruman’s castle.  After realizing that Sauruman was not going to help, the group fled.

First, they sought the assistance of elves. Yet, upon getting links from the elves, the group journeyed further into barren territory.  This portion of the trek lead them to dark tunnels, where they had the first encounter with Gollum (Andy Serkis)!  At this point, Bilbo enteracts with Gollum, getting hold of the “precious” ring that the creature held.  This point makes the link between Gollum, and how the creature lusts for the One Ring that ultimately must be destroyed in The Lord of The Rings epic adventures!

The Hobbit

The trailers for movies coming soon are exciting!  Next week has Cirque du Soleil:  Worlds Away, Kathy Najimy, Seth Rogen, and Barbra Streisand in The Guilt Trip, and Tom Cruise leading in Jack Reacher!  Before the year ends, look forward to Allegiance, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Parental Guidance,  and This Is 40



With all that is happening, recall that it is The Holiday Season.  Let us try to find Peace On Earth…..

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Travel to Andromeda? How About The Moon, First!

December 10, 2012 at 1:26 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, political atmosphere, public debate, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I had completed my afternoon tasks, so I sat down for a regular browsing of The Internet.  This lead me to explore some of my favorite astronomy-related sites.  The details of the site nudged me to review some of the sites where questions could be submitted to the “professionals” available for answering.  Well, everyone admittedly is not a professional, yet most of the browsers are regular students of the topic presented.

It was at this webpage where the question was asked, “Can humans ever reach The Andromeda Galaxy”.  Everyone is not a science student, and curious minds probably want to know if there is a legitimate answer to that question.  There actually were some truly significant and respectable answers that were submitted to the inquiry.

The immediate answer is no!  Andromeda Galaxy, M31, is a little more than 2.5 million light years from Earth!  One light year is somewhere around 5, 878, 000, 000, 000 miles.  You take that big number, then multiply it by 2.5 million (another big number…) and you conclude with a practically insane answer!  No, human beings will not be going to Andromeda Galaxy.

No one could survive the journey!  It would require generations of human beings to be dedicated to an extremely dangerous trip across the cosmos, ultimately ending with many of them having no true comprehension of Earth (..and many of them dead).  Besides, there is no immediate point to such a trip.  We have not even recognized all that is within our own Milky Way.  We still are getting a basic understanding of our own solar system.  We have not even been back to our own friggin’ moon in forty years!

Speaking of which, it is time to celebrate an anniversary!  The last human landing upon our moon was December 11, 1972.  Tuesday will mark forty years!  WOW!  I am not sure what all it was that ultimately culminated in the ending of the space program.  Certainly, it involved budget issues, politics, social opinion, and all of the what-not.  Yet, there had to be, should be enough interest in the topic of our eventual expansion to our moon that the notion of renovating and reactivating the space program needs to be on the list of to-dos at least within the next twenty years!  Maybe???

Also, there is news about planned endeavors set by The Golden Spike Company.  This is a privately-based company out of The United States.  It has intentions to make sales for private missions to our moon at a cost of $1.5 billion per voyage!  The chief executive officer of this company, Mr. Alan Stern, calls his company’s travel package “a relative bargain”!  This cost for a two-person trip to The Moon is supposed to be equivalent to the cost of unmanned robotic missions.  I suppose that offers a bit of validity to Stern’s proposal, as an actual human being upon our moon certainly would provide more connection and insight to the status of our natural satellite than would mechanical observations from continued probings by machines.

It does not hurt to dream!  Getting more knowledge about The Moon likely is necessary before any planned efforts occur for humanity to extend into other areas of outer space.  I  do have to believe that the majority of us really want to know just what is out there!  There is so much to see, so much to learn, about a universe of which we have just an edge-level understanding.  Yet, it would seem that the first priority, regarding such a proposal, would be to learn all that we can about our home, our corner of the cosmos, before we would try travelling into someone else’s yard.  Oh, and if you wait about four billion years, Andromeda will be here at our doorstep!

The Predicted Collision between the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way.-24



purple moon animated 710eb0b5.gif photo

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High-Drama & Hijinks With Hitmen on Film!

December 9, 2012 at 12:13 AM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

The previews for this film were making it seem as if it was going to be entertaining!  I was anticipating the action and adventure scheme, albeit I am not a Brad Pitt fan.  His presence alone in the movie was somewhat of a deterrent to watching the full film.  Yet, I was not alone, and others had planned to see this movie.

Killing Them Softly begins with the broadcast of a speech by President Barack Obama during his 2012 campaign.  Two hitmen, Frankie (Scott McNairy) and Russell (Ben Mendelsohn), are watching this on television, when they are called to do a job for a man named Cheney.   Both men seem somewhat below the brainscan line, yet they are regular hitmen!

Frankie had some plans to take on a job that he heard about someplace, and he mentions this to his cohort, Johnny (Vincent Curatola).  While they discuss the plans they mean to use another guy, Markie (Ray Liotta), as the set-up man for the job.  After Frankie and Johnny have gotten their items together, they proceed to get Markie.

Getting the plan active, the crew prepares for a night robbery of a group of criminals gathered at the rear section of a convenient store.   They wear gloves and do-rags, while one of them carries a sawed-off shotgun.  The men enter the back section of the building, going into a room where men are playing cards.   As the men are casually entertaining themselves, Frankie and Johnny aim the sawed-off at them!  Markie is told to go down the hall to look for other items. 

Frankie just finished with some rude, personal activities, when he talks to Russell, then they call Jackie (Brad Pitt) to inform him about this job.  As Frankie and Russell begin to connive, Markie stumbles back to them, and they aim the guns at him.  Markie is told to go and to collect money, yet the men at the card table are seasoned criminals, and they begin to toy with him! 

Johnny starts to get cocky with a gun in his hand, and he opts to try stealing more money.  He gets hold of a money-filled case, then the lead criminal as the others prepare to exit.  As Johnny finishes, the crew leaves the store, unscathed!  They drive to the location of Tratman (Ray Liotta), pick him up, and they drive off.   Jackie tells them about a recent call from Dillon, which now has made Jackie the replacement for Dillon.

The group reaches a bridge, under which they park.  The gang tells Jackie about the recent hit with Jackie’s errors, and about Markie, and how he messed up on the recent hit.  They mean to have Jackie get hold of Markie because Trapman apparently made errors with his last part in the crew’s mischief!  Yet, Jackie realizes that Markie is about to be set-up, but he opts to go ahead with handling him anyway!

Gang members take Markie to a quiet spot, and gang members rough him up!  At the same time, another of the team, Russell (Ben Mendelsohn) traveled to Florida, where he spilled the beans about their recent hit.  Yet, an associate of Dillon’s hears this, and he goes to tell Jackie.  Not knowing that the men who were hit are pals of Jackie’s, Dillon tells all of what happened! 

Jackie proceeds to consort with his associate, Driver (Richard Jenkins).  Plans are made to have Frankie and Russell killed, along with Markie.  It is later, while on a night road, that Jackie does shoot Markie to death!

Later, Jackie connects with Mickey (James Gandolphini), who is recently out on bail.  Mickey is currently violating his parole because he has crossed state lines for this meeting.  Jackie gives him the details on a hit that he is to do, yet Mickey fumbles the task.  Instead of following through with the murder, Mickey spends his evening using the hit money to get a hotel room, paying prostitutes to spend the evening with him!  Jackie finds this out, so he sets up for Mickey to be arrested for crossing state lines and solicitation while on parole!

Then, Jackie finds Frankie at a bar, where he pressures him into giving details on the location of Johnny.  Later, he takes Frankie to Johnny’s location, the home of one of Johnny’s mistresses.  Frankie watches as Jackie shoots Johnny in cold blood, in the bed with the woman, to death!  Then, not long afterward, Frankie and Jackie drive to an empty garage, where Jackie murders Frankie!

It is the evening of President Obama’s re-election that Driver and Jackie meet.  They mean to finalize their financial arrangements, but Jackie is upset when he learns that he has been underpaid for his tasks as a hitman!  Jackie believed that he was to earn $15,000 for every killing, but he only was being given $10,000.  This was the lesser fee that former mob boss Dillon (Sam Shepard) payed his hitmen, and it currently was not acceptable for what Jackie had done!

It is when President Obama is being televised, accepting his election to The Presidency, that Jackie releases himself from any allegiance to this gang of hitmen.  He snarls at Driver in reference to his anger about his financial displeasure, demanding to be paid.  “It’s a business.  Now fucking pay me”!

Killing Them Softly (Cogan's Trade Movie Tie-in Edition) eBook

They are making the trailers for The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey so exciting!  It is being linked to The Lord of The Rings trilogy, not necessarily similar to the original story.  I am seeing that it is showing the initial link between Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins (Frodo’s dad…), and how the entire ring ruckus got started!  The film premieres December 14!

December 21 will bring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen in The Guilt Trip, Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, and Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd in This Is 40.  The same day has Cirque du Soleil:  Worlds Away!  December 28 will bring Django Unchained, Les Miserables, and Parental Guidance!

Of course, several good films are on the way!  As a true Trekkie (Trekker???), I am excited to hear about Star Trek:  Into the Darkness!  It’s first official trailer will not be released until at least after next week!  Yet, I am getting details that it might focus on an encounter with Kahn, or even an annhilation of Planet Vulcan!  It features the cast of the contemporary Star Trek television show, featuring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.  The movie premieres May 17!

Raid the bank…


over_under_shotgun_turning_md_wht.gif (5979 bytes)

….wit a sawed off shotgun!!!




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NOT Your Pet; NOT Necessarily Your Friend!

December 4, 2012 at 2:12 AM (animal activism, childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

This latest account is one of what seem to be several incidents involving dolphins, and their not-so-pleasing interactions with human beings.  As an animal protection advocate, I again have to declare that I am on the side of the dolphin, here.  Reading this current news clip only gives further evidence of our need to gain a greater understanding and respect for the other inhabitants of our planet, and furthermore, our need simply to leave many of them alone!

Sea World always has been one of the more spectacular theme parks within our nation.  I have had the pleasure of visiting their Orlando and San Antonio sites, enjoying my time at both locations.  It is a good thing that we have these facilities that are meant to display some of the more exotic and intriguing animals of our planet, focusing upon those that live at sea, while educating the public about their manners of existence.  Yet, as with anything, caution always must be taken, and rules always must be followed!

It was yesterday, December 2, when the Thomas family enjoyed their visit to Sea World – Orlando.  They, like most visitors to this theme park, likely were excited about being there, while enjoying the exotic sights of the marine life and related attractions.  Of course, as many people are, The Thomases were happy to see the dolphins.

When reaching the dolphin exhibit, they watched as other people were feeding the marine animals from the side of the pool.  The young girl, eight-year-old Jillian Thomas, was near the pool, excitedly observing.  Jillian got hold of a paper plate from which others had been feeding the dolphins.  As Jillian walked toward the edge of the pool, she still had the now-empty plate in her hand.  One of the dolphins apparently thought that Jillian had food, so it exitedly lept toward the girl, and it got hold of her left hand within it’s mouth!

Yes, dolphins have teeth!  As this particular marine mammal got hold of Jillian’s hand, it held onto it for three or four seconds.  The animal released Jillian, but three bite holes had been punctured into her left hand!  The young girl thought that she was going to be dragged into the dolphins’ pool, as her parents were standing nearby.  Jillian’s father said that he “felt powerless”, while Jillian later commented that she thought that the dolphin “was…going to eat my hand off”!

Mrs. Amy Thomas stated that the response from Sea World officials upset her.  Mrs. Thomas said that they had to ask for bandages, and that they were told nothing of possible health risks from their daughter having been bitten by the dolphin.  Yet, Sea World Representative Becca Bides stated that officials from the theme park were on-hand quickly, giving treatment to Jillian, while mentioning that Sea World gives “clear instructions” on feeding their dolphins.  “Unfortunately”, Bides stated, “there are times when instructions are not followed”!

Dolphins are yet another of the most endangered animals on the planet, with humans being their prime adversaries.  There are thirty-six different species of dolphin, as thirty-two species live within ocean waters, and four species are living within rivers.  Dolphins have one-hundred teeth within their mouths (yes, they bite with force…), though research says that they do not use their teeth for chewing food.  These marine mammals have excellent hearing abilities, vision, and they have been known to interact with humans for centuries.  It is possible that evolution could lead them to being another dominantly sentient species upon our planet!

Strong pull: The dolphin nearly drags Jillian into the water with it



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