NOT Your Pet; NOT Necessarily Your Friend!

December 4, 2012 at 2:12 AM (animal activism, childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

This latest account is one of what seem to be several incidents involving dolphins, and their not-so-pleasing interactions with human beings.  As an animal protection advocate, I again have to declare that I am on the side of the dolphin, here.  Reading this current news clip only gives further evidence of our need to gain a greater understanding and respect for the other inhabitants of our planet, and furthermore, our need simply to leave many of them alone!

Sea World always has been one of the more spectacular theme parks within our nation.  I have had the pleasure of visiting their Orlando and San Antonio sites, enjoying my time at both locations.  It is a good thing that we have these facilities that are meant to display some of the more exotic and intriguing animals of our planet, focusing upon those that live at sea, while educating the public about their manners of existence.  Yet, as with anything, caution always must be taken, and rules always must be followed!

It was yesterday, December 2, when the Thomas family enjoyed their visit to Sea World – Orlando.  They, like most visitors to this theme park, likely were excited about being there, while enjoying the exotic sights of the marine life and related attractions.  Of course, as many people are, The Thomases were happy to see the dolphins.

When reaching the dolphin exhibit, they watched as other people were feeding the marine animals from the side of the pool.  The young girl, eight-year-old Jillian Thomas, was near the pool, excitedly observing.  Jillian got hold of a paper plate from which others had been feeding the dolphins.  As Jillian walked toward the edge of the pool, she still had the now-empty plate in her hand.  One of the dolphins apparently thought that Jillian had food, so it exitedly lept toward the girl, and it got hold of her left hand within it’s mouth!

Yes, dolphins have teeth!  As this particular marine mammal got hold of Jillian’s hand, it held onto it for three or four seconds.  The animal released Jillian, but three bite holes had been punctured into her left hand!  The young girl thought that she was going to be dragged into the dolphins’ pool, as her parents were standing nearby.  Jillian’s father said that he “felt powerless”, while Jillian later commented that she thought that the dolphin “was…going to eat my hand off”!

Mrs. Amy Thomas stated that the response from Sea World officials upset her.  Mrs. Thomas said that they had to ask for bandages, and that they were told nothing of possible health risks from their daughter having been bitten by the dolphin.  Yet, Sea World Representative Becca Bides stated that officials from the theme park were on-hand quickly, giving treatment to Jillian, while mentioning that Sea World gives “clear instructions” on feeding their dolphins.  “Unfortunately”, Bides stated, “there are times when instructions are not followed”!

Dolphins are yet another of the most endangered animals on the planet, with humans being their prime adversaries.  There are thirty-six different species of dolphin, as thirty-two species live within ocean waters, and four species are living within rivers.  Dolphins have one-hundred teeth within their mouths (yes, they bite with force…), though research says that they do not use their teeth for chewing food.  These marine mammals have excellent hearing abilities, vision, and they have been known to interact with humans for centuries.  It is possible that evolution could lead them to being another dominantly sentient species upon our planet!

Strong pull: The dolphin nearly drags Jillian into the water with it

 SEE THESE SITES!!!…girl-being…by-dolphin-at-sea-world…/03/video-seaworld-dolphin-bites-8-year-old-girl

Dolphins graphics



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