High-Drama & Hijinks With Hitmen on Film!

December 9, 2012 at 12:13 AM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

The previews for this film were making it seem as if it was going to be entertaining!  I was anticipating the action and adventure scheme, albeit I am not a Brad Pitt fan.  His presence alone in the movie was somewhat of a deterrent to watching the full film.  Yet, I was not alone, and others had planned to see this movie.

Killing Them Softly begins with the broadcast of a speech by President Barack Obama during his 2012 campaign.  Two hitmen, Frankie (Scott McNairy) and Russell (Ben Mendelsohn), are watching this on television, when they are called to do a job for a man named Cheney.   Both men seem somewhat below the brainscan line, yet they are regular hitmen!

Frankie had some plans to take on a job that he heard about someplace, and he mentions this to his cohort, Johnny (Vincent Curatola).  While they discuss the plans they mean to use another guy, Markie (Ray Liotta), as the set-up man for the job.  After Frankie and Johnny have gotten their items together, they proceed to get Markie.

Getting the plan active, the crew prepares for a night robbery of a group of criminals gathered at the rear section of a convenient store.   They wear gloves and do-rags, while one of them carries a sawed-off shotgun.  The men enter the back section of the building, going into a room where men are playing cards.   As the men are casually entertaining themselves, Frankie and Johnny aim the sawed-off at them!  Markie is told to go down the hall to look for other items. 

Frankie just finished with some rude, personal activities, when he talks to Russell, then they call Jackie (Brad Pitt) to inform him about this job.  As Frankie and Russell begin to connive, Markie stumbles back to them, and they aim the guns at him.  Markie is told to go and to collect money, yet the men at the card table are seasoned criminals, and they begin to toy with him! 

Johnny starts to get cocky with a gun in his hand, and he opts to try stealing more money.  He gets hold of a money-filled case, then the lead criminal as the others prepare to exit.  As Johnny finishes, the crew leaves the store, unscathed!  They drive to the location of Tratman (Ray Liotta), pick him up, and they drive off.   Jackie tells them about a recent call from Dillon, which now has made Jackie the replacement for Dillon.

The group reaches a bridge, under which they park.  The gang tells Jackie about the recent hit with Jackie’s errors, and about Markie, and how he messed up on the recent hit.  They mean to have Jackie get hold of Markie because Trapman apparently made errors with his last part in the crew’s mischief!  Yet, Jackie realizes that Markie is about to be set-up, but he opts to go ahead with handling him anyway!

Gang members take Markie to a quiet spot, and gang members rough him up!  At the same time, another of the team, Russell (Ben Mendelsohn) traveled to Florida, where he spilled the beans about their recent hit.  Yet, an associate of Dillon’s hears this, and he goes to tell Jackie.  Not knowing that the men who were hit are pals of Jackie’s, Dillon tells all of what happened! 

Jackie proceeds to consort with his associate, Driver (Richard Jenkins).  Plans are made to have Frankie and Russell killed, along with Markie.  It is later, while on a night road, that Jackie does shoot Markie to death!

Later, Jackie connects with Mickey (James Gandolphini), who is recently out on bail.  Mickey is currently violating his parole because he has crossed state lines for this meeting.  Jackie gives him the details on a hit that he is to do, yet Mickey fumbles the task.  Instead of following through with the murder, Mickey spends his evening using the hit money to get a hotel room, paying prostitutes to spend the evening with him!  Jackie finds this out, so he sets up for Mickey to be arrested for crossing state lines and solicitation while on parole!

Then, Jackie finds Frankie at a bar, where he pressures him into giving details on the location of Johnny.  Later, he takes Frankie to Johnny’s location, the home of one of Johnny’s mistresses.  Frankie watches as Jackie shoots Johnny in cold blood, in the bed with the woman, to death!  Then, not long afterward, Frankie and Jackie drive to an empty garage, where Jackie murders Frankie!

It is the evening of President Obama’s re-election that Driver and Jackie meet.  They mean to finalize their financial arrangements, but Jackie is upset when he learns that he has been underpaid for his tasks as a hitman!  Jackie believed that he was to earn $15,000 for every killing, but he only was being given $10,000.  This was the lesser fee that former mob boss Dillon (Sam Shepard) payed his hitmen, and it currently was not acceptable for what Jackie had done!

It is when President Obama is being televised, accepting his election to The Presidency, that Jackie releases himself from any allegiance to this gang of hitmen.  He snarls at Driver in reference to his anger about his financial displeasure, demanding to be paid.  “It’s a business.  Now fucking pay me”!

Killing Them Softly (Cogan's Trade Movie Tie-in Edition) eBook

They are making the trailers for The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey so exciting!  It is being linked to The Lord of The Rings trilogy, not necessarily similar to the original story.  I am seeing that it is showing the initial link between Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins (Frodo’s dad…), and how the entire ring ruckus got started!  The film premieres December 14!

December 21 will bring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen in The Guilt Trip, Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, and Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd in This Is 40.  The same day has Cirque du Soleil:  Worlds Away!  December 28 will bring Django Unchained, Les Miserables, and Parental Guidance!

Of course, several good films are on the way!  As a true Trekkie (Trekker???), I am excited to hear about Star Trek:  Into the Darkness!  It’s first official trailer will not be released until at least after next week!  Yet, I am getting details that it might focus on an encounter with Kahn, or even an annhilation of Planet Vulcan!  It features the cast of the contemporary Star Trek television show, featuring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.  The movie premieres May 17!

Raid the bank…


over_under_shotgun_turning_md_wht.gif (5979 bytes)

….wit a sawed off shotgun!!!





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