Great-Great Grandpa-saurus?

December 17, 2012 at 1:08 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, late night studies, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

On this amazing planet of ours, it is truly astounding that there has been such a broad variety of life!  As far as we know, there is nothing else like it within all of the known universe.  Indeed, life has been upon Earth for millions of years.  Of course, the dinosaurs do reign as one of the most fantastic forms of evidence regarding this spectacular variation!

Some of my recent Internet browsing, along with watching some of my favorite television programs, has lead me to review more details about dinosaurs.  I had been watching one of the shows, which announced information about current studies that seem to have lead to the revelation of what could be the world’s oldest dinosaur.  Understanding that these animals truly are what it means to be old, this particular one might be the oldest one of all of them!

Researchers and excavators apparently have been reviewing the fossilized bones of Nyasasaurus parringtoni.  These are supposed to be the remains of what is the earliest-known dinosaur to date!  They originally were excavated during the 1930’s, in The Tendaguru Beds near Manza Bay, Tanzania.  Examinations of the bones have lead to the identifcation of an animal that weighed roughly 130 pounds, while reaching lengths of ten feet.  Additional researchers working with The University of Washington, and The Natural History Museum, London, are currently studying these fossils to learn more about Nyasasaurus.

These present studies of Nyasasaurus parringtoni are picking up where the primary efforts left off.  It was during the 1930’s when Rex Parrington of The University of Cambridge originally got hold of the excavated bones for study purposes.   The studies of Parrington were released during the 1950’s but they never made it into global circulati0n.  It is now that researchers from The University of Washington, along with scientists at The University of California, have picked up on records from Cambridge’s studies to release information about this historically significant find.

A significant detail regarding Nyasasaurus parringtoni is that this dinosaur’s fossils give the indication that all dinosaurs were a branch of a larger species of animal.  The creatures called archosaurs are being revealed as animals having lived upon Earth before the thunder lizards.  Existing during Earth’s Permian Period, roughly 250 million years ago, archosaurs were something like dinosaur ancestors.  After a time of 150 million years, their genetic links seem to have lead to the first dinosaurs.  There is study that may indicate how archosaurs indeed existed alongside dinosaurs, while possible actions that include interbreeding led them to evolve into genetic branches of dinosaurian life!

   Oldest dinosaur Nyasasaurus.jpg

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/Tri_Animals/Dinosaurs/archosaurs.html…nyasasaurus-is-an…20121205-2aui6.html…dinosaur-or-4091017.php

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