A Time For Mourning, Reflection, and Serious Thought

December 18, 2012 at 1:07 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

It is a difficult topic, an uncomfortable topic to discuss continuously.  Yet, it needs to be brought forth, into regular, continuous conversation, so that the everyday person does have the necessary grasp of what is at hand.  Someone needs to be talking about it, continously; more people need to be talking about it, continuously.

It is The Second Amendment of The United States Constitution that guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms.  The U.S. Supreme Court continues to defend this amendment, supporting citizens’ liberties regarding ownership of firearms, while reiterating that the very fabric of our nation is woven with the guarantee that all legitimate citizens of this nation of proper age and certification can own guns without reprieve.  It is through that basic right of a United States citizen where guns are permitted within regular circulation throughout the nation, and they are owned by millions of people throughout the nation.

As we put that into mind, into perspective, questions need to arise that regard the necessity for barrier lines to be drawn.  At what point is it necessary to create borders that barricade citizens from the basic rights of the nation?  When does it become necessary for observations to be enacted in order for citizens to be deemed worthy of having the basic rights of an United States citizen?

The horror of what occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday remains very ripe within the general U.S. psyche.  Children were murdered.  Children were killed.  Children were shot to death, in cold blood, while stripped of their basic rights to progress into the joys of what their lives would bring them.  The assailant, the shooter, the criminal, the murderer, twenty-year-old Adam P. Lanza, focused the pains of whatever he may have been experiencing in his life to regurgitate a singular expression of rage onto innocent victims.

I am semi-watching Nancy Grace right now, listening as people are describing the character descriptions of Adam Lanza.  He was a seemingly bright student, though he was described as an outsider, an individual that did not want to bond with his mother, a young man that did not experience pain readily, while leaving in a semi-lavish home environment.  His mother was devoted to helping him, as they are saying that she did all possible to provide Adam with a comfortable lifestyle.

Other reports are saying that Lanza was an insider, “socially awkward”.  His classmates stated that he did not interact with other students; “he was quiet”.  Indeed portraits are being cast about Lanza, depicting him as a loner, not readily willing to interact with peers.

I can not say that the behavior of this young man should have been, or should not have been a red flag toward his internal thought process.  I have to question how it is that Lanza, along with so many others who have no need for them, readily have access to firearms?  Certainly, if guns and ammunition were not so easily accessible, there would not be such a seeming frequency of these kinds of events!

As I am listening to Letterman now, he is reiterating statements made by a commentator on this subject.  The topic is gun control, and this person has said that “you can’t take guns from everybody”.  I am cautious to agree with that sentiment, as I recognize that we do not want to wind up as pawns having succumbed to a police state.  However, it is obvious that there needs to be a greater observation process and checking procedure on how people can get hold of arsenal, the recognition of a need for possible limits on the amounts of weaponry owned, and a greater focus placed upon the registration with checks for those who do possess firearms.

It is a continuing discussion, and yes, it is a difficult topic.  There is such extreme argument on both sides of the issue.  Yet, there needs to be a more rapid attempt to reach an acceptable centerpoint, as so many things continue to occur, showing where firearms do not belong in the hands of any and everybody.  It is something to think about, especially as we watch the painful windings down to the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut.

A woman lights candles while visiting a memorial to the victims of the recent shooting in Sandy Hook Village in Newtown, Connecticut December 17, 2012. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson



Give diamonds to our darlings……

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…as we reflect during a Silent Night.


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