A Nestling Nook Near Tau Ceti?

December 20, 2012 at 1:29 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

We are getting closer and closer to finding that next planet that might seem just like home!  Astronomers have been observing telescopic viewings, and they have seen details about a nearby star that is showing the potential for harboring an Earth-like world.  This system has been within the group of those to be studied, and updated research is suggesting that more in-depth images could reveal that one of it’s planets needs more exact examination!

Tau Ceti is a “yellow dwarf” star, just like The Sun.  It is slightly smaller, and it is situated twelve light years away from our solar system.  Five planets orbit this star, and current studies are showing that one seems to be within the system’s habitable zone!

This planet has been designated as Tau Ceti E.  It is the fourth planet from Tau Ceti.  The planet’s distance from it’s star is supposed to average at .74 astronomical units, or something like 68,787,297.35 miles (I guess that is right…).  This is comfortably within the habitable zone, the realm where planets should be capable of supporting life as we comprehend it.

At this time, scientists are not certain that Tau Ceti E is a rocky planet.  It is 4.3 times as massive as Earth.  There is some speculation that it could be a water world.  Yet, without precise images and details, it is not truly known as to what the composition of this planet may be!

As for now, the status of Tau Ceti E and it’s neighboring worlds stands at uncomfirmed.  Additional studies of these observations will need to occur before any official statements can be made in regard to the actual status of this planetary system.  If indeed there is a full network of worlds orbiting Tau Ceti, they would not be as close to our solar system as the worlds orbiting Alpha Centauri B!



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