Oahu: Coming Down and Spreading Out!

December 30, 2012 at 2:25 AM (climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, terrestrial studies)

Scientific researchers who actually are getting paid to produce results are revealing information that may or may not be pertinent to the world at large, depending on the general point of view.  There is one study that has been conducted which has gone into the details of the geologic situation of The Hawaiian Islands, as they relate to their positioning upon the planet.  More precise examinations delve into reviews of how the geologic mechanics of the island of Oahu are showing that it is succumbing to it’s own tectonic activities!

Research from recent studies involved with programs that include Brigham Young University and The United States Geological Survey are showing that major mountains on Oahu eventually will reduce to ground-level basins.  It seems that elevated tidal surges will lead to gradual rates of erosion upon the rock surface of Oahu.  After years and years of degradation by the continuous water flow, the island eventually will dissolve!

The major mountain range of Oahu, Waianae, and it’s major peak,  Koolau, are supposed to diminish to flat, island-like surfaces!  They will have dissolved because of increased levels of water upon the island chain, also.  Researchers have identified that more than one type of rock comprises The Hawaiian Islands, and that will be a determining factor in identifying how the levels of erosion will affect the rates at which the land levels and mountains are eroding.

Whereas the rock surface of Oahu is eroding, the island itself is projected to expand.  As the plate tectonic factors of the planet follow through, the island will grow for a continued 1.5 million years, succumbing to groundwater, then reducing to a lesser area.  Studies currently are being done by students at The University of Hawai’i, and they have been published within Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.  So, the conclusion might be that Oahu will have reduced in altitude, yet it will have increased it’s overall area!

Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific, Shows Study








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