Pluto ROCKS!

February 25, 2013 at 6:42 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

Pluto! Pluto!  For a planet that we have kicked out of the club, it seems that we do have a lot of fascination for it!  The studies of the distant world continue, as information about it is being brought forth that is making it seem more fascinating than most of the other worlds in our solar system.

Right now, yet another moon has been located in orbit of Pluto!  That brings the total number of natural satellites around the distant world to five.  FIVE!  The ex-planet, and it’s long-known moon, Charon (pronounced Karon) have been recognized together since 1978.   During 2005, the moons Hydra and Nix were discovered by the use of the powerful Hubble Space Telescope.  Then, 2011 brought the announcement that a fourth moon orbited Pluto, which maintains the label of S/2011 (134340) 1, and is temporarily designated as P4.  Not to be concluded, July 2o12 revealed that Pluto held even more, with S/2012 (134340) 1, also called P5, found around the ex-planet!

Well. despite no longer being an official planetary resident of our solar system (as designated by Earthlings…), Pluto’s moons still will receive Earth-designated names!  It seems that S.E.T.I. has conducted a research poll to get a gathering for the selection of name choices for the nameless moons of Pluto.  S.E.T.I. put forth a Pluto Rocks Poll, where the names Cerberus and Vulcan emerging as the winners of the names for the newly-observed natural satellites.

The Pluto Rocks Poll was conducted in conjuction with celebrity-actor William Shatner of Star Trek fame.  A total of 450,324 votes were tallied to place the name of Vulcan as one of the newly-observed moons of Pluto.  Then, almost 100,000 votes were counted to give the name of Cerberus to the the additionally-located Plutonian satellite.  Cerberus is the three-headed hound of Hell in Roman mythological lore, while Vulcan is the god of fire in Roman mythology, and the home of Mr. Spock in the world of Star Trek!

So, Pluto is packing five moons!  It is NOT an official planet of our solar system, so says the Earthling!  It is a dwarf planet, meaning it is within it’s orbital path around The Sun along with objects of seemingly similar size.  It’s primary moon Charon orbits The Sun along with Pluto in synch with each other, meaning they face each other constantly as they travel around our star.  Pluto is at the edge of, or within The Kuiper Belt, which is the area at the edge of our solar system where comets, and other icy objects are created.

                                                                                           These may soon be the names of Pluto's family of moons (Hubble image: NASA, ESA and M. Showalter/SETI)   FILE - This file image provided by NASA on Feb. 22, 2006 from it's Hubble Space Telescope shows Pluto and three of it's five moons. Astronomers announced a contest Monday, Feb. 11, 2013 to name the two tiny moons of Pluto discovered over the past two years. Twelve choices are available at the website “plutorocks.” (AP Photo/NASA, File)

SEE THESE SITES!!!…has-big…name-plutos-newly-discovered-moons…kirks-vulcan-top-name-new-pluto-moons

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