Hailing the Triumph of Success Against the Odds!

March 17, 2013 at 12:38 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I caught the headline to this one story, and I wanted to find out what the story was about.  As I read further, I saw that it was leading into something about a young girl being tortured by her elders.  I was about to stop because I did not think that I was in the mood to read about, to learn about yet another tale of some children somewhere being abused.  Yet, curiousity got the better of me, so I did read into the article.

….and the HORROR!  The clip took readers into an explanation of what has happened with one particuar fourteen year-old girl living in Enoosaen, Kenya.  The young girl, Kakenya Ntaiya, was a part of a common Masai village located within Kenya.  She recently reached the age of fourteen, when she became eligible (if that is a decent choice of terms….) to take part within her village’s tribal rituals.  At this age, Kakenya, along with other young girls who recently turned fourteen years old, instantly were set to be subjected to a rite of passage.  Here, the girls are taken before a ceremonial setting, and they are publicly circumcised!

No; doctors, surgeons, nor any medical professionals are present.  Kakenya, along with other young Masai females, are presented before their tribe members and their husbands-to-be, where they are prepared to endure the painful procedure of circumcision, as performed by the tribal elders.  It was in Kakenya’s case where she was set within a cow pen that was behind where she lived.  Her village members were present, as an old woman with a knife entered the pen.  Kakenya had to be seated, lifting her skirt, then her legs.  At that point, the female tribal elder entered Kakenya’s vaginal area with the rusty knife, and she began to perform their tribal ritual of circumcision upon Kakenya.

She recalled that it was painful.  Certainly that is an understatement, as no surgical instruments, anesthetics, or medical necessities were present at any location near to Kakenya.  However, she was made to take part in this act of brutality, as it is a ritualistic part of her Masai tribe.  Kakenya recently had turned fourteen years old, already within the point at she was prime to be selected by a village male for marriage.  All females to be married within this Masai village must endure the ritual of female circumcision.  At that point, during 1993, Kakenya was made to suffer these tribal actions also, as her male suitor soon would be preparing her to be his bride.

Kakenya, however, had a different mindset working.  She already had made a deal with her father, setting it so that she would suffer through the circumcision ritual if he would see that she was able to finish with high school afterward, instead of being immediately married away.  Her father agreed to this deal, as Kakenya told him that she would run away if the deal was not kept.  So, it was amazing that Kakenya remained strong enough to complete her base education within Kenya.  Then, with money raised by her fellow Masai villagers, Kakenya made it to The United States, where she had earned a collegiate scholarship!

Kakenya spent ten years within The United States completing collegiate education.  She received her undergraduate degree during 2004, earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Studies.   Then, Kakenya proceeded to earn a Doctorate in Education.  With these skills and preparations, Kakenya was able to return to her Masai village, where she opened a school for young females.  Now, she runs The Kakenya Center for Excellence (also known as Kakenya’s Dream), where she assists over 150 Kenyan female youths with attaining education, along with preparations to proceed into lives that will take them beyond their Masai village.

I found that to be a very inspiring and uplifting report.  Such stories reaffirm the fact that people can get beyond the torments of their current lives to reach for something better, something higher.  As with what Kakenya endured, several people would have given up, falling victim to the torments of society, as presented on whichever level is set for the landscape at hand.  Yet, it does require the focus, the determination, and the motivation to be able to attempt finding a higher level of living, setting the scene toward success despite such examples of horrific background.











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