Star Child Found at Peru is One of Many?

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The supposition that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings is not about to cease at any soon moment.  Details regarding the topic can be sought throughout The Internet at any time, along with several stories, programs, and articles which perpetuate the ongoing belief that our planet is a frequent point of interest to life forms from other worlds.  Information, along with other related postings, can be located readily.  Yet, the actual questions, the suppositions, and the arguments will continue.

All sorts of stories can be located that tell of extraterrestrials having walked upon Earth during our planet’s past.  One of the recent and more intriguing presentations of alien visitation surrounds the Cuzco incident.  Last year, an archaelogical explorer had visited the ancient Inca ruins at Cuzco, Peru.  An anthropologist named Renato Riquelme Davila claimed to have found mummified remains of something that was deemed to be extraterrestrial.  The skeletal remains were taken (confiscated???) by officials who took them for study.  Apparently, researchers from Russia and Spain also observed the bones, leading them to conclude that they were not human.

The mummified bones were that of a bipedal being.  It was approximately 4’2″, with an unusually large skull.  The skull itself was between 7 and 11 inches long.  The optical sockets were far larger than those of human beings.  It was recognized to be an adult being, as research of it’s teeth showed that it had permanently-set molars.

The skeleton has been dubbed as “Star Child”!  Apparently, medical officials from Russia and from Spain were able to review the bones.  Their observations lead them to conclude that the skeleton was of something that was not native to Earth!  Davila, being The Director of The Museum District Andean Rituals Andahuaylillas, researched the skeleton, as well.  His conclusions lead him to coordinate research with two doctors from Spain, along with an affiliate from Russia.  Through the combined observations of these officials, an agreed conclusion was reached to state that the skeleton was not that of a human being.

Other details were presented that might dismiss the claims of the bones being extraterrestrial.  One suggestion was presented that the bones coulds be the remains of a child that died due to the results of congenital hydrocephalus.  This illness leads to an excess of cerebrospinal fluid, which places extreme amounts of pressure upon the brain and the skull.  This condition does create a situation of skull deforming because of this excess pressure from the fluid.  Regarding the allegedly alien bones, they truthfully could be those of a human being who had this illness, and did live long enough to grow permanent molar teeth.

It is so apparent that many of us as mere mortals want to be able to verify that Earth is not alone in this vast universe of planets that could harbor life.  As to whether or not this particular display is that of an actual extraterrestrial being, the evidence mounts against the suggestion.  Indeed, it is unusual in appearance, regarding the remains of a human / humanoid lifeform.  Yet, it would seem that the explanation of a buried human being who died as a result of deforming medical issues does stand as plausible, if not more reasonable, than having the actual bones of an extraterrestrial being now hidden somewhere for scientific research.

Why would this really be an alien?  Did he/she/it have no other travelling companions?  Did not of it’s species want to return to claim the body?  Would it really be the case that extraterrrestrial life would be so visually similar to life on Earth that the actual differences of detail are minor at most?

Just questions.  I have to admit that I, like so many others, would like to know whether or not Earth is alone in all that is recognized as the universe.  There is so much space within space that it seems rediculous for our planet to be the only planet to have anything alive and crawling about it!  Yet, until actual contact is made, visual confirmations, audible confirmations are made with beings from worlds beyond our Earth, all that we can do is to speculate, creating continued conjecture about life elsewhere in the universe, and the possibilities of that life having been upon our world at some prior time.

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