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…but for the STUPIDITY of sheep!  Actually, this is quite funny!  Not being an overly religious zealot, or one too eager to believe any and everything that I hear, I am completely amused at some current clips regarding the irrational and illogical ideas of some United States citizens.  It is funny, yet ultimately, it can be disturbing and distressing.

These details actually were released at the start of last week.  As I am watching / listening to Bill Maher in the background, I chose to view The Internet for some of the current political jargon and conspiracy theories that are going back and forth.  I found myself stopped when I opened one link, where details regarding U.S. opinions could be found.

The Guardian, an online news presentation out of The United Kingdom, presented an Internet article this past Tuesday.  It gave details regarding a survey taken by Public Policy Polling.  This is an U.S. survey system which regularly conducts inquiries and studies of U.S. public opinions.  Some of their latest popular inquiries probe the thoughts of citizens regarding political views, specifically concerning ideas on opinions about popular candidates.  However, one of the polls strayed from current politics altogether, as it presented details on U.S. thoughts about conspiracy theories!

After what I read, I was highly amused, then surprisingly agitated.  Surely, people out there are not that silly, not that stupid!  Several of the questions asked for the survey were about political issues, yet others turned toward it’s interrogations of participants on their ideas about topics that included Bigfoot, crack-cocaine, media-connected mind control, September 11, 2011, and even unidentified flying objects.  It was amazing, stunning, and even scary to read the results of these polls!

Well, one poll conducted was about the belief in extraterrestrials.  The results of that survey showed that 29% of people questioned do believe that extraterrestrial life exists.  Perhaps that is a somewhat small figure, yet I suppose it is nearly accurate for one random poll.  I do think that is a small number, being one that does believe that such a topic is factual, but I do realize that so many others are against the idea until actually obvious proof is presented.  For whatever reason, so many people refuse to believe, are uncapable of recognizing, that the universe is vast, and it would be senseless for our planet to be the only planet harboring life.  Surely they are out there, they just may be a long, long way away!

Also, there remain conspiracy theories about the 1963-1972 Apollo Program.  Several rumors and related conversations can be heard, regarding ideas that The Apollo moon landings never occurred.  There are several claims that the entire effort at trips to and from The Moon by N.A.S.A. was a hoax!  Chatter is spread, including statements like there are no stars seen in the moon landing photos, the actual photos would have melted because of radioactive heat at the surface of the moon, and faked photographs because of too many alleged light sources at the lunar landing site.

Topics about the national government were presented into polls.  The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a topic, where 51% of persons polled feel that a greater conspiracy was at play surrounding the murder of The 35th President.  As I was not around at the time of the event, I go off of what I have heard and read, which has lead to a personal belief that more happened than what has been told to the general public.  There seems to be too much information regarding several gunshots having gone off, not just the single shot that allegedly was behind President Kennedy’s murder.

Our Planet Earth is getting warmer, and that is a FACT!  Yet, according to this poll, there is a 37% level of people questioned who think that global warming is a joke!  Another 12% of people questioned could not say one way or another about the legitimacy of global warming.  However, 51% of people polled do realize that global warming is NOT a hoax, nor is it some conspiracy theory!

A disturbing announcement was that this poll is revealing that nearly one out of four U.S. citizens believes that President Obama is The Antichrist!  I nearly choked while chuckling, before trying to realize that there is a large number of religious zealots out there.  Added to that thought, so many people still want to put The President in some level of light to degrade him, despite the work he has been doing to assist and to stabilize our nation, even getting our soldiers out of Afghanistan and Iraq!  Additionally, President Obama has done surprisingly GOOD things for this nation, including working to create policies for the regulations of carbon monoxide emissions, working to save U.S. banks before any financial collapses, removing restrictions on stem cell research, working to positively revise Medicare, closing Guantanamo Bay, and signing the $789 billion economic stimulus package-plan (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009).

I suppose it is not unusual that such actions like the consistent dissemination of falsified facts occur regularly.  It is likely a part of our culture, of human nature, to have a need to fabricate information, to elaborate upon fantasies, according to some need for keeping ourselves excited and enthused about the surrounding world.  The particular details that were provided by The Guardian merely display the nature of how various segments of society go about recognizing reality, and interpreting information that often is presented through media sources, along with public conversational interaction.

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  1. Alan Atwater said,

    I have a few issues with what you wrote. I’ll start with the global warming issue since it seems to be one of the most controversial. The main reason people don’t believe in global warming is because politician have used the argument to tax businesses and expand the role of government, which is not a solution to the so called problem. It’s hard for people to believe the side that is in political opposition to their own, and the governments solution to the problem hurts the energy sectors of our economy almost 100%, which tend to support republicans. So with the issue so heavily politicized people will either ignore facts or change them to fit their view. Fact: After and Ice Age the plant warms. Is that not global warming? The modern industrial world was not around during any of the previous Ice Ages and the planet warmed, but now it’s humanity’s faught. There have been powerful hurricanes as far back as the discovery of the new world, but the powerful storms of today are because of global warming. Global warming to the left is what terrorism is to the right. It’s just another reason for government to take more control of our lives. Liberty is in recession.

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