On-Screen Cruise Champions A Lost Humanity!

April 20, 2013 at 2:08 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, movie reviews, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

I truly enjoy science fiction films!  I had been looking forward to seeing this evening’s presentation for several weeks, and I will say that I was not disappointed.  It did have a few points where I needed to do some double takes, yet it was an overall fantastic feature presentation!

Oblivion begins with Sykes (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) recalling a different world, before the year 2077.  When that year arrived, nearly half a century had passed, and Earth was plunged into complete chaos.  A war with an extraterrestrial species had taken place, and the majority of civilization had been destroyed.  Most of what remained of humanity had relocated to a terraformed Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.  There, a system had been created to transform hydrogen, along with traces of oxygen in the atmospheres of Saturn and Titan, into water!

Jack (Tom Cruise) works as a technician to repair ground drones on Titan.  He does maintenance for a major techincal and terraforming company.  During one mission, Jack is armed, and he drives a motorcycle upon the remains of a building.  He leaps into a hole outside of this building, remaining in contact with a female speaker from his home base.  Jack tells her all that he sees, as he walks into what seems to be a library.

Suddenly, Jack is caught by the leg, by a rope, and he is dragged!  He has a gun, and he shoots to break free.  Jack then attempts to escape by a pull-wire, but it breaks.  He is assualted by masked creatures, yet a machine with arsenal protects him!

A moment later, Jack escapes.  He gets out of the library, out of the hole, and he mounts his motorcycle.  Jack makes it back to his home base.  Yet, once there, he finds that the power is out, and that the power source had been blown up!  He works with a female worker at the base to find out what caused the power accident. Jack locates a homing beacon, and he shuts it down.  Then, he leaves to a forest area, where a base is located.  He enters, and he makes residence.

While relaxing, Jack is awakened by the noise of an object flying over the base.  It crashes some distance away, and he goes to the impact site.  He is told by his superiors to stand down because hostile drones are coming to this site.  Yet, Jack refuses, as he sees something in the crash site.  He disobeys commands to return to the base, proceeding to the crash site, then rescuing five survivors.

Suddenly, a tech drone appears, and it kills one survivor!  Then, it proceeds to attack Jack!  It stands down just before it fires upon Jack.  He moves forward to rescue a survivor named Victoria (Andrea Risenborough), and one young woman named Julia (Olga Kurylenko).  Julia has been in stasis for sixty years, and she does not know that Earth was attacked!

The group now come to an understanding of what is happening.  Earth was attacked during Julia’s stasis, and it is currently unihabitable by humans.  Half of The Moon is gone!  Surviving humans have managed to migrate to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

It is the next day when Julia speaks to Jack.  She wants to know what happened.  Jack takes her to get the flight recording from her ship, which is a dangerous trip.  Yet, the do make it to the crash site, where they rescue a boy.  Suddenly, Jack is attacked!

Beings carry Jack away, and Julia requests a scan of the area.  Jack finds himself chained to a chair, when a voice suddenly speaks.  A  man appears by the light of a match.  Lights are turned on, and Jack suddenly sees a chamber full of  people.  The man speaking seems to be friendly, yet the room full of people are ready to kill Jack!

The man identifies himself as Beech (Morgan Freeman), as Jack learns that people are weary of outsiders, as they are being hunted.  Tech drones are everywhere outside of their hiding zone, attempting to catch and to kill people, and to take control of Titan.  The one drone that they have managed to catch, and they mean to find out how it works so that they can gain an advantage!

Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), the leader of the human control force, has dispatched armed drones to find Jack.  Meanwhile, Beech sends Jack to the radiation zones to find Julia.  He does locate her, and they reach a tower, where Jack is able to relay a message to the others that he is safe.

Jack learns that Julia was on a research flight to Titan, and an object was loaded onto the flight.  Then, she claims to be Jack’s wife, telling Jack that he is not the man that he believes himself to be!  Jack slowly pieces memories together, managing to recall some of his time spent with Julia.

Jack and Julia return to the home base.  Yet, Victoria will not allow them to enter, as she has placed an order out to have Jack killed!  Jack is shot, yet he is rescued by Julia, then they both are given a new mission. Jack refuses, and Victoria sends attack drones to capture him!

Jack and Julia fly into a stormy atmosphere of Titan.  They reach a mountainous area, where they follow a river to hide within cliffs.  Jack maneuvers behind the attack drones, shooting and destroying them.  Yet, he is attacked, then he is knocked into Titan’s radiation zone, where he and Julia eventually crash.

Jack escapes, getting to the site where another ship is landing.  He runs to the pilot, and he is stunned to see that this pilot is him!  Then, he sees a dead Julia on the ship, having been shot in a fight between two versions of Jack.  At that point, one version of Jack runs to the dead Julia, while the other Jack boards the shuttle ship to fly back to the home base.

Upon reaching the base, Jack tries to get Julia to return with him to the surface of Titan.  However, Julia refuses.  Jack flies back, healing the shot Julia, then taking her along with him to Titan.  They reach a lakeside cottage in the woods (…on Titan), where Jack concludes that he is not himself!  Yet, Julia shares with Jack memories of their romantic past!

Jack returns to the resistance with Julia, where they meet with Beech.  Jack resumes his post as the commander of the resistance.  They attempt battling attack drones, yet three drones have flown into attack the resistance base.  A battle begins!

Jack fights furiously, and he nearly is killed.  He does survive, and Beech is injured severely.  Jack and Julia proceed to a launch chamber where he places her into a capsule called The Odyssey Mission.  At that moment, Jack has a recollection of his prior mission, further pressing him to get Julia to safety.

Jack makes it into the capsule to confront the command system that is controlling this function, along with all other major human functions.  Jack sees that this system is called Sally, and that it has humans being held in biological stasis.  Sally is on Titan, where it is controlling all computer functions that have taken over human life and activity!

Jack unites with Beech, and they opt to travel to Titan.  Once arriving at the Saturnian moon, they set off a bomb.  With their last words, “fuck you, Sally”, Jack and Beech destroy Sally, and they free humanity from the state of computerized stasis!

Oblivion movie poster

I am so pumped up about seeing this updated release of Superman!  Man of Steel opens June 14, so it promises to be one of the summer blockbusters!  These pre-trailers already are so exciting that they have the comics fans bursting into conniptions because the movie is not out NOW!


Buffed up, blowed up, beefed up Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg make it to the big screen next week!  Looking like two ham hocks, they star as body builders who get tied up in a bungled extortion and kidnapping scheme.  The movie Pain and Gain is a mix of comedy, along with action and drama, that means to draw a crowd!  The same date of April 26 has The Big Wedding and Mud!

May will open with The Iceman and Iron Man 3 on The 3rd.  The following week brings The Great Gatsby and Tyler Perry’s Peeples.  May 17 premieres Erased and Star Trek:  Into Darkness, while May 24 presents the animation of Epic, Fast & Furious 6, and The Hangover Part III.  May 31 has the exciting release of father and son Will and Jaden Smith in After Earth, the suspense of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in Now You See Me, along with Ethan Hawke headlining a sc-fi/thriller called The Purge!

So excited about these movies;

I had to Scream and Shout!!!

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