A Bite For Bad Behavior?

May 12, 2013 at 12:19 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Actually, this report happened at the beginning of the month, but I am just getting to an entry about the topic.  It is terrible!  Having had the joy and the pain of working within public schools, I recognize that students can pose pressing predicaments for those attempting to assist them with the advancements of their educational achievements.  Most students indeed are above and beyond the levels of excellent.  Yet, we all know very well that there are those groups of (ahem…) hooligans who will test the limits of those attempting to assist them with reaching their academic goals.

This has happened in Tennessee, where a teacher has been disciplined after having had to suffer the negative actions of a hostile teacher toward a student.  Johnson City, Tennessee is the home of Johnson City Schools, where Indian Trail Intermediate School is located.  Here, a teacher seemingly lost sight of things that she was and was not allowed to put into her mouth!

It was March 22 when Mrs. Erin Arnold was teaching her related arts writing class.  This particular day, Mrs. Arnold was working with her students, and she was in a seemingly jovial mood when presenting the lesson.  At one point, Arnold called out one eleven year-old girl to question her.

Apparently, Arnold told the girl that if she did not answer the question correctly, she would bite the girl!  The reports say that the child was called upon, she answered the question incorrectly, then Arnold requested that the girl hold out her arm.  At that point, Arnold reached for the girl’s arm, picked it up, and bit it in a seemingly playful manner.  However, a bite mark and bruise were left on the girl’s arm! (Hungry-hungry-hefier….)

School administrators did question four of the students that did see what happened. One of them stated that Arnold had been “playing around with them” while giving the lesson.  The student did say that Arnold stated that she would bite the next student who gave the wrong answer.  It was at that point when the student stated that Arnold placed her mouth onto the child’s arm.  Yet, the student said that, “I don’t think it hurt because (the student) giggled”.

Four students did report that Arnold bit the girl on her arm between her wrist and forearm.  Other students said that they heard children laughing, and that the girl who was bitten did not complain after the alleged attack.  The teacher stated that she did not bite the student, although she said that she did put her mouth on the girl!

Indian Trail Superintendent Richard Bales wrote a letter to Arnold, where he stated that she was to be suspended for three days without pay.  He stated that her actions of biting a student are unprofessional and of improper conduct, going onto state that “physical contact of this type in the future will result in more severe consequences”.  Additionally, the student was removed from Arnold’s art class, and transferred to another art class.

It is good that more and more random incidents are making it to publicity.  Granted, this may have been an action of innocence, yet it was seemingly strange.  Other actions may be occurring in other areas to students that involve adults inflicting actions upon them in awkward manners that need to be presented to the public, for the sake of the childrens’ safety, and even their sanity.  It likely is important to keep in mind how to react with someone else’s items of importance when thinking of how you would want them to act in turn with your treasured things.







Little mouth

…you look pretty tasty, kid.


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