She Was Told to Make Dogs Heel!

June 11, 2013 at 9:08 PM (curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

This really is a weird story!  I was completely stunned by it, first after hearing news clips about the incident, then after reading news articles about what took place.  I mean, what are the words?  Vicious?  Insane?  Pissed off?  Huh?

I have heard all about not messing with a woman scorned, and the alleged consequences that happen to those whom choose to do so, despite warnings.  Additionally, I would have to recognize the need to keep my private affairs indeed just that; especially those which could lead to dire consequences when revealed.  Well, whatever all of the warnings have been put out there time and time again, you just can not have everyone to heed all of them at all times!

Passion, romance, and sex!  It is such a dominant part of life, however you want to mask it, however you want to discuss it.  We get the message time and time again that these emotions need to be dealt with carefully and responsibly, lest we end up on the wrong side of romance’s razor!

This is out of Houston, where an educator from The University of Houston was murdered by his romantic companion.  Professor Alf Stefan Andersson was found dead last night.  His lover, Ana Lilia Trujillo, is the primary suspect in Andersson’s death.  She was the only person present, after she called Houston Police to state that Andersson had been killed!

When the cops arrived at the condo, they made it to the 18th floor Parklane Building residence of Professor Andersson.  They were greeted by a bloody-handed Trujillo, who then lead them to the dead body of her lover.  Andersson was laid-out within the hallway, on his back, face-up with a stiletto heel busting-forth from his forehead!  There were other puncture wounds throughout his body also, each with pierce entrances indicative of intrusion by a high-heeled shoe!  Each of the holes in Andersson’s head was ten to fifteen inches in depth, and there were stab wounds in his arms, face, and neck, also!

A motive has not been listed officially for the murder.  Of course, speculation can lead one to reach the conclusion that this is the result of a romance gone awry!  I was actually trying to imagine the strength necessary for her to have popped through his skull with the heel of her shoe!  I guess it really would not have to be that strong, if she used enough strength, and she hit him at whatever exact location of his forehead.  As he is/was a professor, I will give him the benefit of saying that his head was not hollow, so it could not have been too simple to crack his skull with a shoe.  Yet, Ana Trujillo did it, and now Alf  Stefan Andersson is dead!

Trujillo was taken into custody by Houston Police.  She currently is in jail, being held on a bond of $100,000.  Her court date was today.  As a citizen-resident of México, Trujillo requested a court-appointed attorney for this case.  Further details will come!

Ana Lilia Trujillo appeared in court on Tuesday, June 11. Trujillo is charged with murder in the death of Dr. Stefan Andersson, a 59-year-old University of Houston professor.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/professor-killed…heel-police-say

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When she’s f-ed up, ain’t nothing you can do about it!!!


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