Apophis and 21st Century Asteroid Attacks!

October 19, 2013 at 8:08 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, public debate, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

It has been discussed off and on for the past several years, and as the date (and the rock) approaches, the surrounding information has become more compelling to the observant public.  The space rock designated as 99942 Apophis continues on it’s current course though space, which may bring it into direct collision with Planet Earth!  The continued updates of studies regarding Apophis state that the asteroid will have two near encounters with our world before the middle of this century.  The space rock is supposed to make a near grazing of our world during 2029, with an even closer fly-by during 2036!

Yet, recent news reveals that it is not Apophis which is bringing immediate concern to the scientific and the generally curious communities.  One asteroid has been designated as 2013TV135, and it actually flew by Earth this past Wednesday!  Of course, nothing serious occurred because of it’s fly-by, as the rock drifted by our world at a distance of roughly 4.2 million miles.  This particular space rock is one-fourth of a mile in size.  2013TV135 again will skim past Earth during 2032.  Yet, scientific researchers are cautioning the public not to stress over any potential disaster to come because of this oncoming approach.

2013TV135 is supposed to fly past Earth in nineteen years, yet there is updated information regarding an asteroid that will graze Earth this coming February!  The asteroid named 2012DA14 will approach our planet during this coming February 2014.  It is creating controversy within the scientific and the otherwise curious communities because of it’s potentially perilous proximity to our planet as it flies by.  Discovered by astronomers at La Sagra Observatory, the space rock itself is roughly 150 feet wide, and it already has missed Earth with a potential strike on February 15, 2013.

Upon the approach of 2012DA14, it is alleged to come to a distance of roughly 17, 200 miles of Earth’s surface.  This is closer to Earth than the distance of many orbiting satellites!  It’s possibility to impact Earth have many researchers alluding to the Tunguska event of 1908!  At that impact, an asteroid exploded over Siberia, flattening roughly 500,000 acres of the northern Russian forest area!

The approach of 2013TV135 during 2032 currently is investigated to have little disruption to our planet.  Scientists with N.A.S.A.’s Near-Earth Object Program, along with researchers at Aricebo Observatory, currently are stating that this asteroid has a one in 48,000 chance of impacting Earth during that year.  The researchers do know that the space rock will pass Earth on August 26, 2032 (…mark your calendars now).  It actually was discovered Tuesday prior, October 8, when it nearly grazed Earth at a distance of 4.2 million miles!

All eyes do remain on Apophis!  This asteroid’s potential encounter with Earth during 2029, with it’s second-shot during 2036 have the scientific community, along with others in effort to protect the planet, attempting to make whatever motions are meaningful to prevent any potentially planetary peril due to this space rock.  Some plans are being made currently, almost as if out of the script for the film Armageddon!  N.A.S.A. is concocting “a response strategy” to deal with the possible peril of Apophis by gathering astronauts and scientists to prepare a strategy for warding off this potentially deadly intruder from deep space!

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A Possible Water-World Found?

October 2, 2013 at 7:09 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

We are getting closer!!!  Surely, it might not seem like it, yet we really might be looking at life on an alien world before we know it!  Indeed, that life might be our own!  Would not that be something!

These astronomers, and related scientific researchers have been working tirelessly to find out more and more of the intricacies to the details about all of what is within what we are understanding as outer space.  Currently, it has been a team of astronomers out of Japan who have come up with exciting discoveries regarding studies of an alien solar system that has been of recent scientific fascination.  Telescopic eyes from eastern Asia have been reviewing a potentially habitable world in a Gliese system!

Located roughly 42 light years away, the world Gliese 1214 b is found.  This is practically nearby, in terms of galactic distances.  The system is located within The Ophiuchus Constellation.

Scientists are excited about Gliese 1214 b because it seems highly possible that this world has a hydrogen-filled atmosphere, filled with clouds that could disperse water droplets!  Teams of investigators, including researchers lead by Dr. Michitoshi Yoshida at Hiroshima University of Japan, have been studying observed information about this world.  They have used tools aboard The Subaru Space Telescope, which include The FOCAS Optical Camera, and The Suprime Cam, to capture more detailed images of the distant world.

The planet itself is said to be 2.7 times the diameter of Earth.  It is seven times as massive as our world.  The hydrogen-filled atmosphere alludes to the presence of water!  Scientists indeed want to do further investigations, finding out whether or not water exists merely within the clouds, or if it can be found elsewhere on Gliese 1214 b.  An existence of water would be a bull’s eye for the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life, as water is what is needed ultimately for all that we understand as life!

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