A Brief Thought of Politics Right Now….

August 20, 2014 at 6:42 PM (curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I am half-ass watching this jack-ass, Texas Governor Rick Perry, as he gets his mug shot taken after his indictment, while some woman talks about him making Texas the laughing stock of the nation!  My question would be, why did not you consider that when you voted for him the first damned time?  Surely you heard the rest of the nation laughing then?!?!  Anyhow…

I look at more relevant news, seeing where these insanely murderous militants of I.S.I.S. are at their villainously wicked antics!  It was earlier when a video was posted on YouTube, showing where the terrorist organization had United States citizen and journalist James Foley as their captive.  During the video, Foley is shown on his knees, beside someone who is wearing all-black clothing.  He is made to read a statement that says, “the real killer is America”!  Soon thereafter, Foley’s head is cut off of his body!  RUTHLESS!

I.S.I.S. is in NO WAY meant to be portrayed as anything more than a despicably disgusting collection of criminals and crap.  Currently stationed in Iraq and Syria, this terrorist assemblage is working in attempts to shut down and to destroy anything that contradicts their strict and harsh beliefs of Islam, likely as displayed through the mannerisms of their leadership.  They work through ruthless actions of terror that include capturing their enemies, then torturing them, executing them, and even beheading some of them!

It seems to be something of a slippery line.  I often hear several people questioning, “why are we over there anyway”, or “why do we care what is happening in Iraq”.  Well, first of all, it is a greater problem than initially realized.  What happens over there will affect The U.S., does affect The U.S., at various levels.  There is a major oil supply under Iraq.  Surely, everyone realizes the need to have practically liberal access to oil.  Iraq has a major arsenal supply.  Those weapons do not need to be out of place, out of hand, and wound up in a position to be targeted at us, or anyone else, for that matter!  With the combination of their mass amounts of oil, and their excess military stock, Iraq is NOT someplace to be taken lightly!

I do not know.  This conversation can go on, will go on for a long time.  Pointing fingers at President Obama is not really useful, I do not think, as he did not put our troops into this position.  I would blast W, yet I do recognize that something needed to be done with Saddam Hussein.  However, I do not think that we needed to be engaged in a decades-long battle royal in The Middle East!  I did think, always have thought that it has been about our desire to have a greater access/control of the mass oil supply at that area of the world.  Having allies over enemies makes it easier to get to this much needed substance.  I DO think that Mr. Obama should be making greater efforts to bring our troops HOME FROM THE MIDDLE EAST before his term ends in 2016!

Alright.  That was my evening brain fart.  Iraq and related issues will be on the news for weeks, months to come.  This crap with Rick Perry is highlighting local Texas televisions now, with possible clips catching national attention.  If there is comedy enough in it to last for him to actually lead into some level of trial time, that would be certainly great, at least for the comedy of it!  I would like to find out which other states have had such blatant buffoons as their elected leaders?  Now, what does that say about the state?

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