NOT to Be Tolerated; NOT AT ALL!

July 28, 2015 at 7:49 PM (animal activism, cultural acknowledgment, curious research, current news, environmental issues, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, terrestrial studies, web gossip)

Alright, alright, alright (shout-out to Matthew…)!  It has been A WHILE since I have actually sat my fuzzy behind down and blogged!  Yet, after tonight’s events, I could not stay away any longer.  Writing and blogging is what I love to do, after all, so I need to get back into the swing of things.  Besides, with the winds blowing from this shit that has occurred just recently, I can NOT just let it ride without saying something somewhere to someone!  DAMN IT!!!

I am sure that anyone with any level of cognizance has heard the news events of today.  Specifically, I am referring to what went down in Africa; Zimbabwe.  One of these assholes who feels that it is a fun and entertaining thing to hunt animals for sport went into The Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe, armed with a rifle, and targeting wild animals.  This man (term used loosely…) named Walter James Palmer, a resident of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, entered the supposed sanctuary on the evening of July 6 with intentions to slaughter the wondrous wildcat.

Palmer was accompanied by Johnny Rodrigues, the head of The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (of all things…).  It was at night, and they were using a spotlight to locate the lions.  When Cecil was seen, the men tied a dead animal to their vehicle, using it’s scent to lure Cecil toward them.  They drove out of the park, with Cecil in pursuit, and Palmer initially shot the lion with an arrow!  This did not kill the cat, and he was able to escape.

However, Palmer and Rodrigues tracked Cecil down, locating him roughly forty hours later.  That is when they murdered the lion with a shotgun!  Moments later, the men saw that Cecil had been suited with a GPS tracking collar, and they attempted to destroy it, in an attempt to keep their cover!

Adding to the horror, these men (if you choose to call them such…) beheaded and skinned Cecil!  The lion’s head has yet to be located.  As is the way of nature, the cub’s of Cecil’s now will fall under the will of the next lead lion, which is called Jericho.  This lion likely will kill Cecil’s cubs, as is the way of nature, to ensure the future of his own bloodline!

Palmer is accused of killing “Cecil the lion” in Zimbabwe. Cecil ...


SEE THESE SITES!!!…lion-1720587798…dentist-reportedly-killed…famous-lion-report

animated lion photo: LION KING OF THE JUNGLE Aslan_fiery.gif

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Recognizing and Reviving The Great Barrier Reef!

July 21, 2013 at 8:49 PM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, terrestrial studies, web gossip)

It is like we just are not getting the general message.  Planet Earth is NOT ours to do with in any manner that we please!  It may seem that way, to the buffoons that do not know any better, yet the consequences will rebound!  It might not be right now, yet our grandchildren, or perhaps their grandchildren, will have to suffer through what we are creating.

One of the latest incidences of human insanity is what occurred off of the Australian coast last week.  The United States Marines and Navy were having joint military training exercises in conjunction with military forces from Australia.  It was a training event held every two years, called Talisman Saber.  This exercise combines a total of 28,000 troops from Australia and The U.S. for a three-week combat training program.

At some point during the training last week, two U.S. AV-8B Harrier fighter jets were launched from The U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard to participate in fighter exercises.  Both jets fired nullified bombs, including one laser-guided explosive, into the waters off of Australia’s northwestern coast.  The bombs did not explode, and they were said to have been dropped into the ocean waters over 164 feet away from The Great Barrier Reef, as so “to minimalize possible damage”.

Well, there is outrage to this action!  Any damage, minimal, or otherwise, is outrageous!  Albeit we are the self-proclaimed dominant species of Earth (no one else has yet to challenge us…), we must recognize that designation comes with the responsibility of maintaining and protecting this planet.  Something so precious and pristine as The Great Barrier Reef needs to be nurtured regularly, I stumble to say even fortified.  We can NOT continue to disregard it blithely, as if it will be there forever, littering within it, destroying it’s plant and animal life, ruining it’s surrounding waters, and just generally shitting upon it with broad smiles! NO, damn it!

Senator Larissa Waters of Australia’s Green Party, has spoken on the recent dumping at The Great Barrier Reef.  Senator Waters has called the dumping outrageous, as she asked The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “have we gone completely mad”?  The Australian politician stands firmly against forces of other nations dropping bombs into the waters off of her nation’s coasts, especially in the face of destroying wildlife.

It almost seems as if the message is not getting out.  Every other day, there is a new message about something new that is happening harmful to some portion of our planet.   Not enough people care because nothing is happening to cut us in our faces actually and directly for us to take notice, then to take meaningful action!  When it is too late, it will be too late, yet we can do more to save things before it reaches that fateful point!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/priority_ocean_places/great_barrier_reef…/great-barrier-reef/save-the-reef,9171,2044585,00.html

Coral graphics

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The Monkey Got ‘Em!

June 25, 2013 at 1:34 AM (animal activism, current news, health care reviews, legal issues, medical concerns, pet play, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

It would have seemed to have come out of nowhere!  So said that officer; at least after he said ouch!  Certainly, it was something that he was NOT expecting on his day of routine traffic duty!

Last week, a police officer found himself dealing with an unexpected snap while on one particular patrol assignment.  It was last Wednesday afternoon, June 19, when Officer Keith Moore of Aransas Pass Police Department made a traffic s, atop of a speeding vehicle.  Officer Moore pulled over this rapidly moving truck to issue a ticket to the driver.  However, it was when Officer Moore proceeded to hand the ticket to the driver, he was startled, then stunned, as a monkey leaped from the back seat!

The monkey, a trained carnival animal which has performed at several circus events, jumped out of the rear seating area and into the front seat with the driver.  There, the monkey was able to bite the hand of the officer, who apparently had it extended into the car at enough length and time for a small simian snacking!  The officer was trying to get the driver to sign paperwork, and the monkey may have moved to protest!

Officer Moore will be alright from the minor incident.  The wound was superficial, and the animal is not rabid.  Nothing was said regarding the monkey needing to be vaccinated additionally, or it having any other medical concerns.  Some mention was made about the recent awareness of zombification due to bites by creatures, though those usually are dead.  Officer Moore need not have any worries…..????

Monkey attacks officer at traffic stop (KRIS)



Recall a lil’ “Monkey”….

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It Is Time to STAND UP For The Elephant !

June 18, 2013 at 10:15 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, terrestrial studies, web gossip)

This is a totally terrible fact, yet it is one that needs to be recognized, immediately!  I am afraid that the message is not getting out fast enough, is not being dispersed with enough vitality, and that ultimately, enough of the people with the power actually might not give a damn!  It is frustrating, and it is saddening.

It would be hard to contest the statement that elephants are among the most magnificent of species on this Earth.  Native to Africa and Asia, there are roughly 264,000 elephants living within the wild areas of both continents.  These are estimate numbers, and these numbers are expected to decline.

Of course, and as with all things upon this planet, the major threat to the existence of the elephant is humanity.  A major issue with the horrific hunting of this awesome animal is the senseless killing of it for it’s tusks.  Gangs of hunters and illegal traders are in the practice of poaching elephants, specifically to barter the animals’ tusks on black market trade circuits around the globe for the high profit of the ivory.  Meanwhile, entire herds of beautiful, precious, and priceless animals have been murdered, so that someone, somewhere can enjoy that ivory.

Current studies are showing that there will be NO elephants living within the wild within twelve years, if the current rate of tusk hunting continues.  Some estimates are stating that the elephant will be extinct by the year 2020, a mere seven years away, if nothing is done to handle the madness that is elephant hunting and ivory trade.  Nations that include Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, India, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as several other African and Asian nations are involved in the illegal, underground ivory trade activities which continue to threaten the existence of the elephant species.

The United Nations is observing that the demand for ivory is increasing among poaching factions within Asian nations.  Yet, it does not seem that any actually strengthened actions are being put into effect to counter the activities being made by these criminals against some of nature’s most magnificent of mammals.  The U.N. Security Council – Group of Experts has been monitoring Libya, specifically.  This African nation is where a major weapons trade could be occurring at the hands of rebel factions.  The source of income for these weapons could be African ivory!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…central-africa-elephants-22029094.html

Elephants animal graphics


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Five Minutes, and NOBODY’S MOVING?

January 23, 2013 at 12:44 AM (animal activism, childcare and child protection, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, science and technology, social opinion, terrestrial studies, web gossip)

It may or may not seem that this is one clock in particular to which many of the significant levels of society are paying attention.  The clock itself could be more of a hype issue to bring a greater level of attention to a broader subject, yet the fact is that it’s presence is apparent should be to the general attention of all concerned human beings.  It is ticking, as it has been since it’s creation, and it is eerily moving closer to the alarm point!

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 by atomic scientists working with The University of Chicago.  It was during that year when the hands of the clock were set at 11:53 p.m..  Since then, the clock has made significant drops to signify that the world was close to global annihilion, being less than that amount of time from the end of civilization as it is currently understood.

During 1949, The Soviet Union detonated it’s first atomic bomb, which lead to the start of the nuclear arms race between that nation and The United States.  At that point, The Doomsday Clock was moved to four minutes to midnight.  Merely four years later, The U.S. and The U.S.S.R. made test runs of thermonuclear weapons, which moved the clock to a startling one minute before midnight!

The clock has shifted back and forth like a roller coaster since that year!  The beginning of the sixties had the clock at a seemingly safe spot of eleven minutes away from midnight.  1965 brought an Indo-Pakistani War (The Second Kashmir War), and 1967 brought The Six Day War between Israel against the Arab nations of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.  Yet, an abrupt change occurred during 1968, when the clock shifted down to seven minutes before midnight, as The Vietnam War worsened.  Then, China and France acquired nuclear weapons!

The 1970s were seemingly safe, with The Doomsday Clock remaining no closer than nine minutes before midnight.  However, an abrupt change occurred during 1981, as The Soviet-Afghan War increased tensions between The United States and The Soviet Union.  The Clock fell to four minutes before midnight that year!  It was at the end of the 1980s when The U.S. and The U.S.S.R. signed The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty to eradicate all conventional and nuclear ground-based missiles of specified ranges.

By 1991, The Clock was a total of seventeen minutes away from midnight; a seemingly safe spot!  This indeed was the most secure setting of The Doomsday Clock, as it fell three minutes four years later, followed by a five minute fall three years behind that year, in 1998!  It was seeming that The Doomsday Clock was not going to turn back toward the better side with the turn of the millenium, as it’s 2002 recording indicated that it was merely seven minutes before midnight!

Another fall was indicated with the arrival of 2007, with a two minute time reduction.  However, a seemingly positive outlook was presented with the arrival of the first decade change of the twenty-first century.  2010 showed that The Doomsday Clock had gained a minute, resting at 11:54 p.m..  Yet, it was abruptly altered during 2012, with the clock losing a minute due to a global failure of commitment by worldwide governments to handle nuclear arsenal, to make adjustments to nuclear power safety levels, and to make greater efforts at strengthened adjustments to deal with global climate change.

Now, current news bulletins are broadcasting that The Doomsday Clock is set at five minutes before midnight as 2013 has begun.  Announcements are being broadcast to state that last year was the hottest recorded year within the contiguous United States, while the land was stricken by severe storms and devastated by disatrous droughts.  Current recognition of extreme nuclear arsenal between The United States and nations of the former Soviet Union do indicate the possibility of these weapons being able to get into the hands of the wrong people at the wrong times, leading to grave amounts of global destruction, and extreme levels of death!

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has written a letter to President Obama.  It has congratulated The President for his efforts at securing nuclear arsenal, while he has assisted with The U.S. government to to work toward supporting renewable energy.  Yet, The Bulletin has requested that President Obama to become more active with addressing climate change as it affects Earth on the whole scale.

Indeed, more attention needs to be brought to The Doomsday Clock.  If a greater amount of the global society on the whole is aware of this presence, and what it means to all of us, it is likely that more will be done to assist with protecting all that it stands to protect; all of us!  Right now, it sits at five minutes before midnight (the deadline), which really does not sound like much……


    Atomic bomb mushroom cloud explosion,Animated Gifs,funny gifs,gif

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NOT Your Pet; NOT Necessarily Your Friend!

December 4, 2012 at 2:12 AM (animal activism, childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

This latest account is one of what seem to be several incidents involving dolphins, and their not-so-pleasing interactions with human beings.  As an animal protection advocate, I again have to declare that I am on the side of the dolphin, here.  Reading this current news clip only gives further evidence of our need to gain a greater understanding and respect for the other inhabitants of our planet, and furthermore, our need simply to leave many of them alone!

Sea World always has been one of the more spectacular theme parks within our nation.  I have had the pleasure of visiting their Orlando and San Antonio sites, enjoying my time at both locations.  It is a good thing that we have these facilities that are meant to display some of the more exotic and intriguing animals of our planet, focusing upon those that live at sea, while educating the public about their manners of existence.  Yet, as with anything, caution always must be taken, and rules always must be followed!

It was yesterday, December 2, when the Thomas family enjoyed their visit to Sea World – Orlando.  They, like most visitors to this theme park, likely were excited about being there, while enjoying the exotic sights of the marine life and related attractions.  Of course, as many people are, The Thomases were happy to see the dolphins.

When reaching the dolphin exhibit, they watched as other people were feeding the marine animals from the side of the pool.  The young girl, eight-year-old Jillian Thomas, was near the pool, excitedly observing.  Jillian got hold of a paper plate from which others had been feeding the dolphins.  As Jillian walked toward the edge of the pool, she still had the now-empty plate in her hand.  One of the dolphins apparently thought that Jillian had food, so it exitedly lept toward the girl, and it got hold of her left hand within it’s mouth!

Yes, dolphins have teeth!  As this particular marine mammal got hold of Jillian’s hand, it held onto it for three or four seconds.  The animal released Jillian, but three bite holes had been punctured into her left hand!  The young girl thought that she was going to be dragged into the dolphins’ pool, as her parents were standing nearby.  Jillian’s father said that he “felt powerless”, while Jillian later commented that she thought that the dolphin “was…going to eat my hand off”!

Mrs. Amy Thomas stated that the response from Sea World officials upset her.  Mrs. Thomas said that they had to ask for bandages, and that they were told nothing of possible health risks from their daughter having been bitten by the dolphin.  Yet, Sea World Representative Becca Bides stated that officials from the theme park were on-hand quickly, giving treatment to Jillian, while mentioning that Sea World gives “clear instructions” on feeding their dolphins.  “Unfortunately”, Bides stated, “there are times when instructions are not followed”!

Dolphins are yet another of the most endangered animals on the planet, with humans being their prime adversaries.  There are thirty-six different species of dolphin, as thirty-two species live within ocean waters, and four species are living within rivers.  Dolphins have one-hundred teeth within their mouths (yes, they bite with force…), though research says that they do not use their teeth for chewing food.  These marine mammals have excellent hearing abilities, vision, and they have been known to interact with humans for centuries.  It is possible that evolution could lead them to being another dominantly sentient species upon our planet!

Strong pull: The dolphin nearly drags Jillian into the water with it

 SEE THESE SITES!!!…girl-being…by-dolphin-at-sea-world…/03/video-seaworld-dolphin-bites-8-year-old-girl

Dolphins graphics


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A Spectacular Story of Survival at Sea!

November 24, 2012 at 3:07 AM (animal activism, current news, health care reviews, historic review, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

I made it back to the nearby movie theater, anxious to view this particular film.  Life of Pi, the latest release from celebrated director Ang Lee, has been in television reviews, Internet postings, et cetera, for months.  The film has been getting some Academy Award buzz as well, so it was natural that I was eager to watch the movie!

The story starts at a biological reserve, with various animal species being shown.  A zoo worker named Pi is startled by a nearby, caged reptile.  Yet, it is from the mouth of Pi that this story is delivered!

Pi recalls memories of his youth, being teased about his name by other children.  Rude kids would tell him that his full name sounded like someone pissing!  This lead him to simply refer to himself as Pi, using information such as the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and the mathematical figure 3.14 as sources of origin for his new moniker.

Pi was an intelligent young man.  He was strong with mathematics, and he became popular at school because of his knowledge.  His parents were well-to-do, as his father opened a zoo, and his mother was a botanist.  During this time, Pi proclaimed himself to be Catholic Hindu, when he first learned of the god Krishna.

Pi idolized the Hindu gods, following his mother’s faith.  Yet, as he grew, Pi became aware of Christianity, learning about the sufferings of Jesus.  He continued with this learning, as his religious fervor lead him to Hinduism, then ultimately to the worship of Allah.  However, Pi’s father was somewhat difficult, but he lead Pi to rational thinking.  This brought forth a desire to be baptized, as Pi now was Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim all at once!

Young Pi worked at a local zoological center, where he became acquainted with a captured tiger that was called Richard Parker.  Pi chose to feed Richard meat, seeing that the tiger swallowed it in mere seconds!  Pi’s father showed him that Richard truly was a killer, as he let his son watch the tiger attack, then devour a young lamb, whole!

Pi read poetry.   He studied music, and he played an instrument for a dance class.  During the rehearsals, Pi met Anna Lee, a young dancer.  She taught Pi about dance and music through rhythmic interpretation.  As their bond strengthened, Pi took Anna Lee to be introduced to Richard Parker, the tiger!

Pi learned more about the nature of animals through teachings by his father. Pi soon learned that his dad was selling the zoo, and they were moving to Canada.   Both of them boarded a ship, and Pi spoke with no one but Anna Lee before his family moved away.

Aboard the ship, Pi learned of nature and the weather.  The vessel with Pi and his family headed for Japan.  All of the animals from his father’s zoo were aboard the boat, also!  During a stormy night, Pi went onto the deck, where he saw that the ship was about to capsize!

The vessel did sink, and Pi found himself underwater.  His family had drowned.  Some of the animals still were alive, barely swimming, as Pi got hold of a water-soaked lifeboat.  He had a zebra with him, and they floated into more stormy waters.  Then, out of seemingly nowhere, the enormous tiger, Richard Parker, lept from the water, and onto the lifeboat!  Out of complete fear, Pi jumped out of the boat, immediately into the raging water!

Night had arrived and the terror continued.  Sharks encircled Pi while he was in the ocean, hanging onto a piece of wood.  Pi saw that Richard Parker had lept into the water also, so he swam back to the boat.  Aboard was a zebra, and Pi set with it as he wept for his family.

As day broke, Pi was awakened by the sounds of the hyena and the zebra from the zoo.  An orangutan was on the boat also, so Pi named the boat Pi’s Ark!  Adrift within The Indian Ocean, the hyena attacked the zebra, eating it.  The orangutan, which Pi had named Orange Juice, got seasick, and it was killed by the hyena, also.  Suddenly, Richard Parker lept from the sea, attacking, then killing the hyena! 

Immediate terror lead Pi to jump overboard!  While in the water, sharks began to appear.  Pi made it back to the boat, where Richard Parker was calm for the moment.  He later emerged to snack upon the zebra that he killed, earlier.  Richard Parker lunged at Pi, and they had a continued dance of death during this day at sea!

As night fell,  Pi saw that the tiger had eaten every other living thing!  He was floating on a table that was near to the boat, as Pi saw Richard Parker eying him, hungrily!  Yet, Pi managed to write a rescue note, which he put within a can, then he set off to float. 

As the next day came, Pi read on how to survive at sea from books that were afloat from the wrecked ship.  He would sneak back to the boat occassionally, getting life supplies, while avoiding Richard Parker.  He read his book, which gave details on how to survive with a loose and wild carnivore

Pi was encouraged to steer his raft back to the canoe with Richard!  There, Pi saw that the tiger had become seasick.  Yet, Richard Parker was in no mood to share his turf, as he growled to proclaim territory, then he lifted a back leg, pissing on Pi!

Later, Pi managed to maneuver back and forth between his raft and the boat with Richard to give the tiger water.  He learned to fish in order to feed himself and Richard.  At one point, the tiger saw a fish swimming in the water, so he lept for it.  Pi was in the water, fishing also, and he jumped back onto the raft when he saw Richard Parker approaching him!

Pi and the tiger wound up in a standoff.  Richard Parker still was in the water, and he remained there.  Pi moved to rescue the cat, as it stayed aboard the raft with some canned food.  He learned to fish more, also. 

One night was amazing, as their raft suddenly was surrounded by glowing jellyfish!  Then, a blue whale lept from the ocean waters, creating an enormous splash!  This caused Pi to lose all of his supplies and his caught food!

Pi and Richard Parker found themselves surrounded by a brigade of jellyfish and tuna.  The man and the big cat had a standoff over a large yellowfin tuna.  Yet, Pi emerged victorious, eating the fish raw!

Pi attempted to try teaching Richard Parker that he did not have to keep leaping in and out of the ocean waters for food and necessities.  He attempted to tame the tiger, yet it was very dangerous!  Time passed, as Pi stayed on his makeshift raft, and Richard Parker kept the canoe.

Tending to the tiger gave Pi the will to survive.  It was days later when Pi saw a tanker sailing in the distance.  He had flares to use, and he did shoot some into the sky.  They were not seen, and Pi waited until night to shoot more of them.  Yet, that did not serve to his benefit, either.

The next day, a whale and a dolphin appeared in the water.  Night fell, and Pi spoke to Richard Parker.  The tiger was staring into the ocean, entranced by the sight of sea creatures swimming beneath the water.   At this time, Pi reflected upon his odyssey, recalling the sunken ship that he and Richard Parker escaped.

The next day, a storm was approaching their raft.  Pi constructed a sail, but it was blown overboard.  He went after it, then got back aboard as the storm intensified.  Pi encouraged Richard Parker to watch the clouds, which he interpreted as the appearance of God!  Pi asked Him what more He wanted, as Pi had lost nearly everything.

The storm raged more, pushing Richard Parker off of the raft, then back onto it.  The storm calmed, more time passed, as Pi tried to bring sustenance to an increasingly ailing Richard Parker.  Pi knew that the tiger was dying, so he held the cat’s head in his lap as he spoke to the spirits of his parents.  Then, Pi thanked God for giving him life, declaring himself ready for what was to come.

Their raft eventually washed up toward an island.  Pi ate some of the grass, and some of the vegetables growing.  He walked further inland, where he saw lemurs running through an area filled with trees.  Pi lept into a nearby lake, as the lemurs stood back from the still-powerful presence of Richard Parker.  They nudged Pi, but they ran from Richard!

As night fell, Pi, Richard Parker, and several lemurs slept in a tree.  Pi awoke in the middle of the night, seeing a lake filled with dead fish.  Richard had gone back to the canoe.  Pi found himself trying to avoid areas of the island that seemed carnivorous itself, feeding upon all life on it as night fell!

Time passed, as Pi tried to catch supplies and meerkats to feed himself and Richard Parker.  Pi decided to try leaving with the tiger on a makeshift canoe.  They actually made it to the coast of Mexico, where they washed ashore.  Richard Parker ran into the jungle, never to be seen again!

Pi eventually was rescued, yet he was sad because Richard Parker was gone.  He was able to tell his story to a reporter.  Pi told that he was upset because he was not able to thanking Richard Parker for having taught him how to survive, and for not having said goodbye. 

A Japanese sea vessel transported Pi to a Mexican hospital.  There, no one believed Pi’s story!  Yet, he opted to tell another version where four people had survived this ship sinking.  He even included the survival of the ship’s cook, who prepared rats for them to feed upon until rescue!  Yet, Pi said that the cook had become very sick, needing a leg amputated, then dying before he could be seen by these reporters!

Growing into a young man, Pi was interviewed by an U.S. reporter about living in India during his youth, and his sea odyssey.  The reporter translated Pi’s story, telling of two ships, the tiger, and the amazing adventure.  This one version eventually turned into more versions, yet Pi was glad to be reunited with his family.  Pi officially let one reporter have his story! 

 Life of Pi

I am excited that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be premiering soon!  This updated version of the classic tale is sure to be exciting, as it takes the story into an actual prequel of The Lord of the Rings adventures!  The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey opens December 14!

Next week features the premiere of Killing Them Softly, featuring Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem, James Gandolfini, and Brad Pitt.  December has Django Unchained, The Guilt Trip, The ImpossibleJack ReacherLes Miserables, Parental Guidance, Playing For Keeps, and This Is 40.  There is much, much more before 2012 bangs to a close!




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Wowed About A Cheetah While Remembering It’s Place!

September 23, 2012 at 10:22 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Again, I will admit to being a true cat fanatic!  That does include cats of all types, kitty cats of all kinds, large and small, domestic and wild.  I was delighted by the recent CNN clip about a cheetah.

Tourists had taken a journey to Africa, going on a safari trip to Kenya.  They were riding in a jeep into the safari region of Masai Mara National Reserve, viewing the exotic animals and the fascinating scenery.  None of them was prepared for the suprise that sprung upon their vehicle while in the midst of the tour!

As the passengers were slowly riding through the safari region, listening to the statements being made by the guide, they received a sudden shock.  A cheetah lept onto the half-opened roof of the jeep, and it made itself comfortable!  Obviously, everyone inside of the jeep was stunned, if not altogether scared.

The safari guide instructed the passengers to remain quiet!  He did mention that the cheetah could attack if startled by noises and sudden movements.  If the cat was to attack any of the riders inside of the jeep they more than likely would not have lived to relay the story to curious listeners at future occasions!  Obviously, the tourists followed these directions, as they possibly were bewildered and/or frightened beyond any previous experiences.

The cheetah stayed atop the open-roof jeep for roughly forty-five minutes!  It is difficult to imagine these people sitting inside of a nearly-closed space for this extended length of time, without making any movements or noises.  It is difficult to believe that at least one of them did not pee on himself, or herself!  Maybe they did!

The cheetah is one of the most endangered species of animal on the planet.  Of course, human beings are the prime cause for this situation.  There have been significant efforts to protect this animal from human interference, yet we remain responsible for the majority cause of the cheetah’s elimination from Planet Earth.  As this cat’s species population has fallen significantly within this past half-century, positive estimates indicate that up to 12,000 cheetahs, at most, remain within wilderness areas of the entire planet!

The cheetah is indigenous to the African continent.  It is highlighted regularly because of it’s status as the world’s fastest land mammal.  These feline fellows of fleetness are able to achieve speeds up to seventy miles per hour when running within open land.  A cheetah can only maintain it’s greatest speed for a distance of no more than three hundred yards, yet this is more than enough speed to catch it’s prey within free fields.  Their main hunt is the Thompson’s gazelle, a fleet-footed animal itself, which is capable of racing away at speeds up to sixty-five miles per hour!

As a true cat lover, I have a deep emotional sentiment for the cheetah.  It is upsetting to realize that this animal is so close to becoming extinct, and that humanity is the ultimate reason for this shockingly shameful situation.  Currently, there are efforts being made to protect the cheetah, hopefully working toward actually preventing the species from being eliminated for all time.  Organizations that include The A.S.P.C.A., Big Cats Wildlife Conervation Society, Cheetah Conservation Fund, The Dewildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre, The Endangered Species Coalition, and Panthera are some of the groups that are dedicating time, people, and funds toward work that is meant to save the cheetah from ultimate global eradication.  All cat lovers, all animal lovers, and all people who respect life are urged to visit these sites for the protection of cheetahs, as well as all other endangered animals!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…to_protect_the_cheetahs_from_extinction

cheetah animated gifs

Check out this bootleg compilation video of various artists singing Patti LaBelle’s classic If Only You Knew!

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Actual English Cat Burglar Gets the Goods!

September 20, 2012 at 9:57 PM (animal activism, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, pet play, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I have been a feline guardian for many years of my life, so it really is not so weird when I get wind of cats in conjunction with conniving carryings-on.  Yet, it is always interesting, and admittedly amusing, when I learn of events that make the news, depicting cats in ways that are comical, perhaps unusual.  This does include the actions of any of them participating in activities that might be underhanded on human terms, but actually hilarious when it comes to a cat!

One web-news posting told about recent adventures of a cat out of The United Kingdom.  English eyes have been on Denis, a Tuxedo cat living in Luton, England.  Denis has captured recent attention due to his current movements and manipulations.  It seems that Denis has rejected the normal life of a calm and cool house kitty, opting to take up a life of crime!

Now, we cat lovers recognize that participating in criminal actions merely are parts of what it is to be a cat.  I do not recall having a cat that has not been involved in some manner of mischief, underhanded movement, at one point or another.  Seeing what Denis is doing really is not surprising, yet it is funny because of the comedic consistency of this real-life cat burglar!

Denis, merely two years old, is allowed out of his home by his guardian.  Due to this, the cat has free roam to wherever his clawed paws lead him.  Apparently, this includes the general vicinity of the Luton neighborhoods that surround his home, and into the homes of his neighbors.  It is in these homes to which Denis has entered, then has made off with several items that do not belong to him, or to his guardian, Lesley Newman!

Denis has misappropriated all manners of merchandise!  He has gotten hold of clothing, dolls, shirts, and socks.  Miss Newman has said that, within this past week, Denis has come home with a face towel, a glove, and a motorcycle helmet bag.  You would think that the cat goes someplace in their home to make a list of the things that he means to jack while he is out on his neighborhood prowls!

Lesley Newman has said that some of her neighbors have come by her home to find out whether or not Denis has any of their things.  Whatever she has in her home that might belong to someone looking for the item, Newman does return.  She does state that Denis has stolen clothing, including a Fred Perry polo, some pants, and mens’ underwear.  Yet, the drawers are boxers, never briefs!  Crime does pay?  What’s the deal, Denis?

I would think that Newman needs to get some items that her Denis would like for play, and she needs to have them at her house.  That might keep her kitty inside more often, while less apt to purloin the possessions of unsuspecting neighbors.  Yet, a cat will be a cat, and we know that you never really can keep it from doing what it wants to do…. including highjacking highjinx!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…denis-the-…a-real-life-cat-burglar

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A Mississippi Rat-a-tat-a-ttack!

September 3, 2012 at 10:04 PM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, health care reviews, human life issues, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

This particular situation is a total mess, and I am not sure that my cats would care for it!  True, rats are involved.  Yet, as the spoiled little things that they are, I believe that they would turn up their noses quickly, while making possibly displeased gestures and attempts to extend middle-front claws at me!

It seems that a particularly displeasing incident has occurred along the coastal areas of Mississippi.  It’s region along The Gulf of Mexico is in the midst of a cleaning effort, dealing with an unusually creepy mess!  Dead rats by the thousands have washed ashore after the recent onslaught of Hurricane Isaac.

The beach regions of Hancock County are where the majority of the rat carcasses have been found.  Many already are on the beaches.  Authorities expect that more than 10,000 of the dead animals will have washed inland by the time the rodent-filled waves finish!

This incident of rodent-laced water flows is similar to what happened during a wash-in after Hurricane Gustav of 2008.  Rat-like rodents called nutria, also called coypu, are descendants of rodents that were imported to the Mississippi River Delta region of Louisiana during the 1930’s, coming from South America.  Now, they have made an invasive feral population boom within this area.  Thousands of nutria now live along the point where North America’s longest river flows into The Gulf of Mexico.

Hancock County officials have said that the arrival of the dead rodents is a health problem.  These authorities have sought the assistance of The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency in assessing the situation, and with removing all of the rat carcasses.  Meanwhile, authorities of Bay St. Louis, MS and Waveland, MS have closed coastal roads, as efforts to remove the rats, and any related rubbish, are being made.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/2012/09/thousands_of_dead_nutria_wash.html…/tons-of-rotting-nutria-washing.html…/mississippi/mississippi-beaches–finance.html


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