Officer? Crooked Officer?

July 29, 2015 at 4:24 PM (childcare and child protection, cultural acknowledgment, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

“This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer make; totally unwarranted.”  Agreed, totally!  How in the world did this person ever make it onto any level of police force?  After watching all of this day’s news clips, and reading the online information, I still am reeling behind what I find to be a tragedy that deserves further protest!

It was earlier this month when Mr. Samuel Dubose, 43, was driving on an afternoon, presumably around The University of Cincinnati.  Dubose was NOT speeding, as clearly seen in the video, which is now visible, worldwide.  Yet, for whatever reason, he was pulled over by University of Cincinnati police officers, and he was approached by Officer Ray Tensing.

Officer Tensing proceeded to question Dubose, asking him where he was heading, and for his license.  When Dubose was unable to produce a license, Tensing asked additional questions, including whether or not Dubose had been drinking.  Dubose responded no, yet the situation suddenly escalated, with Officer Tensing raising his voice, brandishing his weapon, and demanding that Samuel Dubose get out of the car!

It seemed that before Dubose could even exit his vehicle, he was bombarded with a barrage of bullets!  Officer Tensing fired upon him multiple times for what appeared to be NO REASON, as Dubose produced NO WEAPON of his own, had not used any foul language, and had not even attempted to escape the scene!  Samuel Dubose, before he knew what was happening, was gunned down, MURDERED, by OFFICER RAY TENSING, for reasons as yet to be produced!

All of this now is being taken to courts in Ohio, the Cincinnati area.  C.N.N., and all of the major news networks will be covering this story to follow through with what happens to Officer Tensing, as well as with the family of Samuel Dubose.  Yet, this is only another underscoring of where racial relations really rest within our “great” nation.  Indeed, no one is denying that leaps and bounds have been made over the last two centuries, yet mindsets still refuse to erase some of the seemingly savory, yet altogether stagnant ways of the past!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…stop-shooting-1720875741…/28/why-dont-black-people-trust-the-police

Download police 12

You gotta watch out for ’em!

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Oh Beautiful…. For Spacious Skies….

August 20, 2014 at 9:20 PM (childcare and child protection, cultural acknowledgment, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

America The Beautiful!  The news does not stop!  I suppose that is a good thing.  After all, we do want to keep life going, with all things up and running.  It would be our point to decide at what levels to which the particular issues at hand are running:  up or down; fast or slow; left or right; back and forth; yadda-yadda…

Earlier, I half-ass watched this jack-ass, Texas Governor Rick Perry, as he got his mug shot taken after his indictment, while some woman talks about him making Texas the laughing stock of the nation!  My question would be, why did not you consider that when you voted for him the first damned time?  Surely you heard the rest of the nation laughing then?!?!

Perry plead not guilty to the felony charges against him for public corruption.  Yet, he is to turn himself into authorities in Austin, Texas for booking (ha-ha…), where he will be fingerprinted, and his hideous mug shot will be taken!  Yet, he still plans to run for President!  HA!  Anyhow… 

I look at more relevant news, seeing where these insanely murderous militants of ISIS are at their villainously wicked antics!  It was earlier when a video was posted on YouTube, showing where the terrorist organization had United States citizen and journalist James Foley as their captive.  During the video, Foley is shown on his knees, beside someone who is wearing all-black clothing.  He is made to read a statement that says, “the real killer is America”!  Soon thereafter, Foley’s head is cut off of his body!  RUTHLESS!

ISIS is in NO WAY meant to be portrayed as anything more than a despicably disgusting collection of criminals and crap!  As these people come out of Iraq and Syria, they group into this terrorist assemblage which acts in attempts to shut down and to destroy anything that contradicts their strict and harsh beliefs of Islam, likely as displayed through the mannerisms of their leadership.  They work through ruthless actions of terror that include capturing their enemies, then torturing them, executing them, and even beheading some of them!

It seems to be something of a slippery line.  I often hear several people questioning, “why are we over there anyway”, or “why do we care what is happening in Iraq”?  Well, first of all, it is a greater problem than initially realized.  What happens over there will affect The U.S., does affect The U.S., at various levels.  There is a major oil supply under Iraq.  Surely, everyone realizes the need to have practically liberal access to oil.  Iraq has a major arsenal supply!

Additionally, those NUCLEAR weapons do not need to be out of place, out of hand, and wound up in a position to be targeted at us, or anyone else, for that matter!  The purpose of The United States and our allies is to be able to retrieve that arsenal supply, getting it to a safe and possibly secret location!  I recognize that nuclear weapons can not be just outright destroyed, yet I do believe that it is in the best interest of the planet to attempt beginning something where these weapons can be placed somewhere that they can begin to degrade securely, and without interruption from anyone attempting to get hold of them for ulterior, underhanded purposes.

Something must be done, and something must be done NOW!  This kind of shit can NOT continue!  To have our OWN countrymen BEHEADED before our own eyes by outright terrorists who are practically laughing and shaking their dicks in our faces?!?!  ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!

President Obama is threatening to send additional troops into Iraq.  He publicly labeled ISIS as “a cancer threatening the entire region”, in reference to the terrorist group’s Middle East status.  Along with The President’s announcements, France, Germany, and Italy all have stated that they will assist, at some levels, in the efforts to subdue ISIS.

Furthermore, Attorney General Eric Holder has arrived in Ferguson, Missouri to investigate the shooting and cold-blooded killing of unarmed Michael Brown by area police officers allegedly responding to riot calls.  The tensions remain high in this mid-U.S. city, though it is relatively calm, considering the past few days.  School is preparing to start, and the area communities are highly uncertain about the security of their children!


SEE THESE SITES!!!…iraq/2006-06-26-iraq-poll_x.htm…rick-perry-indicted-by-grand-jury…/isis-james-foley-syria-execution.html,_MO_riots


Certainly, She is BEAUTIFUL!




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A Mixture of Emotions While Mourning A Meaningless Loss

July 15, 2013 at 11:53 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Not guilty!  What is there to say?  Certainly, the radios, papers, and talk shows will be filled with conversation for weeks after this recent revelation of outcome.  Certainly, the nation will be filled with enlivened opinions about the results of this jury’s verdict.

George Zimmerman has been declared not guilty on the charges of murdering Trayvon Benjamin Martin!  A jury of six females deliberated for sixteen and one-half hours, spanning over two days, to reach a final verdict of not guilty of second-degree murder.  Five of the jurors were White, and one was of a minority ethnicity.

The statement is that the jurors reached this verdict because they truly did not believe that George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin with intent.  It is being said that his shot was not meant to kill Trayvon Martin.  According to Florida laws, George Zimmerman did abide by The Stand Your Ground Law.  This is the conclusion that the jurors reached, and due to this, George Zimmerman is a free man, who will soon be allowed to have free access to his gun.

Interviews were given to the family of George Zimmerman.  His brother, Robert, stated that he was relieved that the entire ordeal has ended.  He stated that the Zimmerman family feels the same way.  Robert Zimmerman has received feeds through Twitter about people wanting to kill George!  Due to this, and likely because of other issues surrounding this trial, Robert Zimmerman fears for his brother George’s life.

Understandably, Trayvon Martin’s parents are devastated by this entire affair.  His father, Tracy Martin, and his mother, Sabrina Martin, both remain saddened.  Both parents stood through the trial at The Seminole County Courthouse to show solidarity and support for their child in the face of incredible pain, and one of the most horrific levels of loss.  Even after all had been completed with the trial, Mr. Tracy Martin was able to tweet, “even though  I am brokenhearted, my faith is un-shattered.  I will ALWAYS love my baby Tray”.

SEE THESE SITES!!!–abc-newstopstories.html…/07/14/obama-the-way-to-honor-trayvon-martin

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A Scary Social Setting & Slick Magic Tricks Tonight!

June 8, 2013 at 3:11 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Film number one was The Purge!  It begins in March of 2022, with James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) and his wife, Mary (Lena Headey), preparing for the evening.  The nation has reached a point where crime has overtaken civility, so drastic steps have been enacted to solve the situation.  The national government has allowed for an annual event to occur, when crime and violence are allowed for twelve hours without legal repercussion, or medical assistance!

It is March 21, 2022 when this annual Purge takes place.  The Sandins lock down their home like everyone else within their neighborhood.  However, shortly into the start of the night, a strange man comes banging at their door, pleading for help.  They suspect it to be a rouse, as crime is so rampant at this point. However, this man seems to be genuinely hurt.  Then, The Sandin’s naïve (stupid?), teenaged son, Charlie (Max Burkholder) opens the door to a man who claims to be injured and desperately in need of help!

The man did have a deep wound to his abdominal region, and he needed medical attention.  However, The Sandins’ home was not the location to find it, as young Charlie merely made his family subject to the wrath of the wantonly attacking neighbors.  They announced to The Sandins that they were to surrender this man within one hour, or their house would be burned down, with everyone inside killed!

The Purge

We saw Now You See Me for our second feature!  This was an alluring feature that kept the audience interested in the plot, while likely trying to be sure that everyone was keeping up with what was really happening!  It starts with the introductions of Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), Jack Wilder (Dave Franco), and Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher).  Each is a part-time magician / street performer.

The group gets invited to an apartment that turns out to be empty, yet the find schematics for a magic show machine that could benefit their act financially.  They regroup, adopt the name of The Four Horsemen, and perform in Las Vegas.  It is there where one show is used for them as a set-up for a bank robbery.  Wilder calls out to one of the audience members, asking for the name of a bank.  The person gives the name of a bank that is in France.  Wilder has this person to come to the stage, to sign a card, then the man is magically transported to Paris!

Once in Paris, this audience member is inside of a bank.  He is instructed to place the signed card inside of the bank safe, then to turn on a vacuum that sucks money out of the bank safe in Paris, and distributes it into the Las Vegas audience!  The Parisian bank opens the following day with no money, and no realization as to what happened to their funds!

Interpol and The F.B.I. get involved with what is happening.  F.B.I. Agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) teams with Interpol Agent Alma Vargas (Melanie Laurent) to pursue this case.  They start with interviewing the audience member who was transported from Las Vegas to France, learning that he had been hypnotized.  They proceed to interrogate The Four Horsemen, having no real luck because the magicians are sly with their answers, and they use magic to taunt the investigators!  The questionings lead to no answers for The F.B.I., so they have to release the magicians.  However, a sudden clue from an F.B.I. agent lets Agent Rhodes know that long-time criminal suspect Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) is involved with this act!

The Four Horsemen have a sold-out show planned for New Orleans.  They recognize that Bradley is in the audience, as is their financial sponsor Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine), so they try to show their best acts.  The group perform well-practiced acts, then they move to a grand finale.  At this point, the group lures Tressler to the stage, where they perform an act that obtains the information from his bank account, emptying it, then spreading all of the money throughout the audience!  Police are called; they try chasing the magicians and they do not catch them!

Dylan and Alma brood over this embarrassment, yet they plan to catch The Four Horsemen before they can make another such act.  Alma has knowledge of a secret magicians’ group known as “The Eye”, which was known for stealing from the wealthy, then giving to the poor.  Dylan was uncertain about any connections, yet Alma believed that there could be.  They opted to interrogate Thaddeus Bradley for additional clues, then having Thaddeus positioned to be hired by Arthur Tressler to get a one-up on The Four Horsemen!

The Horsemen are in New York City.  They are unknowingly following instructions of Tressler, as one of them, Jack (Dave Franco) is nervous about the events.  The group leaves Jack alone to destroy the evidence afterward for their clean getaway, but he is found out by the police.  Jack is chased by the cops on a televised broadcast, and it is seen when his car flips, then explodes on the night streets of New York City!

Jack’s chase is posted online by his fellow magicians, as a manner of mourning his loss.  Alma and Dylan find out that The Horsemen mean to rob another F.B.I. safe, yet they are not on that case because their authorities believe that other agents would be more qualified to handle this particular situation.  Yet, as the new F.B.I. team go to this safe to try protecting it, they find that it’s location is vacant, with an hypnotized agent there telling them new details for transporting the safe!  They follow these plans, finding that they meet up with Thaddeus Bradley, and that they have been outdone by The Horsemen again with trying to get hold of the real money!

Dylan makes an effort to try arresting The Horsemen at a performance, yet they get away through the use of props, mannequins, and holograms!  Again, they distribute money to the audience from the air as the flee, yet the money is all fake!  Dylan opts to end his pursuit of The Four Horsemen, and to follow his romantic quest of Alma.  Thaddeus ends up being arrested by The F.B.I. after the real money turns up in his car from the stolen safe (a la The Horsemen….)!  He gets to prison, telling Dylan that he was framed, yet through the discussion, Thaddeus comes to realize that Dylan was the one that set him up from the beginning!

Alma gets back to France.  She comes across a newspaper, finding an article about a magician who tried to do a trick underwater, but he drowned.  Dylan then shows up, and he admits to Alma that this man who drowned was his father.  Dylan said that he created The Horsemen to get revenge on those who were involved on the drowning of his father, and the acts that left his family without any money afterward!

Now You See Me (2013) Poster


 Oh, yes!  I have been waiting for next week’s prime feature!  Like so many people, I have been a fan of Superman since childhood!  I expect Man of Steel to be nothing less than spectacular!  The trailers have been awesome, as Henry Cavill is really looking the part of Clark Kent / Kal-El, and the more I see of the updated General Zod seems to be so deliciously devilish!  I am so excited!  OOOH!!!

Of course, this summer is packed with fantastic cinematic releases!  June alone still has The Heat, White House Down, and World War Z!  July will burst forth with The Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, R.I.P.D., and Red 2!  Plus, there are several other films!

Go to bed wishing on a star……….

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Remember to Watch Your Back & The Backs of Those Who Need the Help!

June 6, 2013 at 12:29 AM (athletics, childcare and child protection, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, medical concerns, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I was not sure that I wanted to go ahead with a post about this particular topic, yet after reading it a few times, I figured that I would blog about it.  The story is intriguing, albeit highly strange, and yes, stomach-turning!  However, I felt that the story needed to be read by others, so that the issue would be recognized, and that, hopefully, similar actions can be halted before they ever happen in the future.

This topic comes out of Minnesota, where what should be the culmination of classes is not the happiest of times for some cheerleaders, or of all students!  Minnetonka, Minnesota, a suburban town of Minneapolis, is where Hopkins High School is located.  It is in this town where eighteen year-old Montia Marie Parker has been accused of pimping her cheerleading teammate!  Parker, at age 18, took advantage of a sixteen year-old cheerleader with a mental disorder by taking the girl to meet older men for sex trafficking!

Details were relayed, saying that Parker would converse with clientele via e-mail, telling them that she would bring the younger girl to them to provide actions of oral sex in exchange for financial compensation.  Allegedly, one such incident occurred on March 5.  Parker took the younger girl to meet with a male, and the act occurred, and Parker was rewarded $60 afterward.

It was the next day, March 6, that Parker attempted to get the younger girl from her school, they went to meet another man.  This man wanted more than oral sex from the younger girl, and she would not do more, so they left his residence.  However, in the midst of the younger girl being absent from school, her mother found out that she had been absent several times.  This lead to the mother being a mother, doing some snooping, leading her to checking her daughter’s cell phone, finding text messages, and stumbling upon memos that lead to statements that included shocking things like prostitution!  Mom then called the cops!!!

The mother had to clarify the situation, letting the police know that her daughter is a mentally disabled individual who “works with a social worker due to a developmental cognitive delay”.   Parker eventually was arrested, after admitting to creating a website called, where she would have her customers to connect for late night compensation and copulation!  Now, she is facing a minimum of fifteen years in prison, along with a $40,000 sex trafficking fine, and/or a twenty year sentence with a $50,000 solicitation fine.  Pay up!!!

Montia Marie Parker's Twitter account.

Montia Marie Parker


SEE THESE SITES!!!…/18yearold…high-schoo-cheerleader

A Minnesota cheerleader has been charged with promoting prostitution and sex trafficking after she allegedly pimped out a younger student.

Montia Marie Parker


     The youth years are the first ones to learn

who your first real friends really are!


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…and I did!

June 1, 2013 at 12:35 AM (childcare and child protection, climate studies, current news, environmental issues, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, movie reviews, science and technology, social opinion, terrestrial studies, web gossip)

It was aiight!  I had a good time watching it.  I can see where some of the critics say it was overblown, yet it was meant to be a bit off the hinges.  After all, it is a film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, so… you get what you get…. and you will enjoy it!  Shyamalan did the direction of After Earth, while the production of the film was in the hands of The Mr. and Mrs. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, along with her brother, Caleeb Pinkett, and, Mr. Will Smith’s business associate, Mr. James Lassiter.

Anyhow.  The plot goes with the idea of all of humanity choosing to leave Earth in the year 2025, after we have ultimately f-ed up the planet!  (That actually is not enough time for us to have developed intergalactic space travel, or to have located another habitable world for the entire planetary population, but that is another story….)  After one thousand years have passed, we have managed to find another world to infest, I mean to populate, called Nova Prime.  It is the year 3000, and society is patrolled by a system known as The Ranger Corps.

Cypher Raige (Will Smith) is the lead general of The Ranger Corps.  He is known for being strict and a stern disciplinarian.  His son is Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith), who just has been recruited into The Corps.  This is an issue for Cypher because he sees his son as a child without discipline, while always into mischief.  Meanwhile, Kitai yearns for his father’s respect, attention, and most of all, his love, as he attempts t become the strongest ranger that has been seen in this corps.

Cypher engages in a discussion with his wife, Faia (Sophie Okonedo), about their son.  Faia pleads with Cypher, urging him to see that Kitai wants his respect and his love.  She requests of her husband to take their son with him on his next training mission, and Cypher agrees.   Cypher sets forth with Kitai to a location that is unfamiliar to the younger Raige, yet the father does identify to his son as to where they have arrived….  Earth!

Indeed, in truth, not enough time has passed for creatures to have evolved into enormous dino-birds, or animals of unrecognizable features to be meandering about the planet.  A mere one thousand years is not enough time for evolution to take hold for drastic changes in appearance of anything to happen.  A wolf will still be a wolf, a snake will still be a snake, a bird will still be a bird, so that part of the story is bullshit!  However, there was a bit of allure to the story in the idea of the fact that humanity should keep in mind that continuous damage to the planet at our hands will lead to a probable need to evacuate Earth!  If that is the case, where will we go?

After Earth Poster.jpg

I had to put in The Beebs, featuring Lil’ Jaden!

Earth 4

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A Bite For Bad Behavior?

May 12, 2013 at 12:19 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Actually, this report happened at the beginning of the month, but I am just getting to an entry about the topic.  It is terrible!  Having had the joy and the pain of working within public schools, I recognize that students can pose pressing predicaments for those attempting to assist them with the advancements of their educational achievements.  Most students indeed are above and beyond the levels of excellent.  Yet, we all know very well that there are those groups of (ahem…) hooligans who will test the limits of those attempting to assist them with reaching their academic goals.

This has happened in Tennessee, where a teacher has been disciplined after having had to suffer the negative actions of a hostile teacher toward a student.  Johnson City, Tennessee is the home of Johnson City Schools, where Indian Trail Intermediate School is located.  Here, a teacher seemingly lost sight of things that she was and was not allowed to put into her mouth!

It was March 22 when Mrs. Erin Arnold was teaching her related arts writing class.  This particular day, Mrs. Arnold was working with her students, and she was in a seemingly jovial mood when presenting the lesson.  At one point, Arnold called out one eleven year-old girl to question her.

Apparently, Arnold told the girl that if she did not answer the question correctly, she would bite the girl!  The reports say that the child was called upon, she answered the question incorrectly, then Arnold requested that the girl hold out her arm.  At that point, Arnold reached for the girl’s arm, picked it up, and bit it in a seemingly playful manner.  However, a bite mark and bruise were left on the girl’s arm! (Hungry-hungry-hefier….)

School administrators did question four of the students that did see what happened. One of them stated that Arnold had been “playing around with them” while giving the lesson.  The student did say that Arnold stated that she would bite the next student who gave the wrong answer.  It was at that point when the student stated that Arnold placed her mouth onto the child’s arm.  Yet, the student said that, “I don’t think it hurt because (the student) giggled”.

Four students did report that Arnold bit the girl on her arm between her wrist and forearm.  Other students said that they heard children laughing, and that the girl who was bitten did not complain after the alleged attack.  The teacher stated that she did not bite the student, although she said that she did put her mouth on the girl!

Indian Trail Superintendent Richard Bales wrote a letter to Arnold, where he stated that she was to be suspended for three days without pay.  He stated that her actions of biting a student are unprofessional and of improper conduct, going onto state that “physical contact of this type in the future will result in more severe consequences”.  Additionally, the student was removed from Arnold’s art class, and transferred to another art class.

It is good that more and more random incidents are making it to publicity.  Granted, this may have been an action of innocence, yet it was seemingly strange.  Other actions may be occurring in other areas to students that involve adults inflicting actions upon them in awkward manners that need to be presented to the public, for the sake of the childrens’ safety, and even their sanity.  It likely is important to keep in mind how to react with someone else’s items of importance when thinking of how you would want them to act in turn with your treasured things.


Little mouth

…you look pretty tasty, kid.

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Rest In Peace, Malcolm Shabazz

May 11, 2013 at 8:14 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

All eyes pause for a moment to pay homage to the loss of Malcolm Shabazz.  At 29 years old, he was the grandson of Malcolm X.  It was last night, May 10, 2013, when Shabazz was robbed in Mexico City bar by thieves.  They were not successful in taking Shabazz’s items, so they attacked him, and they proceeded with beating him, violently.

Further information stated that attacks continued against Shabazz because he would not pay a bill demanded of him by the bar’s owner.  The owner wanted $1,200 from Shabazz, yet a fight began as Shabazz tried to leave.  Local labor activist Martin Suarez was at the scene also, and he rescued Shabazz, callling ambulances.

The medics reached the bar to rescue Shabazz at nearly 3:30 a.m..  Medics and police got hold of Shabazz, as this bar was located in a rough area of Mexico City near Plaza Garibaldi, and infamous for mariachis.  From that location, medics attempted to transport him to Balbuena General Hospital.  However, his injuries were too severe, as Shabazz died on the way there because of the serious injuries.

His family gave statements, saying that Malcolm Shabazz “offered kindness, encouragement, and hope for a better tomorrow”.  Additionally, former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney stated that she “was saddened, stunned, shocked, to read about the murder of young Malcolm”.  Congresswoman McKinney was a mentor to Shabazz while he had accompanied her to Libya for an educational excursion.

Malcolm Shabazz was unable to escape turmoil of his life.  He was born 1984 to mother Qubilah Shabazz, one of the six daughters of Malcolm X.  Malcolm Shabazz had been arrested several times during his youth in New York, even having served a four-year prison sentence.  This sentencing was a result of being charged for setting the Yonkers, New York fire during 1997 that ultimately killed his grandmother, Betty Shabazz.  Malcolm was found guilty of second-degree arson, along with second-degree manslaughter, which lead to his being sentenced to eighteen months service in a state juvenile facility.

Several people, including Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, felt that it was difficult for Malcolm Shabazz to live up to the name of his reknowned grandfather, Malcolm X.  He was alleged to have had many encounters with F.B.I. counter-terrorism officials. who were surveilling him, consistently.  F.B.I. officials are not commenting currently on Shabazz’s death.

Dawud Walid, Executive Director of The Michigan Chapter of The Council on American-Islamic Relations, is somewhat skeptical in regards to what has happened to Malcolm Shabazz.  Walid felt that Malcolm Shabazz was in the midst of a struggle between his past and an attempt at getting himself together.  “He was a very young and rising activist”, Walid stated.  He believed that Shabazz was a great influence upon many Muslims across The United States.

FILE - In July 29, 1999 file photo, Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of political activist Malcolm X, leaves Family Court in Yonkers, N.Y., after a detention hearing. In 1997, Shabazz, then 12, set a fire at the Yonkers home of his grandmother, Betty Shabazz, Malcolm Xís widow. She died from severe burns. U.S. officials say Shabazz was killed Thursday, May 10, 2013 in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin, File)


SEE THESE SITES!!!…of-Malcolm-X-killed-in-Mexico/…/index.html…cruel-death-malcolm-shabazz


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Films Focusing on Levels of Failure!

April 29, 2013 at 4:32 PM (childcare and child protection, comic book characters, current news, human life issues, legal issues, medical concerns, movie reviews, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I have been slacking on my blogging!  Other things have been on the plate ahead of the computer, and getting to online reviews of recent films has not been a regular activity of priority.  To my chagrin, I have not been having the evening online fun that I am accustomed to enjoying!

It was this past Friday that I did make it to the regular cinema for the weekend film features!  We had been anticipating these movies, and I can say that the films did not disappoint!  The regular double-dose began with Pain & Gain!

High-action director Michael Bay lead this film that featured Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.  Supposedly based on a true story, the lead actors portray body-building trainers out of Miami who turn to lives of crime.  Wahlberg plays Danny Lugo, who is a semi-delusional fitness freak that works in a Miami gym.  His intentions are to become the most financially successful and physically-fit person on the planet, while gaining personal wealth by any means necesssary!

The efforts to turn his fantasies into reality lead Lugo to look into the lessons of so-called self-help succeeder named Johnny Wu (Ken Jeong).  After buying into the words of Wu, Lugo recruits fellow body builders.  He talks an overly buffed Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson), and a foolish, following-fellow Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) into joining his plans to gain success.  Together, the trio kidnap, rob, then make a pathetic attempt at trying to kill fitness client and deli shop manager Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub)!

Doyle, who is some manner of mind-boggled, born-again Christian, is totally against the idea of brutally murdering Kershaw as they mean to rob his store!   He winds up bonding with Kershaw during the robbery attempt, who sees this as an opportunity to get out of the hostile situation.  Kershaw already is a shyster himself, and he takes advantage of the miserable moment to sleaze out of being killed!

Lugo leads his pea-brained posse into further plans of criminal activity.  He pauses for moments of physical improvement to do random sit-ups and pull-ups, while constantly trying to keep Paul within the mindset of robbery.  Paul recently was released from prison, and has made an effort to find Jesus, so he is not comfortable with a return to serious criminal action.  Yet, Lugo is able to convince Paul and Adrian to join-in with his plan to rob, to kidnap, and to murder Victor Kershaw!

Their plan falls apart when retired detective Ed DuBois (Ed Harris) gets wind of these likely criminal activities.  DuBois decides to follow with this case out of some level of recreation during his retirement years, although he is laden with a consistent back pain.  Yet, DuBois is able to follow through with piecing together various leads that place each of the bumbling burglars into the wrong places at the wrong times.  Eventually, all of Lugo’s misguided hopes and dreams end up in failure, as he and his incompetent cohorts are captured by the efforts of Detective DuBois!


We entered Mud for our second feature!  This movie starts with the introduction of two young boys living in rural Arkansas who regularly wander to play along the banks of The Mississippi River.  Ellis (Tye Sheridan) lives with a submissive mother and an abusive father in a house-b0at along the river’s shoreline.  He regularly sneaks out to play with his friend Neckbone (Jacob Lofland), who fishes in the river for oysters with his uncle.

It is one afternoon when Ellis and Neckbone are wandering along the river when they decide use a canoe to venture out toward an ait within the middle of The Mighty Mississippi.  Neckbone has been to this ait before, and he knows that there is something like a canoe suspended within the branches of a tree there.  He and Ellis decide to return to the island, wherer they climb the tree to explore the canoe.  Within it, they find that there is bread, and there are newly-tracked footprints!  This prompts the boys to leave quickly, before they are found!

Upon getting back to their own canoe, they see that someone has been in it!  Indeed, a man appears, and he identifies himself as Mud (Matthew McConaughey).  Mud interrogates Ellis and Neckbone, while revealing bits and pieces about himself.  The boys ask him why he is hiding in a tree, and Mud says that he is hiding from The Law because he has killed a man!  He means to get away, and he wants to reunite with his long-time love, Juniper (Reese Witherspoon), who is supposed to be waiting for him.

Mud enlists the aid of Ellis and Neckbone to retrieve information and supplies for him.  Also, Mud has them to deliver messages to Juniper, telling her of his whereabouts, and of his intentions to return to her.  Yet, unbeknownst to Mud or the boys, they are under surveillance by Texas bounty hunter Carver (Paul Sparks).

Ellis and Neckbone continue with efforts to assist Mud despite the risks.  It is likely that Ellis seeks a father-figure, in the fact that he has none in the home of his successively slapping dad.  Neckbone is cautious about continuing to help Mud, but he does so because Ellis is his best friend.  The boys do continue to risk their own safety and sanctuary to help this eerie stranger, which seems to turn into a realized, one-ended situation.  Ellis and Neckbone realize that there never was anything in it for themselves, as Juniper in fact had found other love, Mud was deluded within a long-lost and possibly one-sided romance, and they both were assisting a wanted criminal!

Mud Poster

Iron Man 3 opens this week!  The long-awaited third installment to this Marvel Comics hero adventure is finally in theaters, to the delight of fans!  This edition features Tony Stark battling The Mandarin in an attempt to save society from devastation and destruction!  Don Cheadle suits up beside him as his ally, War Machine!

May has more movies on the way!  The 10th will feature the releases Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire in The Great Gatsby, along with David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson, Craig Robinson, and Kerry Washington in Tyler Perry’s PeeplesStar Trek:  Into Darkness premieres the following week, May 17.  More of this month includes After Earth, Epic, Fast & Furious 6, and The Hangover Part III!

Congratulations Jason Collins!…to-nba-player…collins-coming-out-as-gay


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Hailing the Triumph of Success Against the Odds!

March 17, 2013 at 12:38 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I caught the headline to this one story, and I wanted to find out what the story was about.  As I read further, I saw that it was leading into something about a young girl being tortured by her elders.  I was about to stop because I did not think that I was in the mood to read about, to learn about yet another tale of some children somewhere being abused.  Yet, curiousity got the better of me, so I did read into the article.

….and the HORROR!  The clip took readers into an explanation of what has happened with one particuar fourteen year-old girl living in Enoosaen, Kenya.  The young girl, Kakenya Ntaiya, was a part of a common Masai village located within Kenya.  She recently reached the age of fourteen, when she became eligible (if that is a decent choice of terms….) to take part within her village’s tribal rituals.  At this age, Kakenya, along with other young girls who recently turned fourteen years old, instantly were set to be subjected to a rite of passage.  Here, the girls are taken before a ceremonial setting, and they are publicly circumcised!

No; doctors, surgeons, nor any medical professionals are present.  Kakenya, along with other young Masai females, are presented before their tribe members and their husbands-to-be, where they are prepared to endure the painful procedure of circumcision, as performed by the tribal elders.  It was in Kakenya’s case where she was set within a cow pen that was behind where she lived.  Her village members were present, as an old woman with a knife entered the pen.  Kakenya had to be seated, lifting her skirt, then her legs.  At that point, the female tribal elder entered Kakenya’s vaginal area with the rusty knife, and she began to perform their tribal ritual of circumcision upon Kakenya.

She recalled that it was painful.  Certainly that is an understatement, as no surgical instruments, anesthetics, or medical necessities were present at any location near to Kakenya.  However, she was made to take part in this act of brutality, as it is a ritualistic part of her Masai tribe.  Kakenya recently had turned fourteen years old, already within the point at she was prime to be selected by a village male for marriage.  All females to be married within this Masai village must endure the ritual of female circumcision.  At that point, during 1993, Kakenya was made to suffer these tribal actions also, as her male suitor soon would be preparing her to be his bride.

Kakenya, however, had a different mindset working.  She already had made a deal with her father, setting it so that she would suffer through the circumcision ritual if he would see that she was able to finish with high school afterward, instead of being immediately married away.  Her father agreed to this deal, as Kakenya told him that she would run away if the deal was not kept.  So, it was amazing that Kakenya remained strong enough to complete her base education within Kenya.  Then, with money raised by her fellow Masai villagers, Kakenya made it to The United States, where she had earned a collegiate scholarship!

Kakenya spent ten years within The United States completing collegiate education.  She received her undergraduate degree during 2004, earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Studies.   Then, Kakenya proceeded to earn a Doctorate in Education.  With these skills and preparations, Kakenya was able to return to her Masai village, where she opened a school for young females.  Now, she runs The Kakenya Center for Excellence (also known as Kakenya’s Dream), where she assists over 150 Kenyan female youths with attaining education, along with preparations to proceed into lives that will take them beyond their Masai village.

I found that to be a very inspiring and uplifting report.  Such stories reaffirm the fact that people can get beyond the torments of their current lives to reach for something better, something higher.  As with what Kakenya endured, several people would have given up, falling victim to the torments of society, as presented on whichever level is set for the landscape at hand.  Yet, it does require the focus, the determination, and the motivation to be able to attempt finding a higher level of living, setting the scene toward success despite such examples of horrific background.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/women-of-the-week-kakenya-ntaiya

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