Gone Too Soon, Robin Williams!

August 12, 2014 at 12:47 AM (current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

It has been a minute.  I have been out of the mix, out of the loop, and possibly out of my mind!  Well; maybe, maybe not.  Who is to say.  There is so much going on right now, and I had several topics that I wanted to blog about.  Yet, there has been a seeming explosion of news today that merits discussion; I feel a need to express my emotions through this computer!

First, I am at a state of despair, disdain, disbelief, at the loss of an icon!  Mr. Robin Williams died today!  At age 63, Robin Williams was found dead in his home from an apparent suicide, of all things!  Unbelievably, he was suffering from some level of depression!  You just NEVER KNOW what someone else is TRULY going through!

Williams’ death is especially upsetting to me because I view him as an icon!  I got in touch with Williams as a child by occasional viewings of him in Mork and Mindy during my childhood.  Yet, it was his role in The Birdcage that truly captured my attention to the essence of his awesome theatrical talent, while at the same time assisting me with viewing myself.  From that point, I continued with viewing Williams in his works in cinema and on television, while thoroughly being delighted by all of it!

They are saying that it was around noon, Pacific Standard Time, when police officers arrived at Williams’ home.  It was at that point when the officers discovered his lifeless body, and medics were summoned to recover him.  He was later taken to an area hospital, where he was officially pronounced as dead from asphyxiation, drug overdose.

Joy Behar is being interviewed by telephone now, regarding her memories of Robin Williams.  C.N.N. has gone into a clip from his role in the Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting.  Williams has had roles in so many movies that have captivated audiences for decades, and has literally made fans out of millions of people around the planet!

Now, after the fact, reporters are saying that Robin Williams was suffering from addiction and depression.  My question would be, “where was everyone when it might have been even slightly suspected that Robin was having the least of issues?”  Did no one give a damn that he might do something even mildly drastic before it would get to the point that the man would KILL HIMSELF!?!?  Where are people when you truly need them?

Well, we all have to go some time, one way or another, sad, but true.  Indeed, it is sad, very sad that Robin Williams killed himself.  I was/am especially distraught because I found him to be an icon.  Williams was intelligent, humorous, globally savvy, ecologically aware, and indeed someone to which I had no problem with idolizing.  Yes, he had his problems, he had his issues, but who does not?  I would have to wonder about out of all of his Hollywood friends and associates, did no one notice that Robin was having issues and problems that might have needed intervention, or may have required some form of help that could have prevented this?

Robin McLaurin Williams was born July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.  He had been married three times, the last of whom was his widow, Susan Schneider.  He has three children.  Rest in peace, Robin!

Academy Award winning actor Robin Williams jokes with reporters as he arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of the film "One Hour Photo" in Beverly Hills, California, in this file picture taken August 22, 2002. (ROBERT GALBRAITH/REUTERS)









blue bells

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The Monkey Got ‘Em!

June 25, 2013 at 1:34 AM (animal activism, current news, health care reviews, legal issues, medical concerns, pet play, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

It would have seemed to have come out of nowhere!  So said that officer; at least after he said ouch!  Certainly, it was something that he was NOT expecting on his day of routine traffic duty!

Last week, a police officer found himself dealing with an unexpected snap while on one particular patrol assignment.  It was last Wednesday afternoon, June 19, when Officer Keith Moore of Aransas Pass Police Department made a traffic s, atop of a speeding vehicle.  Officer Moore pulled over this rapidly moving truck to issue a ticket to the driver.  However, it was when Officer Moore proceeded to hand the ticket to the driver, he was startled, then stunned, as a monkey leaped from the back seat!

The monkey, a trained carnival animal which has performed at several circus events, jumped out of the rear seating area and into the front seat with the driver.  There, the monkey was able to bite the hand of the officer, who apparently had it extended into the car at enough length and time for a small simian snacking!  The officer was trying to get the driver to sign paperwork, and the monkey may have moved to protest!

Officer Moore will be alright from the minor incident.  The wound was superficial, and the animal is not rabid.  Nothing was said regarding the monkey needing to be vaccinated additionally, or it having any other medical concerns.  Some mention was made about the recent awareness of zombification due to bites by creatures, though those usually are dead.  Officer Moore need not have any worries…..????

Monkey attacks officer at traffic stop (KRIS)










Recall a lil’ “Monkey”….

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Fighting the Dead From Taking Our World!

June 22, 2013 at 1:30 AM (current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

Like several film fanatics, I was hyped about getting into the cinema to view World War Z!  I had been previewing the trailers, and they all were exciting!  I was ready to watch was going down with the worldwide outburst of zombies, just how many people would be eaten, how much blood was going to be splattered, how many limbs would be flung, and how Brad Pitt’s character would attempt to save the world!

The film begins with Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) awakening his two young sons and his daughter for a regular day.  They get to the kitchen, meeting with mom, Karin (Mirelle Enos) for breakfast.  Afterward, the morning proceeds with The Lanes driving into central Philadelphia, where the streets are crowded, and police cars arrive.  There are sudden explosions!

As cars collide, and more fire outbursts, The Lanes begin to panic.  Suddenly, strange people with weird facial expressions and mangled bodies appear in the streets.  Jerry and his family drive into central Philadelphia, as his daughter, Rachel (Abigail Hargrove) has a panic attack!  Jerry tries to leave the Philadelphia area, wanting to drive to New York City.

Once in New York, Jerry had to leave his family to get supplies.  While he was away, Karin and the others were attacked momentarily, yet they escaped.  Meanwhile, Jerry is able to find out what is happening, and that a government experimental virus was accidentally released.  It caused the mutation of people with whom it came in contact into raging zombies!  The virus is spreading around the globe, and people are being infected faster than any cure is being found!

Jerry gets in contact with former co-workers at The United Nations, where he was a scientific investigator.  He works with them to create a remedy that will cure the plague that is mutating humans into zombies.  However, Jerry finds out that the infection is spreading faster than anyone thought, so he has to travel to Jerusalem, where government officials have prepared safety items that can help in his effort to get a cure together more quickly.

As Jerry believes he has found a safe spot in Israel while he is searching for this cure, he finds himself suddenly besieged by zombies!  While trying to escape a raging onslaught of undead attackers, Jerry is bitten by one of them!  He is then trapped inside of a zombie-filled building, yet one U.N. soldier who was not bitten sees Jerry, and is able to get him outside!

Once out of this building, Jerry locates an outpost of The World Health Organization.  Inside, scientists are working fervently to find a cure to end the zombification of human beings.  However, their efforts are inconsequential, so far.  Yet,  Jerry remembered that there was something that occurred in Jerusalem that gave hope for a possible cure to the effects of humans being transformed into zombies.  He kept that thought with him as he prepares for a greater battle to save humanity from it’s own destruction!

Poster of World War Z

July will blow up the big screens immediately with the releases of Despicable Me 2, Kevin Hart:  Let Me Explain, and The Lone Ranger, all on July 3!  That following Friday, July 5 will have The Way, Way Back and Stuck in Love!  More July films include Blackfish, Grown Ups 2, Hot Flashes, Killing Season, Pacific Rim, Red 2, R.I.P.D., The Smurfs 2, and The Wolverine!

animated zombie photo: Animated Zombie ANIzombieFatC.gif


                                                         animated zombie photo: Zombie 1t4xv6.gif animated zombie photo: Zombie 1t4xv6.gif animated zombie photo: Zombie 1t4xv6.gif

They will get ya!

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Comedic Calamity & A Satisfying Superman!

June 15, 2013 at 3:10 AM (comic book characters, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

This was one of those Fridays that we had been anticipating for a while!  It actually was a two-film treat, with one movie that was something of a comedic surprise, and the second being the blockbuster that we were yearning to watch for months!  I will say that I was happy with this evening at our area theater!

We actually started with This Is The End!  A witty film that features some of the currently leading comedic actors, the movie opens with Seth Rogen and Danny McBride getting together to hang out.  They hang out for a minute, then Seth hooks up with Jay Pharaoh to harvest their weed stock.  They proceed to talk about committing more mischief, yet Jay is not interested.

The group gets to James Franco’s house, where party activity is happening.  Rihanna happened to be there, and she bitch-slapped some guy!  Jonah was playing with some Spaniel dog that did not know how to bark, while most of the others basically were talking shit.  Other mischief occurs, then the group proceeds to serenade the girls at the party with their song “Take Fur Panties Off”!

As the madness continues, there suddenly is a giant quake!  Blue beams blast downward from the sky, and people are lifted away by them!  Cars begin to race and collide, as explosions occur, and the group gets back to James Franco’s house.  No one there knows what has happened, as Jay tries to describe what he saw.  Suddenly, there is another quake, so all of them run out of the house, which now is aflame!

Several celebrities have run outside.  The ground has split open, sucking in one guy, then Rihanna!  Kevin Hart and a few others fall into a hole in the ground.  Jay Pharaoh runs inside, turning on the television, where information is broadcast that a 9.7 quake has occurred in Los Angeles!

Suddenly, a helicopter crashes outside of the house, and a propeller strikes one of James Franco’s family paintings.   James Franco and Jonah Hill go outside, running amok. The group takes in what has turned out to be an evening of chaos, then they go inside to go to bed for the night!

As morning arrives, James Franco awakens, as Danny has cooked breakfast.  He did not know what happened the night before, thinking it all was a joke.  Suddenly, a strange man breaks into the yard, and the group argues about letting him inside.  The man is decapitated, and his head rolls inside of the house!  Now, everyone wants to know what is going on, so the group goes outdoors to see that Los Angeles has been set on fire!

James Franco video-records the scene, as Jay Baruchel and Jonah Hill declare that The Apocalypse has arrived!  They decide to have a get-high party, going indoors to jam to Gangnam Style!  The group proceeds to smoke weed and to come up with silly ideas, when Emma Watson suddenly breaks into the house!  She tells them that a zombie invasion has occurred!

Later, Emma is asleep, and the guys discuss flying the helicopter outside.  Someone needs to go to get supplies without being caught by the zombies.  Craig Robinson is elected to do this, and he does make it to a store to retrieve water.  As he gets the water, something chases him!  Craig runs, and the group now has no goods, with some creature outside of the house!

The group decides to dig through the floor to get to underground water.  Meanwhile, Danny leaves, as Seth and Jay wind up hanging onto the remains of the floor that has collapsed into the ground below.  Two barrels of water are salvaged.  Yet, Danny returns, becoming reckless and irresponsible, as he wastes supplies and becomes selfish.  The group decides to vote him out of the house, yet they give into weaker feelings, letting him stay!

Danny shows that he can cook, so they opt to keep him secured by putting him in the freezer!  The day progresses into night, as Craig and Jonah decide to go looking for more supplies.  While they are out, Jonah winds up being sexually assaulted by a demon, then finding himself possessed!  He now has super strength, as he goes after James and Seth!  The group manages to grab hold of Jonah to perform an exorcism, but a fire breaks out which burns down the house, and burns up Jonah!

Craig now decides to volunteer himself for sacrifice, allowing the group to escape an attacking demon.  Craig winds up being taken into Heaven because of this good deed, so James decides to give himself up to cannibals to help the others escape.  This works, at first, but James gets cocky, teasing the demonic cannibals because he is getting away.  The light to Heaven suddenly vanishes, leaving James behind on Earth to be taken by the cannibals!

The Devil arrives, about to eat Jay and Seth!  The two hug one another, rekindling their friendship.   The Light of Heaven shines down to claim Jay, but being with Seth will not allow him to ascend!  This prompts Seth to sacrifice himself to Satan, which allows Jay to get away, and also earns redemption for Seth!

At the end, Jay and Seth get to The Pearly Gates.  Craig is there already, letting them inside to Heaven.  There, Jay makes a wish that The Backstreet Boys would reunite (???).  It all ends with a divine dance setting, as The Backstreet Boys perform Everybody!


The second feature was the eagerly-anticipated Man of Steel!  It begins on Planet Krypton, with Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer) enduring an intense labor.  A male child is born, as the planet is collapsing from it’s core!

General Zod (Michael Shannon) is leading Krypton’s ruling council, through which Jor-El (Russell Crowe) has been taken prisoner.  A fight emerges, and Jor-El manages to get free.  The planet now is at war, as Jor-El hurries to a secret chamber to get hold of The Codex.  Zod tries to steal this from Jor-El, yet Jor-El escapes!

The Codex has information about a distant and habitable world to which he can send his infant son, Kal-El.  It is urgent that Kal-El reach ths world, as Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van place Kal-El into this pod, labeled with the S symbol.

Zod enters the chamber, as the pod is about to launch. He means to destroy the pod, as to destroy all traces of Jor-El.  Kal-El is managed to be launched into space, yet Zod kills Jor-El!  He then promises to find Kal-El, yet he is captured, and he is imprisoned for the murder of Jor-El.  Moments later, Planet Krypton is incensed, then destroyed by it’s expanding, red-giant star!  Baby Kal-El’s pod is thrust away from Krypton, as it later enters our solar system, hurtling past Saturn, and racing toward Earth.

A baby is taken in by The Kents, Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane) of Smallville.  He is raised as Clark.  It is his human mother, Martha, who teaches Clark to stabilize his powers, as they create feelings of confusion and pain for him, at first.  As Clark ages into teen years, Jonathan tells him that he truly is from another planet.  He comforts Clark, yet encourages him not to use his powers in front of people, as society is not ready for him.

A powerful storm that produced a tornado struck Smallville.  The effects of the storm lead to Jonathan’s death.   After grieving for his human father, and with his human mother’s blessing, Clark leaves to wander the nation.  He lives in secrecy for years, later finding a secret capsule from Krypton.  It has a device inside of it that allows a communication with the hologram-spirit of his father.  It just happens that a snooping reporter from Metropolis named Lois Lane (Amy Adams) came across this capsule, also.  She is nearly injured while trying to get into it, yet Clark rescues her with his super-human capabilities!

Shocked by what has happened, Lois returns to Metropolis, and to The Daily Planet.  She means to write a story about this super human who saved her life.  However, the newspaper’s editor, Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) rejects her drafts!

General Zod voyages to Earth, tracing the scout ship in which Kal-El was placed. He demands to the people of Earth that Kal-El surrender to him, or they will suffer his wrath!  Clark turns himself into The U.S. Armed Forces, as they proceed to give him to Zod!  Zod then proceeds to reveal plans to convert Earth into a world more akin to Krypton through the use of an engine device that works with his space vessel.  It will eliminate all of Earth’s people, making it clear for Zod to repopulate the planet with Kryptonians that have been engineered by the use of the codex stored within Clark’s cellular structure!

It is back at Smallville where Clark confronts Faora-Ul (Antje Traue).  He is able to stop this assistant to Zod from proceeding with plans to convert Earth into a Krypton-like planet by surrendering to The U.S. Army, who are forced to turn him over to Faora-Ul!    Clark and Lois are turned over to Zod and his forces, yet they get free by using an image of Jor-El that Clark downloaded into Zod’s main computer.  This programming confusion leads to an attack from Krypton’s forces onto Earth, with The U.S. Army responding intensely!  Clark appears as Superman, convincing The U.S. Armed Forces that he is their ally.  Yet, Zod means to get hold of the codex, which is within Clark’s genetic code, and he releases a vessel over The Indian Ocean to begin an attack!

Superman now has Lois at his side, as they speak with U.S. Armed Forces.  They give details from Jor-El’s computer program that set an attack against Zod’s vessel.  A wormhole is opened slightly above Earth, which consumes Zod’s ship and his minions!

Superman returns to The Indian Ocean to shut down the engine that was starting to transform Earth into a Krypton-like world!  Then, he races back to Metropolis to engage Zod in battle, as the villainous general uses powers equivalent to Superman’s.  The Man of Steel ends up killing General Zod in order to save people from the general’s wicked wrath!  Nearly succumbing to pain of emotion from having to kill, Superman is comforted by Lois Lane.  He chooses to pick himself up, resuming a life as Clark Kent, living with the secrecy of Superman to protect humanity when needed!

Man of Steel (2013) Poster


Next week, we get to check out Brad Pitt in an all-out battle against zombies!  The fate of the world will be at stake as he leads heroic human forces to save the planet in World War Z!  The same day will have Monsters University, as June will close out with The Heat and White House Down!

Superman graphics

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Remember to Watch Your Back & The Backs of Those Who Need the Help!

June 6, 2013 at 12:29 AM (athletics, childcare and child protection, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, medical concerns, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I was not sure that I wanted to go ahead with a post about this particular topic, yet after reading it a few times, I figured that I would blog about it.  The story is intriguing, albeit highly strange, and yes, stomach-turning!  However, I felt that the story needed to be read by others, so that the issue would be recognized, and that, hopefully, similar actions can be halted before they ever happen in the future.

This topic comes out of Minnesota, where what should be the culmination of classes is not the happiest of times for some cheerleaders, or of all students!  Minnetonka, Minnesota, a suburban town of Minneapolis, is where Hopkins High School is located.  It is in this town where eighteen year-old Montia Marie Parker has been accused of pimping her cheerleading teammate!  Parker, at age 18, took advantage of a sixteen year-old cheerleader with a mental disorder by taking the girl to meet older men for sex trafficking!

Details were relayed, saying that Parker would converse with clientele via e-mail, telling them that she would bring the younger girl to them to provide actions of oral sex in exchange for financial compensation.  Allegedly, one such incident occurred on March 5.  Parker took the younger girl to meet with a male, and the act occurred, and Parker was rewarded $60 afterward.

It was the next day, March 6, that Parker attempted to get the younger girl from her school, they went to meet another man.  This man wanted more than oral sex from the younger girl, and she would not do more, so they left his residence.  However, in the midst of the younger girl being absent from school, her mother found out that she had been absent several times.  This lead to the mother being a mother, doing some snooping, leading her to checking her daughter’s cell phone, finding text messages, and stumbling upon memos that lead to statements that included shocking things like prostitution!  Mom then called the cops!!!

The mother had to clarify the situation, letting the police know that her daughter is a mentally disabled individual who “works with a social worker due to a developmental cognitive delay”.   Parker eventually was arrested, after admitting to creating a website called Backpage.com, where she would have her customers to connect for late night compensation and copulation!  Now, she is facing a minimum of fifteen years in prison, along with a $40,000 sex trafficking fine, and/or a twenty year sentence with a $50,000 solicitation fine.  Pay up!!!

Montia Marie Parker's Twitter account.

Montia Marie Parker








A Minnesota cheerleader has been charged with promoting prostitution and sex trafficking after she allegedly pimped out a younger student.

Montia Marie Parker


     The youth years are the first ones to learn

who your first real friends really are!


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Get Jacked Up This Month!

May 8, 2013 at 7:26 PM (curious research, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, medical concerns, pet play, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Well, well, well!  Everyone wants to act like they do not do it, yet we all know that we have sneaked down there for a stroke or two, when no one was looking (…or even if they were…).  It seems that the general public is maturing, while becoming more honest about the acceptance of issues involving sexuality.  This does include the frequent and wide-spread habit of playing with one’s self!

Masturbation is nothing new!  This likely is a part of human activity that dates back to the origins of our species.  Some studies of ancient cultures give details of singularly-aimed sexual actions occurring within religious rituals of the ancient Egyptians, artistic works of the ancient Greeks, and daycare practices of nannies during the ages of 17th century England.

Due to it being such a taboo here in our self-righteous and clean-slated society, it is somewhat difficult to find a good Internet link where details are provided about a nice, firm jack-off, or a good, deep fingering.  Yet, however we want to pretend to present ourselves on the cover, underneath is what remains.  Often, that remnant must succumb to the innate and carnal needs of human nature, which does include sexual self-satisfaction!

Well, come to find out that May is National Masturbation Month Yes;  get your jack-off on!!!  Good Vibrations, a sex toys store out of San Francisco, got it going during 1995.  This was in reaction to the statement made by former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who commented on the subject of masturbation at an United Nations conference.  Dr. Elders stated that “I think that (it) is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught”.

Good Vibrations started a Masturbate-a-thon along with the declaration of National Masturbation Month.  This began in 1995 with events following the dismissal of Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders by President Bill Clinton.  Dr. Elders attended an United Nations conference, where she was questioned about the topic of masturbation, and responded with words that included President Clinton’s (ahem…) incident with Monica Lewinsky.

As it is such an off-hand topic, it could be somewhat difficult to locate topics off-hand on the average Internet-linked computer.  In such a society of double-standards, mixed-messages, and overall hypocrisy, it is hard to recognize why a subject like the exploration of the human body can be so taboo?  It is not like so many people do not do it.  Hell, you might be doing it right now!!!

I would have to be a free spirit, regarding this topic.  If it feels great then go for it!  I do not see where anyone need bother with trying to stop anyone else from engaging in actions like this, which ultimately affect their own bodies to minimal consequence.  If someone else does not want to be involved with it, then it is suggested that the other person not be involved, and indeed do all that is necessary to get himself or herself The Hell away from the scene (lest you catch some in the eye….)!

He told her to stop; he’d do it for her…….










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A Spectacular Story of Survival at Sea!

November 24, 2012 at 3:07 AM (animal activism, current news, health care reviews, historic review, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

I made it back to the nearby movie theater, anxious to view this particular film.  Life of Pi, the latest release from celebrated director Ang Lee, has been in television reviews, Internet postings, et cetera, for months.  The film has been getting some Academy Award buzz as well, so it was natural that I was eager to watch the movie!

The story starts at a biological reserve, with various animal species being shown.  A zoo worker named Pi is startled by a nearby, caged reptile.  Yet, it is from the mouth of Pi that this story is delivered!

Pi recalls memories of his youth, being teased about his name by other children.  Rude kids would tell him that his full name sounded like someone pissing!  This lead him to simply refer to himself as Pi, using information such as the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and the mathematical figure 3.14 as sources of origin for his new moniker.

Pi was an intelligent young man.  He was strong with mathematics, and he became popular at school because of his knowledge.  His parents were well-to-do, as his father opened a zoo, and his mother was a botanist.  During this time, Pi proclaimed himself to be Catholic Hindu, when he first learned of the god Krishna.

Pi idolized the Hindu gods, following his mother’s faith.  Yet, as he grew, Pi became aware of Christianity, learning about the sufferings of Jesus.  He continued with this learning, as his religious fervor lead him to Hinduism, then ultimately to the worship of Allah.  However, Pi’s father was somewhat difficult, but he lead Pi to rational thinking.  This brought forth a desire to be baptized, as Pi now was Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim all at once!

Young Pi worked at a local zoological center, where he became acquainted with a captured tiger that was called Richard Parker.  Pi chose to feed Richard meat, seeing that the tiger swallowed it in mere seconds!  Pi’s father showed him that Richard truly was a killer, as he let his son watch the tiger attack, then devour a young lamb, whole!

Pi read poetry.   He studied music, and he played an instrument for a dance class.  During the rehearsals, Pi met Anna Lee, a young dancer.  She taught Pi about dance and music through rhythmic interpretation.  As their bond strengthened, Pi took Anna Lee to be introduced to Richard Parker, the tiger!

Pi learned more about the nature of animals through teachings by his father. Pi soon learned that his dad was selling the zoo, and they were moving to Canada.   Both of them boarded a ship, and Pi spoke with no one but Anna Lee before his family moved away.

Aboard the ship, Pi learned of nature and the weather.  The vessel with Pi and his family headed for Japan.  All of the animals from his father’s zoo were aboard the boat, also!  During a stormy night, Pi went onto the deck, where he saw that the ship was about to capsize!

The vessel did sink, and Pi found himself underwater.  His family had drowned.  Some of the animals still were alive, barely swimming, as Pi got hold of a water-soaked lifeboat.  He had a zebra with him, and they floated into more stormy waters.  Then, out of seemingly nowhere, the enormous tiger, Richard Parker, lept from the water, and onto the lifeboat!  Out of complete fear, Pi jumped out of the boat, immediately into the raging water!

Night had arrived and the terror continued.  Sharks encircled Pi while he was in the ocean, hanging onto a piece of wood.  Pi saw that Richard Parker had lept into the water also, so he swam back to the boat.  Aboard was a zebra, and Pi set with it as he wept for his family.

As day broke, Pi was awakened by the sounds of the hyena and the zebra from the zoo.  An orangutan was on the boat also, so Pi named the boat Pi’s Ark!  Adrift within The Indian Ocean, the hyena attacked the zebra, eating it.  The orangutan, which Pi had named Orange Juice, got seasick, and it was killed by the hyena, also.  Suddenly, Richard Parker lept from the sea, attacking, then killing the hyena! 

Immediate terror lead Pi to jump overboard!  While in the water, sharks began to appear.  Pi made it back to the boat, where Richard Parker was calm for the moment.  He later emerged to snack upon the zebra that he killed, earlier.  Richard Parker lunged at Pi, and they had a continued dance of death during this day at sea!

As night fell,  Pi saw that the tiger had eaten every other living thing!  He was floating on a table that was near to the boat, as Pi saw Richard Parker eying him, hungrily!  Yet, Pi managed to write a rescue note, which he put within a can, then he set off to float. 

As the next day came, Pi read on how to survive at sea from books that were afloat from the wrecked ship.  He would sneak back to the boat occassionally, getting life supplies, while avoiding Richard Parker.  He read his book, which gave details on how to survive with a loose and wild carnivore

Pi was encouraged to steer his raft back to the canoe with Richard!  There, Pi saw that the tiger had become seasick.  Yet, Richard Parker was in no mood to share his turf, as he growled to proclaim territory, then he lifted a back leg, pissing on Pi!

Later, Pi managed to maneuver back and forth between his raft and the boat with Richard to give the tiger water.  He learned to fish in order to feed himself and Richard.  At one point, the tiger saw a fish swimming in the water, so he lept for it.  Pi was in the water, fishing also, and he jumped back onto the raft when he saw Richard Parker approaching him!

Pi and the tiger wound up in a standoff.  Richard Parker still was in the water, and he remained there.  Pi moved to rescue the cat, as it stayed aboard the raft with some canned food.  He learned to fish more, also. 

One night was amazing, as their raft suddenly was surrounded by glowing jellyfish!  Then, a blue whale lept from the ocean waters, creating an enormous splash!  This caused Pi to lose all of his supplies and his caught food!

Pi and Richard Parker found themselves surrounded by a brigade of jellyfish and tuna.  The man and the big cat had a standoff over a large yellowfin tuna.  Yet, Pi emerged victorious, eating the fish raw!

Pi attempted to try teaching Richard Parker that he did not have to keep leaping in and out of the ocean waters for food and necessities.  He attempted to tame the tiger, yet it was very dangerous!  Time passed, as Pi stayed on his makeshift raft, and Richard Parker kept the canoe.

Tending to the tiger gave Pi the will to survive.  It was days later when Pi saw a tanker sailing in the distance.  He had flares to use, and he did shoot some into the sky.  They were not seen, and Pi waited until night to shoot more of them.  Yet, that did not serve to his benefit, either.

The next day, a whale and a dolphin appeared in the water.  Night fell, and Pi spoke to Richard Parker.  The tiger was staring into the ocean, entranced by the sight of sea creatures swimming beneath the water.   At this time, Pi reflected upon his odyssey, recalling the sunken ship that he and Richard Parker escaped.

The next day, a storm was approaching their raft.  Pi constructed a sail, but it was blown overboard.  He went after it, then got back aboard as the storm intensified.  Pi encouraged Richard Parker to watch the clouds, which he interpreted as the appearance of God!  Pi asked Him what more He wanted, as Pi had lost nearly everything.

The storm raged more, pushing Richard Parker off of the raft, then back onto it.  The storm calmed, more time passed, as Pi tried to bring sustenance to an increasingly ailing Richard Parker.  Pi knew that the tiger was dying, so he held the cat’s head in his lap as he spoke to the spirits of his parents.  Then, Pi thanked God for giving him life, declaring himself ready for what was to come.

Their raft eventually washed up toward an island.  Pi ate some of the grass, and some of the vegetables growing.  He walked further inland, where he saw lemurs running through an area filled with trees.  Pi lept into a nearby lake, as the lemurs stood back from the still-powerful presence of Richard Parker.  They nudged Pi, but they ran from Richard!

As night fell, Pi, Richard Parker, and several lemurs slept in a tree.  Pi awoke in the middle of the night, seeing a lake filled with dead fish.  Richard had gone back to the canoe.  Pi found himself trying to avoid areas of the island that seemed carnivorous itself, feeding upon all life on it as night fell!

Time passed, as Pi tried to catch supplies and meerkats to feed himself and Richard Parker.  Pi decided to try leaving with the tiger on a makeshift canoe.  They actually made it to the coast of Mexico, where they washed ashore.  Richard Parker ran into the jungle, never to be seen again!

Pi eventually was rescued, yet he was sad because Richard Parker was gone.  He was able to tell his story to a reporter.  Pi told that he was upset because he was not able to thanking Richard Parker for having taught him how to survive, and for not having said goodbye. 

A Japanese sea vessel transported Pi to a Mexican hospital.  There, no one believed Pi’s story!  Yet, he opted to tell another version where four people had survived this ship sinking.  He even included the survival of the ship’s cook, who prepared rats for them to feed upon until rescue!  Yet, Pi said that the cook had become very sick, needing a leg amputated, then dying before he could be seen by these reporters!

Growing into a young man, Pi was interviewed by an U.S. reporter about living in India during his youth, and his sea odyssey.  The reporter translated Pi’s story, telling of two ships, the tiger, and the amazing adventure.  This one version eventually turned into more versions, yet Pi was glad to be reunited with his family.  Pi officially let one reporter have his story! 

 Life of Pi

I am excited that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be premiering soon!  This updated version of the classic tale is sure to be exciting, as it takes the story into an actual prequel of The Lord of the Rings adventures!  The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey opens December 14!

Next week features the premiere of Killing Them Softly, featuring Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem, James Gandolfini, and Brad Pitt.  December has Django Unchained, The Guilt Trip, The ImpossibleJack ReacherLes Miserables, Parental Guidance, Playing For Keeps, and This Is 40.  There is much, much more before 2012 bangs to a close!




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A Mississippi Rat-a-tat-a-ttack!

September 3, 2012 at 10:04 PM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, health care reviews, human life issues, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

This particular situation is a total mess, and I am not sure that my cats would care for it!  True, rats are involved.  Yet, as the spoiled little things that they are, I believe that they would turn up their noses quickly, while making possibly displeased gestures and attempts to extend middle-front claws at me!

It seems that a particularly displeasing incident has occurred along the coastal areas of Mississippi.  It’s region along The Gulf of Mexico is in the midst of a cleaning effort, dealing with an unusually creepy mess!  Dead rats by the thousands have washed ashore after the recent onslaught of Hurricane Isaac.

The beach regions of Hancock County are where the majority of the rat carcasses have been found.  Many already are on the beaches.  Authorities expect that more than 10,000 of the dead animals will have washed inland by the time the rodent-filled waves finish!

This incident of rodent-laced water flows is similar to what happened during a wash-in after Hurricane Gustav of 2008.  Rat-like rodents called nutria, also called coypu, are descendants of rodents that were imported to the Mississippi River Delta region of Louisiana during the 1930’s, coming from South America.  Now, they have made an invasive feral population boom within this area.  Thousands of nutria now live along the point where North America’s longest river flows into The Gulf of Mexico.

Hancock County officials have said that the arrival of the dead rodents is a health problem.  These authorities have sought the assistance of The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency in assessing the situation, and with removing all of the rat carcasses.  Meanwhile, authorities of Bay St. Louis, MS and Waveland, MS have closed coastal roads, as efforts to remove the rats, and any related rubbish, are being made.




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Reviewing A Reduction in Teen Eating Habits!

August 19, 2012 at 2:02 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, health care reviews, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I am trying to recall when it was that I had my first meal.  Was it the teen years?  It could have been.  Hmph.

Anyhow.  Again, I find myself browsing the web for unusual stories during the evening.  I stopped at CNN, checking on the latest news, looking to see if there were any curious, unusual reports.  I did get to the link for the chart, which is a blog link that apparently delves into informational deliveries regarding current events and issues.

This particular post actually was placed onto the site this past Friday morning.  It presented an informational report about the current sexual behaviors of United States teenagers, specifying the rates at which they are engaging in oral sexYummy!  As necessary, it is The Centers for Disease Control that have conducted the surveys, and they produced interesting, possibly pleasant reports, about teen participation in cunnilingus and fellatio.

According to these surveys, fewer United States teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 are engaging in oral sex!  Yet, other reports state that two-thirds of them have partaken in this activity between the ages of 15 and 24.  It would make it seem as if somewhere between the ages of 17 and 24, possibly the collegiate years, is when the exploration doors of various sexual activities open to curious young people!

Some reports are saying that teenagers are looking to participate in oral sex as a safer option to actual sexual intercourse.  It is being stated that these actions are possibly seen as more acceptable options for youths not yet at age 21.  Something about fully-fledged fucking (well…) does not qualify as acceptable to young people still under the wings of their parents!

I doubt that the reduction is due to a lack of awareness about the activity.  One would hope that more information about the risks involved with it have been spread more broadly.  Perhaps it is that teens today just have differently accepting taste buds!

The CDC has reported that there are fewer U.S. teens engaging in oral sex than what was estimated during 2002.    This came from a survey that was administered to over 6,000 U.S. teenagers.  Given by The National Survey of Family Growth, the report showed that one-third of U.S. teens participated in oral sex actions by the age of seventeen.  Nearly fifty percent of them had done so by age nineteen, and over eighty percent had gone down by age twenty-four!

A ten year time period has passed, perhaps allowing for greater levels of education regarding the risks associated with the activity.  According to The Centers For Disease Control, teens who are sexually active are likely to engage in actual intercourse, as well as actions of oral sex.  The CDC stresses that sexually transmitted diseases can be caught through oral sex, as they specify that Human Papillomavirus, HPV, is a commonly contracted malaise through this action.  HPV leads to cervical cancer, as well as some types of throat cancers.

The chief medical officer at The American Cancer Society stated that an increase of head and neck cancers has occurred due to shifts in sexual activities over the past fifty years.  The increase of oral sex was specified as a leading contibutor to the contraction of these cancers.  Dr. Otis Brawley, along with Leslie Kantor, Vice-President for Education at Planned Parenthood, both stated that levels of knowledge should be increased about these sexual activities, along with increased availabilities of access to items such as birth control devices and condoms.

Surely, education regarding these activities has increased over the past few decades.  Hopefully, the adults in teen-laden communities, as well as public schools, are taking the necessary steps to inform teenagers about the truths behind sex, and all of the consequences that can result from the actions.  Leslie Kantor wrote that “it is necessary for young people to have the skills to negotiate what they do and don’t want to do in sexual relationships, as well as education about and access to condoms and birth control, so that they can protect themselves from STDs and pregancy, and (they can) remain healthy”.




                                   teenage couple animated gif            

Kim was hollerin’ at the hungry!

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